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Chris Prosinski conference call transcript


(did the Jaguars show a lot on interest in you?) "Yeah. I felt good about my visit. I got to sit down with Coach Del Rio, the GM and some of the position coaches and special teams coaches. I think it went real well. I enjoyed everything about it out there just the organization and how it is run, the facilities and everything. It went well and I felt good about it. I knew I had a chance to possibly go there and play and it is a dream come true."

(how much did you play at safety and cornerback?) "I was strictly safety. I have not played cornerback a snap my life."

(have the Jaguars talked to you about playing cornerback?) "No sir. I am not sure. I believe it is safety but I am more than willing to do whatever. Try out, whatever they want."

(on visits with other teams) "I had a chance to go to Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Chicago and then Jacksonville. Then I had a workout with Philadelphia."

"It was a pretty busy couple of weeks but I enjoyed it and it was a good experience. I enjoyed everything about it so it was a once in a lifetime opportunity."

(on challenging for starting safety position in Jacksonville) "My goal right now is to go in there and compete and do everything I can to get on the field and help the organization and help the team win games. So whether that means just trying to find my role on special teams or in the starting lineup. That is all I can really say. I am just going to go in there and compete and see what I can do."

(were you disappointed that you were not invited to the combine?)  "Yeah a little disappointing. It was really disappointing actually a few days I was kind of down there. Just the combine. It was kind of a slow start but everything went real well since then. For me I knew I had one opportunity during my pro day and these visits. Just through this whole process I just wanted to make sure I did everything right just so whether it happened or not I felt good about what I did and made most of the opportunity and fortunately it worked out for the best."

(do you feel more comfortable at free safety or strong safety?) "I have only played free in my career so I guess I would say free. But in our defense here at Wyoming they are pretty interchangeable as far as coming out of the box and playing over top. Really I feel I like I am pretty dynamic as far as playing free safety or strong safety."

(on his college recruitment process) "I came from Wyoming so obviously we are not a big high school football state. I committed my junior year so I didn't really go through the process that a lot of kids these days do. Mostly a lot of Mountain West schools, a couple of Ivy Leagues. I got the process over pretty quick but I really didn't go through much of the recruiting process."

(what Ivy Leagues recruited you?) "I talked to Princeton a little bit and got some letters from Harvard."

(on high school grades) "Yes I finished high school with a 4.0"

(have your graduated from Wyoming?) "Yes I graduated last spring with a Business Administration degree so I am done with school and just enjoying this experience."

(how long have you been a team captain?) "My senior year I was elected a team captain."

(are you aware of the Jaguars drafting a lot of team captains?) "No I know that is a big thing throughout this whole process a lot of teams do ask of that. It is just something I try to do, be a leader on and off the field. Just try to help guys out. I am not a big rah, rah guy but when it comes down to it I try to lead by example on and off the field."

(why did you commit to Wyoming early?) "Yeah it was a dream. I grew up watching Wyoming so I knew the tradition and the pride and how much the people of this state love Wyoming. To be honest it really wasn't a hard decision for me."

(what town in Wyoming did you grow up in?) "Buffalo, Wyoming. It's a small community."

(how many people live there?) "I would say 5,000 maybe. A small community."

"It's a small town right at the base of mountains so [there are] a lot of outdoor activities and what not. It is a good community. A lot of support from the people here. Believe it or not people here are really into their sports so I'm sure the whole town is pretty ecstatic."

(on playing in Florida) "I never had the opportunity to play in Gainesville. I think they played there the year before I got there."

(have you ever been to Florida?) "Yes sir. I actually have been training out there that last two months before pro day in Orlando with Coach Tom Shaw so I was there for two months. We played Florida Atlantic my junior year and then I have been there just a couple other times for fishing. I do love it."

(is Jaguars third round pick Will Rackley training with Tom Shaw in Orlando?) "Not that I know of. Not while I was there."

(when did you come to Jacksonville for your visit?) "It was a couple of weeks ago. Just came in and stayed a couple of nights and visited, had some physicals. It was good and I enjoyed the whole experience."

(are you into hunting and fishing?) "To be honest I haven't done much of that growing up just cause I have always been busy with sports. I haven't really hunted much at all."

(what other sports do you play?) "In high school I played basketball and ran track."

(what did your father do? Is he into sports?) "Yeah he is actually a coach and a teacher. He coached basketball for 30 years and just recently retired. He coached me in track when I was in high school also. Right now he is a teacher."

(what does he teach?) "Art teacher."

(what is your father's name?) "Paul Prosinski."

(how many generations in your family have attended Wyoming?) "My father went there and my grandfather also did so it has been a couple. They went to Wyoming and grew up."

(did your father coach football?) "He had previously years ago but not while I was playing."

(when did you start thinking about playing in the NFL?) "Obviously it has always been a dream of mine since I was a little kid just growing up playing in the backyard. I think it started becoming more of a reality my junior year in college. I had a pretty good junior year and I kind of just heard a little buzz about it. Fortunately I just went through the whole process and did everything I could and try to do it the right way and it worked out."

(on the lockout) "I was on the line for a little bit. With this whole lockout business I am not sure what we can do right now. I'm sure in the next couple of days we will get things worked out to kind of get on the same page and see what is going on but right now I am kind of out there as far as what is next in the process."

(what is the highlight of your collegiate career?) "I would say my junior year winning the New Mexico Bowl against Fresno State or possibly my sophomore year we went into Knoxville and beat Tennessee there in front of that crowd so that was a pretty good experience also."

(a favorite individual play of your collegiate career) "I guess one that maybe sticks out is last year against TSU I had a pretty big stop on the goal line and the game was a pretty close game and it was to become bowl eligible so that is something that kind of sticks out in my head. I had a 98-yard return against TCU just another highlight. There have been some good experiences I have had at Wyoming and I enjoyed the whole experience."

(who is your agent?) "Cameron Foster."

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