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Colts Linebacker Darius Leonard - September 13, 2020

(On his reaction to Gardner Minshew II only having one incompletion) "It sucked. Especially since we took the loss. Definitely got to just look at the tape and see exactly what went wrong. We've got 15 more games to go so we can't just let this one game kill the whole team. We've got a whole season left."

(On what goes through his mind on the flight home) "We lost."

(On the team being frustrated and motivated following the loss) "I'm frustrated because you know what type of team we are, you know what type of team we have, you know the type of players we have in this locker room. Like I said it doesn't matter what you have on paper, you have to find a way to get the job done. I know especially defensively, we had too many miscues, too many mistakes, especially by me. I'm a leader on this team and there were a couple times I messed up on. One run I was playing for the slant and they run the ball for 10 yards. It's just things like that that we can't have. We've got to go to the film, got have a quick turnaround on Sunday, got to stop the run and got to do everything we have to do to get a win."

(On why the defense was able to make the final stop and were there opportunities to force turnovers) "I honestly don't know the stat sheet, third down or whatever. I don't know the answer to that question. I'll have to go to the film room and see what exactly went wrong because as of right now you play so many plays you really don't know what went wrong so you just got to go to the film room and see what exactly went wrong."

(On Frank Reich deciding to kneel before the game and going for it on fourth down) "That definitely means a lot. We're not talking to the Black community, we're talking to white men who are in power. Frank is the leader of this team and he's in power to his team and we've got to take that step forward and he's the one who says 'You know it starts with me.' You never know how it amplifies so it definitely means a lot for someone like that to step up and say 'OK, I'm going to take a stand for you guys.' That definitely means a lot and that's why we stand behind Coach Frank, he stands behind us, and we all stand together. When it comes to the game, the fourth down, we want them to go for it, we're not in panic mode. We've just got to go to the tape because nine times out of ten – I kept looking at the scoreboard and just looking at the plays, the yardage and just seeing the difference, I think our offense had four-something, I think their offense had 230, something around there. When you look back at it defensively, it's just things that we did, it wasn't anything they did offensively, it was a lot of things we did. We had two penalties, we had a pass interference, it's just things that we have to fix for us to be better. We've just got to do that."