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Del Rio draft wrapup


"I feel like all in all, it was a very solid effort and once again, I'd like to heap some praise on the scouting department. Shack Harris, Gene Smith, Charles Bailey and all the guys. Terry McDonough, Tim Mingey and all the scouts, all my coaches – it's a group effort. It takes a lot of work and I thought we had a very successful weekend. Of course we have some more work to do right now to get some free agents signed. All in all we're very pleased with the type of guys we added all weekend."

(what areas will you now be looking at in free agency?) "We'll prioritize the guys that we had still as draftable players. We'll prioritize them and go after them first. What we'll try to do now is have an idea of how many players we want to take to camp at each position and look to fill those spots."

(with selecting a kicker in the fifth round, does this indicate you are serious about possibly starting a rookie kicker this season?) "What we're serious about is giving ourselves every opportunity to come up with a guy that can help us win this year. We think we have three guys who are all capable and we'll let them compete and see who emerges as the guy that we feel best about."

(do you anticipate signing any other kickers?) "I anticipate continuing to let Pete Rodriguez work the process, work these guys and give me input, and we'll continue to make the decisions we think we need to make ourselves as strong as we can there."

(will you have further contact with the draft picks before they arrive in Jacksonville?) "Initially, I talked to everybody congratulating them on being Jaguars. We'll have mini-camp this weekend. They'll travel here Thursday and we'll have mini-camp Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We've talked about announcing something Saturday where we'll open it up to media and fans."

(is the next step in this process to see how the rookies perform on the field?) "Yes, the next process is to work and coach them. Get on the field. Get in the meeting rooms. Get them in the off-season program when they're available. May 16th, I believe, is the date the rookies can come, those who have graduated. So that's the next step is to indoctrinate them into the Jaguars program, how we do things, our system, and start forming a football team. This is a collection of individuals. The next step for us is to become a team."

(on the different philosophies used by each team on how they view draft picks) "Everybody has their own take on how they're going to do it. Everybody places their own value. I think what makes it fun is you can read enough material nowadays. You don't really have to watch the film to know. You can kind of read enough from different publications to get a pretty good idea, but I think what's important to remember is that we have scouts who work around the clock year-round, coaches that look at players, and we come up to a consensus on how we see the guys and how they fit us. Sometimes it's maybe what you thought it should be and sometimes it isn't, but we have to trust our own evaluation and the tape we look at."

(how much tape are you able to view on the draft picks?) "I saw everybody that we selected in some detail, some more than others. Quite a bit of detail, actually, on all the guys that we ended up selecting."

(did you see any of the draft picks in person or was it mainly on tape?) "I looked at a few in person. Not all of them."

(how much of a concern is Anthony Maddox's off-the-field problems?) "It's not an issue. Doing our research, it sounds like it was a few years back he was involved in an incident. He was cleared of all the charges and understands, I think, not to put himself in those types of situations, and he has been trouble free for quite some time. He's been a very productive football player. Again, we lean on our people that do the investigative work into the backgrounds, into the character. Medically, we trust our doctors. There is a lot of information that is gathered on all these players. It's a very thorough process and we feel good about our picks."

(on relying on Pete Rodriguez's advice in selecting players) "Pete has been in the league a long time, has a lot of experience, understands what he's looking for and what we need, and I'm going to lean on Pete heavily to help us make the right decision. He's been at it a long time. He's been very successful in this league, has a great track record and I'm going to lean on that experience and we'll make a good decision for the Jaguars."

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