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What bosses love

Let's get to it . . . Charles from Midlothian, VA and Section 410:
Personality-wise, how do you see Blackmon and Gabbert interacting with one another? Marriage made in heaven? Or a bickering couple?
John: I suppose it will be like most quarterback-receiver relationships. They will spend time learning one another, and once they do, Gabbert will try to get Blackmon the football when he is open. Blackmon will believe that is every play and will want the ball more. At times, Blackmon will be happy and at other times, he will want the ball more. This won't make Blackmon different than any other receiver – wanting the ball is what makes the great ones great. Kidding aside, I don't see any reason they wouldn't get along. Both are young players with talent and both are trying to improve. Both are good guys and seem to want to be successful. Those traits should make for a good relationship.
John from Gloucestershire, England:
The Jaguars are 1st-and-goal at the opposing team's 10-yard line. In 2011, Blaine Gabbert as often as not attempted one pass into the end zone or handed the ball off to MJD, who failed to make it across the line. Result: three points instead of seven. Do you think the addition of Blackmon, Robinson and Evans will encourage Gabbert to risk more throws into the end zone instead of choosing the 'safer' option?
John: I don't know how much of the play-calling or decision-making actually was up to Gabbert as a rookie. I think Gabbert improving will encourage a new coaching staff to have more confidence in pass plays inside the red zone. I think better receivers will help in that area, too.
Jon from Jacksonville:
I'm a little sad Dillard was cut, but also very happy that we have the depth at wide receiver where that level of play no longer suffices maintaining a roster spot.
John: It's indeed a good sign for the Jaguars that Dillard was deemed releasable. The Jaguars like their Top 5 of Laurent Robinson, Justin Blackmon, Lee Evans, Mike Thomas and Cecil Shorts. Brian Robiskie, Chastin West and a few free agent rookies will get a good look in OTAs, and there appears little doubt that overall the depth of the group will have improved.
Alex from Aviana, Italy:
How involved are the Weavers still with the organization, if at all?
John: They are not involved in the operation, although it is my understanding they will have a suite and will attend home games.
Gil from Atlantic Beach, FL:
It's hard to be "All In" when your team drafts a punter in the third round. Seriously, a punter? Just remember, punters don't actually score points – players (such as Deion Sanders) may score points off of a punter, but a punter can't score points. I'm still appalled with this pick!
John: No, a punter can't score, but a punter can put the opposing offense in a position where it's far harder to score points – and that counts, too. I have been amazed at the furor over the pick, honestly, and more amazed that it has continued. I get that it was unconventional, and I have written that I was surprised when it came across. I do know one thing: I am far more confident the Jaguars will get significant production from Anger as a rookie than I would have been with an offensive or defensive lineman at that spot. The thing that strikes me as odd is when you say it's difficult to be "All In" because of the decision. Really? I followed the Redskins growing up, and I can recall being perplexed and even angry with a lot of decisions. I never had a problem being passionate the following season. I don't say this to question your fandom, merely to point out that I'll bet it is the case with you and a lot of others expressing concern over the decision that once the games begin and you see the direction the team is heading that passion and being All In won't be a problem.
Michael from Jacksonville:
Why is a punter not important in a game that is called football?
John: It is, and I have a feeling that for those who truly follow the game and are willing to put their initial reaction aside, Bryan Anger may remind them of the importance. There will be those who never believe he would have been a good selection in the third round. That debate probably will never completely be won or lost, but I can tell you that after watching Anger punt over the weekend there weren't a lot of people walking around EverBank worried about the selection.
Senior Drill Instructor Gunnery :
Sergeant from MCRD Parris Island, SC O-Man, you have a least one Marine Corps Drill Instructor that reads the O-Zone. And yes, you're funny most of the time. Now get on your face and start pushing until "I" tell you to stop.
John: All right – done. Was something supposed to happen when I pushed?
Lee from Jacksonville:
Center is one of the most misunderstood positions in football. Readers quick to send Meester into retirement, or who think the position is up for grabs, fail to realize how complex that job is. It's not just remembering to hike the ball to the quarterback on the right count, and it takes time to learn all the position entails in the NFL. Meester may have started 162 games for the Jaguars, but his first 48 were at guard. Brewster may end up our starting center, but it sure won't be this season.
John: No, it will not. I'm not sure how the idea that that might be an issue began, but it certainly wasn't here. Brewster may have a chance to be on the roster. He has to make the team first. After that, we can spend some time considering if some day he might start. I don't wonder if Meester can start.
Mike from Jacksonville:
How is David Garrard's back doing? Any chance he beats Chad Henne for the backup spot or do the Jags carry three quarterbacks this season?
John: You're messing with me, right?
Strnbiker from Dothan, AL:
I have a question regarding the practice squad. Knowing that they can be signed by another team, if placed on their active roster, does the team which the player is on have the opportunity of doing the same if that player is offered a contract before they sign?
John: The practice squad player is a free agent. That means he can sign with any team that wants to sign him, and the team signing the player must keep him on the roster for three games. It is not uncommon for teams to sign a player off their own practice squad if they learn that another team is trying to sign that player, but the player does not have to give the team that opportunity. In other words, if the Titans want to sign Johnny Greatspeed off the Jaguars' practice squad, they can. The Jaguars can try to sign Johnny, but if Johnny wants to play in Tennessee, the Jaguars can't stop him.
Dorf from Atlanta, GA:
How many questions do you answer every day? I'm too lazy to count... is it a set number or does it just depend on the subject... or how many Magic Hat #9's you had the night before?
John: There is a system. It is complex and thought out, but I don't feel like sharing.
Rob from Moorpark, CA:
Will all of the defensive starters be ready to go come training camp? We went down hard by the end of the season. We need those guys if we're going to compete every Sunday.
John: I expect all defensive starters to participate in training camp, though it's possible some will begin on a limited basis. Middle linebacker Paul Posluszny (shoulder) has said he expects to be full go, and linebacker Clint Session (concussion) will be, too. It appears defensive tackle Tyson Alualu (knee) will be limited in the off-season, but I've heard nothing to indicate he won't participate in training camp. Defensive tackle Terrance Knighton is out of the off-season program after eye surgery and there has been nothing specific about his return date. I expect him to be in training camp, but that's my guess. Cornerback Derek Cox (knee) is participating in the off-season and I expect Rashean Mathis to work in training camp, but considering he is coming off an ACL, I'd expect him to be limited. Defensive end Aaron Kampman (knee) isn't working in the off-season program yet, and I'd expect him to participate in training camp with the idea of seeing how much he can contribute next season.
Dave from Jacksonville and Section 412:
This is a little advice for Josiah from Fargo at boot camp: drill sergeants love it when you say ,"Yeah, I know what it says in the book but this is how I do it." They love the creativity and different perspective that youthful inexperience brings.
John: All of my bosses have loved that, too. Which is why I can't figure out why I haven't been as wildly successful as I obviously deserved.

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