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Transcript - Jaguars Wide Receiver Marvin Jones Jr.: May 27, 2021

(On his relationship with QB Trevor Lawrence) "Great. Obviously, it's been a short time, but obviously the guy's gifted. You can see it when he throws the ball. We've gotten some good work. There's a lot of people here so everybody's kind of been rotating and getting a feel of the offense and stuff like that. So far so good."

(On the progress of the wide receiver group as a whole) "I think it's been great, and I think it's just a transfer to what we've been doing for the past three weeks before we even got on the field with all of the coaches and stuff like that. We've spent a lot of time together, probably almost two months now, so it's been good. Everybody's going around flying fast and making big plays as we should and as we knew we were going to do. There's a lot of people, a lot of receivers in our group that can have different abilities and can put them in different places. You put Laviska [Shenault Jr.] in the backfield and watch him work and stuff like that. Everybody's been great and everybody's been taking the coaching and just having a good time. So, we're just going to continue to do that."

(On the energy during OTAs compared to others he's been a part of and having a PA during practice) "It's definitely different. It's something I've never been a part of, but it's pretty cool just because you know what's coming next because he's going to say it a hundred times. So, it gets you ready for all the energy that it's going to bring when we go to individual period and we go to team. He's yelling and constantly reminding us to bring the energy. It's something that's different, but it's something definitely that I like just because it gets everybody going, it gets everybody rolling in the right direction. It's been great."

(On the cohesion of the team so far) "I think in a lot of teams there's a lot of cohesion. All the teams that I've been with or a part of, we've had cohesion, so I think this is no different. I think it brings a different element just because, like we said, all of the energy that it brings, we're always together on that field and moving at 100 miles per hour, so you get to experience that with each other. That comes with great responsibility because when everything's going fast, we need to rely on your brothers because if somebody misses the call or somebody's over here, you have to pull them in the right direction. So, everybody's always communicating, and I think when you have that, that chaos is great because the communication has to go up. So, that's one thing that I like about the energy and the cohesion we have. It's been a short time, but obviously all of the individual groups have been together for some time now, so we have cohesion there and it transferred nicely into the team, into all of the groups."

(On if anyone has stood out during practices so far) "It's just a lot going on, so a lot of the times there's a lot of young guys out there and I'm just trying to do my plays and then coach the young guys. I think as the weeks go on, I'm pretty sure somebody will stick out. Right now, I'm just focused on our group and our offense and what we have to do in terms of execution and stuff like that, but we have a lot of time for that."

(On TE Tim Tebow joining the team) "I'm kind of mad because I was the oldest guy on the team. Now, he has me by two years, so I have to talk to him about that, but it's been great. Obviously, everybody knows the type of worker that he is and it's no different. He came in here and fit right in, just working, and learning and stuff like that. In the back, when he's not in, he's looking at the plays and running extra and doing what he needs to do to get this new position going. So, it's been good, it's been good to have him here most definitely."