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2021 COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Jaguars host 100 percent capacity at TIAA Bank Field in 2021?
The Jaguars are encouraged by the increasing number of vaccinated individuals and are optimistic that we will return to full capacity at TIAA Bank Field in 2021.

If I renew and move forward with my season tickets, what happens to my money if I feel unsafe when the season approaches, or I do not agree with the stadium policies put in place (i.e., having to wear a mask during games)?
The Jaguars have continued to be flexible with season ticket members in 2021 and will allow members to request a refund prior to Friday July 16, 2021.

Will I have the same options as granted in last seasons Back to Football Flex Plan if I choose?
It's the Jaguars intention to play the 2021 season unimpeded and in anticipation of full capacity. As with previous flexible options and policies, the Jaguars will allow members to request a refund prior to Friday July 16, 2021.

Will masks be required for attending a 2021/22 Jaguars home game?
At this time the stadium environment is still undetermined, but the Jaguars will continue to work with the NFL, healthcare officials and local government regulations to allow for the safest environment for our fans to enjoy the games.

Will vaccine cards be required for attending a 2021/22 Jaguars home game?
At this time NFL has not issued a policy on vaccine cards and the need to provide those to attend NFL games. We will continue to communicate any policy changes or update to our members as they are made available.

What happens if we switch to limited capacity before the season? Will people have the same options they had last year? How will we handle refunds/exchanges if anything changes due to COVID-19?
Should community health indicators lead to a reduction in capacity, the Jaguars will continue to offer as much flexibility as was available in 2020, including options for physically distanced seating packages, rollovers and account pauses.

What will happen if we renew and feel uncomfortable when the season starts?
We're preparing to host Jaguars games at full capacity this fall. In the event community health indicators worsen, we will evaluate requests to adjust season ticket memberships on a case-by-case basis.

I am not comfortable with renewing right now due to COVID-19. Will my seats be given away?
The Jaguars are allotting seats with full capacity in mind. If you do not renew by the April 9 deadline, your seat locations may be subject to reassignment.

Can my account remain paused for the 2021 season?
Given our plan to seat a full stadium, the Jaguars will not allow season ticket members to pause their membership in 2021 as we did in 2020. Should capacity guidelines change as we approach the season, we'll remain flexible and revisit options for season ticket members to pause their accounts.

Do I get to keep my tenure if I do not feel comfortable going to games this year?
Tenure will remain intact, although seat locations may not be guaranteed.

If I chose limited capacity seats in 2020, will I have the first choice at those seats in 2021?
As we prepare to move back to full capacity in 2021, season ticket location renewals will be based on 2019 seat locations. Any new members in 2020 will need to select new seats based on priority. If 2021 is played at a limited capacity, all season ticket members will be reseated based on account tenure.

With parking returning to a similar structure as 2019, will tailgating be allowed and will the Jaguars enforce mask policies/social distancing with fans outside of the stadium?
We know that tailgating is an important part of the game day tradition, and we are hopeful fans can gather in our parking lots with fewer restrictions as community health indicators improve. We will continue to work in close contact with the NFL, local government and healthcare officials to implement policies and procedures in place that are appropriate for our community. Health and safety guidelines are still evolving as we approach kickoff of the 2021 season, and we will remain in constant contact with you, providing the latest updates as soon as we have them. We do encourage personal responsibility and respect for the health and well-being of your fellow Jaguars fans, no matter what official policies or procedures may be in place.