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Del Rio on Harvey



"We got our pick in a little earlier than you anticipated. We're excited. This opportunity presented itself. This is a player we, in our evaluation, really had a high grade on, had a big appreciation for, would love the thought of being able to add him. We really didn't think it was realistic and we were able to get up there and still keep our second round, still have three in the fifth and be able to acquire a player like that. We're really excited about that."

(when did this develop?) "The work was done. We obviously put our board together, this was a guy that we had near the top; a really good football player at a position that we went in wanting to address, and so that part all matched up. We really looked at the position of where he would come off, anywhere from 12 up, to be a spot that we'd have difficulty getting into, and we really thought by now that offensive linemen would have run a little bit and they haven't yet. And so defenders were running off the board there. We saw an opportunity to basically take one of the picks that we got in the Marcus Stroud trade along with our three and our four (picks) and packaged that to move up and get him. So, we're really excited about being able to put that together and being able to add this kind of football player."

(is Harvey the type of player who can disrupt the quarterback?) "He's very relentless, a hard-charging defensive end. We think he'll grow into an even bigger guy. He's about 270 (pounds) right now, which is a great size. He has the ability to grow into 280-285. He plays with great temperament, great chase, a hungry football player, all-the-time chase guy. We're excited to add him to our football team."

(did you feel this position was a big enough need to move up?) "Yeah, well, to take advantage of this opportunity. I still don't think, and I wouldn't put that on this young man. He's joining a football team, he's one member of this football team. But we expect him to do his part and play his role, and certainly that was a role that we wanted to address while we were here this weekend."

(because you have so much depth on your roster, does it make it feasible to give up picks in the third and fourth round?) "I don't know that you ever look at it like you want to give up anything. It was just an opportunity where it matched up real well for us. We're happy to do it."

(did that help you get a closer look at Harvey attending University of Florida's Pro Day?) "That all helps. The tape is what you really rely on most. I think the workouts were all good, the interaction obviously, Gainesville's close to Jacksonville. We have a lot of scouts and coaches that have ties there. My own relationship with Urban Meyer; this is two years in a row we've taken a defender out of the University of Florida and in both cases Urban spoke very, very highly about the young men that we were adding to this community. We were happy to have Reggie (Nelson) last year now to be able to bring Derrick in this year, we just feel like we've added some terrific talent and we're looking forward to it."


(who persuaded the Ravens to make this deal? It's an intriguing trade because it looks like you got more value than you should have gotten.) "Yeah, but I don't think the focus should be on that. Teams want to work around the board to get into the players that they're interested in. Obviously their thought process was to slide back and collect some picks and they've been able to do that. Our thought process was to take advantage of the opportunity to get in there and get a real good football player that fits a great need for us and we think he's a great fit for us. So I think it just worked out where it makes sense for both teams to do what they did and now you go on. We've got the rest of the weekend, so we'll turn our attention to the next opportunity to acquire another player we think can really come in and help us."

(Harvey was a player that a lot of people had at the 11 to 16 area. Was there any thought to wait two or three spots to make the deal or is your relationship with Baltimore such that they were a willing partner so you didn't want to pass up the opportunity?) "No, a good fit for us. We took him where we wanted him here. You slide back and wait for what? If you have six players that you feel the same about, yeah then you can slide back and do all you want with that, but if you have somebody that you think is a really good fit and he's a really good player and he's the kind of guy that you want to add, when you have that opportunity you take advantage of it. And that's what we've been able to do."

(when did Harvey catch your eye?) "Last year when we were scouting (Jarvis) Moss and (Reggie) Nelson."

(what is it about him that impresses you most that you feel like he fits in well?) "Yeah, he fits in very well. We think he's a very good size now, almost 6-5, 270-pound defensive now who is going to grow into a 280-285-pound body. He's got excellent first step anticipation and burst off the line of scrimmage. He's a guy who that has the ability to stack and shed blocks. He has tremendous close on the quarterback. He's produced sacks and forced turnovers and been an impact player and he's really played his best football in big games, and we just think he's a real good fit for us."

(another consideration may have been to use picks to get Jason Taylor. Were you more focused on getting a younger player as opposed to a proven veteran?) "Yes."

(earlier in the week you talked about preparing for different scenarios. Was this one you anticipated?) "Actually to be perfectly honest this wasn't one that we envisioned we would be able to entertain. We didn't think really we had enough ammo to get into the top 10, but we were obviously making all the contacts and letting it be known that we were willing if it was doable, something that we felt that was palatable that we would do it. We weren't going to give away our whole draft. I feel good about being to hold on to our second (pick) and still have the three fifth-round picks. So we still have some work to do this weekend. We still have some work that we need to do this weekend. Again, it was a good combination. Being able to take your third and your fourth (picks) and one of the picks we got from dealing Marcus (Stroud) and be able to package those up and go up, it was something we felt was the right move for us."

(the perception from the fans will be that the team thought it was one player away and went to get that player. Would you discourage that perception?) "Yeah, I don't believe in that type of philosophy. You know that about me. I believe you build your team strong. You do all that you can to be as competitive as you can and we're going to create a very competitive atmosphere, bring in as much talent as we can, coach them up and go let it rip on Sundays. So, I don't subscribe to that. I think you can look and there are a host of teams that were supposedly stacked to win it all and didn't ever come close or didn't accomplish that. I just don't think you win by making proclamations. I don't think it's good for anybody to get involved in those types of discussions."

(last year your team had an 'ok' pass rush?) "I think we were like 10th in the league in sacks."

(whatever shortcomings a team may have tends to get exposed in the playoffs. How much was this decision also driven by the lack of pass rush against Tom Brady in the AFC Divisional game?) "I'm really getting sick of reading about that, and I say that with half a smile. I understand all that that's being regurgitated right now. New York (Giants) won so they had great pass rushers. They took (defensive) ends the last few years, people wondered why and now all of a sudden instead of criticism them like we have for the last few years, everyone has, now all of a sudden it's like 'that's the thing to do.' No, we just feel like that's a position we were not able to address in free agency that we wanted to address during this weekend, and we got a good start on it."

(talk about Harvey's intangibles) "Tenacious . He's been a team captain. I think he had 30-plus sacks in two years of high school football. He's been very productive at the University of Florida in the short time he's been there. We think his best football is in front of him. He's got quicks, he plays with leverage, he plays with violence. A good football player."

(with fewer picks going forward, does it change your philosophy? For example, do you have to address the secondary in the second round being that you don't have a third round pick?) "Not necessarily. We'll address it as we see fit going through the rest of the weekend. Obviously we've got now four more picks as of right now, and we'll see how that works out."

(did Baltimore try to get your second round pick?) "The discussions that we had prior to us completing this trade are really not anything I can to sit here and try to get into."

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