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5050 Jackpot

Date: 8/15/19
Game: Eagles
Jackpot #: 6617293031
Secondary Prize #: 2013186078
Claimed: Yes

Date: 8/29/19
Game: Falcons
Jackpot #: 1718814033
Secondary Prize #: 3919763123
Claimed: Yes

Date: 09/08/19
Game: Chiefs
Jackpot #: 2354702140
Secondary Prize #: 4259032037
Claimed: No

Date: 09/19/19
Game: Titans
Jackpot #: 3237045411
Secondary Prize #: 1636488506
Claimed: Yes

Date: 10/13/19
Game: Saints
Jackpot #: 1878436499* Secondary Prize #:* 3988763167* Claimed*: Yes

Date: 10/27/19
Game: Jets
Jackpot #: 379928013* Secondary Prize #:* 2193442021* Claimed*: Yes

Date: 12/01/19
Game: Buccaneers
Jackpot #: 2320607371* Secondary Prize #:* 2522082127* Claimed*: Yes

Date: 12/08/19
Game: Chargers
Jackpot #: 2838374038* Secondary Prize #:* 1334296151* Claimed*: Yes

Date: 12/29/19
Game: Colts
Jackpot #: 1853041011* Secondary Prize #:* 4550142160* Claimed*: No


New Ticket Prices:
5 for $10
20 for $20
80 for $40
300 for $100

The Jaguars Foundation presents the Jaguars 5050 Jackpot. Each game, fans can purchase raffle tickets, with a chance to be the big winner. Half of the net proceeds will go to one winner and the other half will benefit the Jaguars Foundation's community efforts.

If you do not wish to purchase your ticket online at, please look for one of our mobile sellers. Look for our mobile sellers in neon yellow t-shirts who will be in the pre-game tailgate areas prior to gates opening and in stadium at one of our 9 stationary kiosk locations or in our entertainment venues selling tickets through the end of the third quarter. The winning raffle ticket number will be announced at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Kiosk Locations
We have added nine Kiosk locations to enhance your opportunity to participate and purchase a 50/50 raffle ticket.

Ramp 1 Main Concourse
Ramp 2 Main Concourse
Ramp 3 Main Concourse
Ramp 4 Main Concourse
Bud Light Party Zone
Fan Entertainment Zone
US Assure Club East
US Assure Club West
East Upper Level Concourse
West Upper Level Concourse

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