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Coach Jack Del Rio on George Wrighster


(was George Wrighster the best pick available?) "Yes, he was the best athlete available."

(did you have Wrighster as your choice when you went home last night) "That's true, but that's what everybody is doing early in the fourth round. Anybody that was still sitting there that you would consider the first day makes it an obvious pick. We went home last night to get some rest, came back this morning and looked at the board, and yes, he was a guy that we're happy to have."

(what does this pick say for the future of Kyle Brady?) "Obviously, we are going to increase competition at all positions, and this is more of doing the same. To me, when you create legitimate competition at positions, then guys play their best. I think the cream rises to the top, and so we're looking to create that type of atmosphere."

(are you hopeful that Kyle Brady will be with the Jaguars this season?) "Absolutely."

(do you anticipate Kyle Brady and Mark Brunell will attend next week's minicamp?) "I assume they would. It's mandatory. It's a fineable miss, but everybody has to take care of their own business. They're all expected to be here."

(will you decide to cut any players this week?) "No, no chance of that occurring."

(have you talked to Mark Brunell since the Bryon Leftwich pick?) "No, I have not. I haven't tried (to contact him). We've been busy with the draft and he's out at the Quarterback Challenge out on the West Coast. I'm sure we'll have time to visit and do what we need to do."

(would you describe Wrighster as a West Coast type of tight end?) "Definitely a West Coast (type). He came from Oregon. He is more of a receiver than a blocker at this point. He's an athletic guy. He does a lot with the ball after the catch. We think he is another weapon for our offense."

(what do you think enabled Wrighster to suddenly emerge this past season?) "I don't have it memorized, his statistical ranking throughout his college career. But I know he's an athletic guy who can catch the ball. He's good after the catch. He adds another weapon to the offense. In terms of why he got better last year, I'm not sure. They might have featured him more last year. But I know we're happy with the player we've acquired."

(will Kyle Brady be a good fit for your West Coast offense?) "We like Kyle Brady. We think Kyle is a good player. The one thing that will help clear up about West Coast offense, you can give it a nickname and then try to fit everybody into that pattern. But the bottom line is Bill Musgrave recognizes - and we've talked about this at length -- the whole premise of being a good coach is that you put players in position to make plays and utilize their ability. Bill recognizes that. You may have a master plan of what you'd like to do, but we're going to utilize the talent we have."

(will Byron Leftwich be more of a Brett Favre West Coast type quarterback than Joe Montana?) "Yes, I guess you could say it that way. I don't know if that's entirely accurate, but he'll have his own style. What we will do is utilize each player's talents and we're going to put them in situations where they can succeed and eliminate those areas and minimize those opportunities for failure."

(did you see Ron Jaworski's assessment of Leftwich's ball release as compared to Rex Grossman?) "I did. I can't wait to talk to 'Jaws' about that. I thought it was a great point for TV. I thought it was a great illustration. What you saw was a guy that was playing catch. There wasn't a rush coming. We're very comfortable with Bryon Leftwich's ability to get rid of the ball when he needs to do to speed up his mechanics and get rid of the ball."

(what about Leftwich's habit of patting the ball before he throws) "I know a lot of great quarterbacks who like to pat the ball. If it's something that occurs when it shouldn't prior to a throw and that causes delay, then obviously, that becomes a problem. But I thought that was a great point for TV. A made-for-TV type comment, but we don't have a problem with his mechanics. I know Jaws. He does a lot great analysis on TV. But he's not without error at times."

(on changing directions after signing Hugh Douglas then drafting a young quarterback) "I don't agree with that thought. We're going to make this team as strong as we can in all areas and more forward."

(on your philosophy of playing a rookie quarterback right away) "We're going to play the best players that we can to win on Sunday. I have no problem playing anybody that we have on our roster. We're going to bring players in, the best players we can acquire. We're going to make it competitive. We're going to install our system and be very demanding of what they give us and put the best guys on the field."

(can rookie quarterbacks win in the NFL?) "Some have. Not a whole lot have, but some have."

(are you patient enough to play a rookie even if he struggles?) "If that's my only option, but right now we don't have that as our only option. We're fortunate. We're not in a situation where he has to come in and play."

(on 3 out of the 4 picks are positions where there are veteran contract issues) "This has come up several times and I understand the line of questioning, but I can assure you that we are not trying to send messages. We're trying to acquire talent. That's as genuine and honest an answer as I can give you. To think otherwise or to say I would put this franchise at risk by thinking about sending messages in the draft as opposed to acquiring talent, that's kind of beyond what I would even think as reasonable."

(on Wrighster not being listed as a top 10 pick for the fourth round) "He was No. 1 on Mel Kiper's chart today (going into the fourth round). That stuff doesn't matter, is my point. He could be 10th on Bart's list, first on your list. It just matters where he is on our board and that's what is important. We, scouts, coaches, like the player; we're glad to have him."

(did Wrighster's grade go up after his workouts?) "No, he wasn't a workout warrior. He did not become someone that was -warrior guy."

(is it imperative now to get a wide receiver in free agency?) "We will continue to look to make every position across the board more competitive, and that would include receiver. But, like I said yesterday, you can only address so many things off your wish list at once, and we're progressing according to plan."

(was there not a wide receiver of value at this spot?) "Yes. If Andre Johnson were still sitting there today, we would have jumped on him. We're looking for good players. We understand what our needs our and we're looking to identify guys that can come in and help us and we're getting as many as we can."

(was there no receiver graded as high as Wrighster?) "No. He was clearly the best player available."

(on Mel Kiper giving the team a top grade for the first day of the draft) "I did not see that. We feel good about who we acquired. Again, these guys who are being selected right now, it's all projections. The guys that are picked high get a lot of money to come in, but they still have to earn their spot in the NFL. Every year you find guys at the top of the draft that do real well or don't. And every year you find guys that aren't even drafted that come in and do well. We're just trying to acquire as many good players as we can."

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