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Jaguars Season Ticket Renewal FAQs | Jacksonville Jaguars -


When can I renew my membership?

The season ticket renewal period will begin on February 15th and end on March 8th.

What are the benefits of renewing now?

By renewing now, you ensure the longest-term payment plan possible, a dedicated representative to assist with anything Jaguars-related, access to member-exclusive events, our game week solo seat offers, Teal Deals, and much more! Anyone who renews by the deadline of March 8 will be entered to win one of fifty-four Scratch Pack prizes.

Do I need to place a season ticket deposit to renew?

Season ticket deposits are only for brand-new season ticket members. If you had season tickets in 2022, no deposit is required.

What do I need to do to renew?

When you receive your renewal notice, log in to your Jaguars account manager at . From there, you can view your invoice and available payment options, as well as opt-in for playoffs. To renew your membership for the 2023 season, please pay in full on your invoice or select the 7-month payment plan. The first installment on the payment plan will be taken at your time of renewal, then your next payment will be automatically taken on March 20th. The subsequent payments will then be made on the 20th of each month with your last payment on August 20th. All accounts must be paid in full by August 20th.

Do I get the same seats I had in 2022 if I renew?

Yes! If you renew by the deadline, your seat location will be the same as they were in 2022.

Can I change, add on, or upgrade seats?

Yes, your representative can assist with relocating your current seats or adding additional seats during the renewal period. Only season seats that weren't sold during the 2022-2023 season would be available for sale during the renewal period.

We recommend waiting until the seat relocation event to change, add on, or upgrade seats, as that is when the most inventory and best seating locations will be available to choose from. If you decide to add on or upgrade during the renewal timeframe, you will still have an opportunity to do the relocation event later.

Shortly after we finish renewals, we will host the online Season Ticket Member relocation event. As the relocation time approaches, you will receive an email with a time window in which you can log into your Jaguars account manager ( and view available seats throughout the stadium. From there, you may change your seat location or add seats.

I renewed but my account is showing that I do not yet have any tickets. Why is that?

You will be able to see your tickets for each game once the schedule is released. The NFL typically releases the full schedule shortly after the NFL Draft.

What teams will the Jaguars host in 2023?

While the exact dates and times of our 2023 schedule are TBD, our home opponents are as follows: Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, and Tennessee Titans.

How many home games are in 2023?

Your season ticket package includes 9 home games in Jacksonville (1 preseason + 8 regular season). Our 10th home game will take place at Wembley Stadium in London (opponent TBD). This game is not included in your season tickets. If you are interested in attending the game in London, you will have priority access to tickets as a Jaguars Season Ticket Member.

Do I have to opt in for the Playoffs?

It is recommended that you opt-in for the Pay-as-we-Play Playoff reservation at your time of renewal to lock in your same seats at the lowest price for any potential home playoff games next January. Just select yes when asked to opt-in for the Pay-as-we-Play Playoff option during your time of renewal. If you chose not to opt in at your time of renewal, you would still have the opportunity to opt-in later at a higher price. With Pay-as-we-Play, you will not make any payments towards your playoff tickets until the home playoff game is 100% confirmed.

What is auto-renewal? Is it new this year?

Beginning this year, all season ticket members will be enrolled in the Jaguars Auto-Renewal program. This means that your 2024 season tickets and all future seasons will automatically be renewed going forward. All individuals will receive the option to opt out prior to the next season's renewal plan. Members will, of course, continue to receive the lowest available price and can take advantage of 7-month payment plans.

For information regarding Season Ticket Auto-Renewal, click HERE.

Referral Program: Are friends and family interested in a season membership?

Refer your family and friends for season tickets and receive $25 for every general bowl seat purchased and $100 for every premium seat purchased.

Does being a Jaguars Season Ticket Member have any benefits for Daily's Place concerts?

As a member, you get exclusive presale access to shows at Daily's Place.