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Ayodele, Hatchette inspire kids

On October 21, linebacker Akin Ayodele and wide receiver Matthew Hatchette took time out to speak to students at S.O.S. Academy Charter Middle/High School, located on Jacksonville's Westside.

The students were treated to an inspiring and encouraging message about the importance of setting goals and making plans for the future.

Ayodele, a native of Grand Prairie, Texas, shared with the students how he is planning for his future after football. "It's not all about football. I won't be playing all of my life," said Ayodele. "I have a double major in sports psychology and law and society, and I'm getting ready to pursue another degree."

Both players wanted to make sure the students understood not only the importance, but the necessity, in setting goals for themselves. They stressed that making future plans opens the window for self-motivation and will make them better people for it. The students heard the players say that having goals to strive for helps build determination and focus.

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