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Cousin visits students

"Take a hold of what you can do." That was the message from Jaguars cornerback Terry Cousin on Wednesday, June 8th to a group of high school students attending the First Coast Technical Institute's job training summer course.

Cousin, a nine-year veteran from south Florida, encouraged the students to achieve their goals and set standards.

"You all are at an age where you need to think about looking forward to five years from now, 10 years from now," Cousin said. "This is the time to set goals and standards for your self."

The 80-plus students ranged in class from freshmen to seniors in high school, all having a unique outlook on school and the types of careers they would like to pursue. As a whole they were intrigued with what Cousin had to say.

He also shared with the students how he was introduced to football at an early age, and that he had to work extremely hard to get where he is today.

"It wasn't until 2001 that I actually lived in a house that I could call my own, make my own mortgage payments. All of these years, my family and I either lived in apartments, duplexes, etc. Even growing up we didn't live in a house."

"Sometimes we have to wait for the best things in life; there's a purpose and reason for everything that happens in life. Part of life is mental; what comes out of your mouth, the way you speak really does matter," Cousin added.

Before signing autographs and participating in a Q & A session, Cousin ended his talk with honesty.

"It encourages me to come out here and talk to you today because I have to do things I'm telling you to do."

The purpose of the First Coast Technical Institute is to provide comprehensive, innovative technical education and customized training to meet the needs of the community.

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