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DE Larry Hart conference call transcript


A trascript of DE Larry Hart's conference call following his selection in the 5th round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

(on what kind of role the Jaguars envision for him) "From what they have told me, they want to bring me in as a pass rusher, defensive end, and to also help out on special teams. That is what they have told me so far."

(on if they want him to rush the passer) "Yes. They want my hands on the ground, trying to help them get after Peyton Manning a little bit."

(on what kind of role he envisions on special teams) "I feel like I can help out on all four: kickoff, kickoff returns, punt, punt return. I feel like I am an athletic enough guy to help out on all four so whichever one they ask me to do I will do."

(on how the Jaguars found him) "The area scout, Chris Prescott, found me. He came by my school one day, checked out my film and he liked me. I guess that is how the process got started."

(on if the Jaguars worked him out) "Yes. Coach (Joe) Cullen came down to Mississippi and worked me out privately. I can tell you I barely made it through that workout with him. He nearly worked me halfway to death. He really worked me hard."

(on the other teams that worked him out) "I worked out with a total of three teams privately; Oakland Baltimore and Jacksonville."

(on if he was invited to the combine) "No."

(on how his career blossomed from high school to now) "I wasn't highly recruited out of high school. I didn't get many big offers coming out of junior college. I can tell you that this process I went through made me appreciate the position I am in today. Going to junior college and some tough times, it definitely made me appreciate this opportunity I have now. I will definitely be working my tail off for Coach (Jack) Del Rio and Gene Smith."

(on why he didn't have a lot of offers coming out of junior college) "Kind of the same reasons I went in the fifth round. A lot of guys are saying I'm too short or lack size. Louisville told me I was too short. They were actually about to sign me out of junior college, but they ended up saying I was too short. I think that was the biggest turnoff, my height."

(on his accurate height and weight) "Six-foot, two (hundred) fifty."

(are you too short to be successful in the NFL) "Absolutely not. If anybody should know that, Jacksonville should know that with (Dwight) Freeney and (Robert) Mathis. You look at Elvis Dumervil with Denver and those guys get it done on a regular basis. The Super Bowl MVP a few years ago if I'm not mistaken was James Harrison which I think I'm taller than him. I think guys like myself can be productive. You go against a six-(foot)-seven tackle and it's hard for him to bend down and get a guy that is six-foot like myself. I think I have my advantages and disadvantages."

(on his tough times) "Coming out of high school I didn't qualify (academically). I didn't think that football would be the avenue for me because having to go to junior college. Actually going to junior college I was on fifty-percent scholarship so that kind of hurts your pride a little bit. Once I graduated from junior college, actually a semester early, I heard the same things with guys saying I was too short. It just fell like an uphill battle always."

(on how close he is to getting a degree at Central Arkansas) "About a semester away."

(on if he didn't study enough in high school) "That was my biggest problem, not that I couldn't do it or didn't have the ability to do it. It was because lack of studying and working hard for it."

(on if he had any role models to push him) "I did but sometimes it comes down to yourself and motivating yourself."

(on the best player he played against at Central Arkansas) "I would have to say the offensive linemen from Hawaii were the best players."

(on if the next level of competition causes him any anxiety) "My feelings toward it is that I am excited and I just have something to prove again. Just go out there and work hard and prepare and let my play speak for itself."

(on his team this year) "We were 5-7 this year and we won the conference the previous year."

(on if he has any brothers or sisters) "I have three older brothers and I have three sister n-laws."

(on what his parents do) "My mom is a Nissan manager at a powerplant here in Mississippi."

(on if he played in the Texas vs. Nation all-star game and if he met any Jaguars personnel) "Yes. I met Gene Smith, Terry McDonough and Chris Prescott. Unfortunately, I played mostly on special teams and I didn't get to play a lot in the game itself."

(on how he did in the practices leading up to the Texas vs. Nation game) "I think I really excelled in the one-on-one pass drills. I think that is what sold Mr. Gene Smith, Mr. (Terry) McDonough and Chris Prescott when they saw me live doing the one-on-one drills."

(on if he thought he wouldn't be drafted at all after not being invited to the combine) "That originally crossed my mind but after I visited six teams and hearing feedback from my agent, I felt like there would probably be a good chance I got drafted."

(on if he has a lot to prove) "Most definitely. Like I said that is always the thing I have had to do. Coming to junior college at fifty-percent scholarship and then I went up to a hundred, and then going from junior college to UCA and I felt like I had something to prove there. It's no different here. I feel like I have to prove myself again and I'm excited for that opportunity."

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