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Wide Receiver Laviska Shenault Jr - Wednesday, September 16, 2020

(On if his first NFL game was everything he thought it would be) "That's a good question, but at the end of the day, it's football. It's fun. It was special. Everybody knows it's another level when it comes to NFL versus college or anything else, so I mean it was everything that I expected. It felt good to be out there."

(On how comfortable he is moving to different positions in this new offense) "I'm comfortable. I'm comfortable, I love it. I love having the pressure on me and [I] have to, I have no choice but to take advantage of my opportunities. So, I like the pressure. I like everything that they're doing with me and I'm just going to keep taking advantage of it."

(On scoring a touchdown in his first game) "It felt good. It felt good. [There was] so much excitement."

(On if he was expecting to score a touchdown in his first game) "Of course I'm expecting it because I'm a receiver at the end of the day. I want to score and I'm here to score touchdowns. So, I expected to score but I didn't think it was going to come that fast and not in that type of form either. But [it] definitely took a lot off my shoulders and, like I was just saying, I'm comfortable."

(On if the touchdown celebration was pre-planned) "I was actually going to do something else, but, in the huddle, I think it was during the timeout, they talked about just doing bowling as a team. Then [Gardner] Minshew [II] had his interview the other day, I guess he was still getting the play call, so that's why he wasn't in the huddle. But we discussed it as a team in the huddle, so I don't know what happened there."

(On if he will have more creative touchdown celebrations this year) "Most definitely. We have a very fun group, so we're going to get loud in the end zone."

(On if he sees a lot of what he did in college incorporated into the playbook) "What's crazy is none of that stuff, the stuff I did this past Sunday, got put in until the week of. So, I just think they're going day by day and they're throwing opportunities at me. They're throwing obstacles at me to see how I respond to it."

(On if he was surprised when those types of plays showed up in the playbook last week after not seeing them during training camp) "Nope, I was not. I was ready. I'm always ready and I'm telling you, I love to do that type of stuff, so anytime my name gets called to do something like that, I'm on board with it."

(On if there's more he can do that we didn't see in Week 1) "[There's] so much more, so much more. I'm not the type of guy to talk. Like I said, I'm a very humble guy and I'm just ready for the opportunities to come my way. I'm going to take [make] the most of it."

(On his expectations playing in his first road game this weekend and playing without any fans) "Expectations is, no matter what, go in and leave with a W. We can't worry about the fans or anything. We just have to execute our plan and just get the job done and hopefully it'll be alright. We got our team, so, at the end of day, that's all we need."

(On being able to help the offense even when he's not scoring) "I think it's big. I think it's real big. I don't have to do too much. I'm saying that because coming from college I had to do a lot, I was doing a lot. So, now I'm here [and] I'm able to do things without having to do too much and great things are still happening. It's good that I'm able to do these other things and get other people open or just to help out any type of way. At the end of the day, I'm not tripping. I want to win and I'm here to do whatever [it takes]."

(On if he noticed the defense giving him extra attention in last week's game when he watched the tape) "It wasn't like they were just screaming, 'Watch 10! Watch 10!' It was just [that] they know what type of guy I am. So, I mean it was like, 'Keep your eyes on him', but it wasn't a big type of deal at all."

(On when they planned the touchdown celebration) "It was that drive. I don't want to say it was right before that play, but it definitely was that drive because we had a timeout and then a couple of plays after [that] was the touchdown. I don't know exactly [when], I don't remember."

(On if he knew that drive was going to end in a touchdown) "[I] had to. I mean if we're discussing and speaking it into existence, it has to happen like that. The mind is very powerful."

(On his game preparation last week and how he can improve that in preparing for this weekend's game against Tennessee) "I think I prepared very well. I know in college I wasn't a big guy on having my head in the film all day or just doing extra stuff. So, I think I did prepare well, and I think it's going to be a couple more things I add to that, but it was good."

(On what he can add to his game preparation) "What I meant was like watching extra film, taking extra notes, being more detailed on the defenders, actually paying attention to everything that's going on. I'm not just paying attention at this guy, I'm paying attention [to] what he's doing. Now, they're about to run this play because of what he's doing. So, I'm just being more detailed in everything because that's what you have to do now."