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Derrick Harvey media availability


The following is a transcript of Derrick Harvey's media availability following his arrival in Jacksonville.

(considering you played college football so close by, was this the team if you had your choice you would have come?) "Oh yeah. Right down the street, I don't have to move far, familiar with the town so it was good to stay close."

(the Jaguars didn't think they had the ammo to get you. Were you surprised it came out the way it did?) "When I got the call from Coach (Del Rio) and I saw that Jacksonville had traded with Baltimore, I knew I was going to Jacksonville."

(going into this during the week, did you anticipate being chosen by the Jaguars?) "I wasn't even really thinking that."

(Cincinnati was next on the clock and you had been rumored to be going there. Did you have any contact from the Bengals?) "When I took my physical, they were real interested and stuff but everything changed when Jacksonville came up and got me."

(you being heralded by the local media as the guy who is going to put this team over the top. They need a pass rusher.) "Oh yeah, I'm going to get in here and from day one start working hard, get with my D-line coach, get with some of the veterans on the team and start working pass rush so I can make plays this year."

(how well do you know Coach Ted Monachino and what are you looking forward to with working with him?) "When I came out of high school he was at Arizona State (University) so I remember him recruiting me back in high school so we kind of had the contact before, and met him at the Combine again. Real cool."

(how much contact have you had with either Reggie Nelson or Mike Peterson?) "I talked to Reggie yesterday after I got picked. We talked about 10 minutes to congratulate me and stuff like that."

(have you heard from Paul Spicer or Reggie Hayward yet?) "Not yet."

(what did Reggie Nelson tell you when he called?) "Congratulations, good luck and enjoy it because when you get here, it's all hard work."

(did you following the Jaguars particularly late last season when they went into the playoffs?) "Oh yeah. I just to look at Bobby McCray and (Paul) Spicer and (John) Henderson and Reggie all the time."

(were you a fan of this team?) "Oh yeah, I like Jacksonville."

(was this your favorite team?) "No, you know I like the Redskins; I'm from (Washington) DC but that's going to change now."

(what are you memories of watching Quentin Groves playing the last couple of years?) "A good player, an explosive player, he had a lot of sacks. He's a good all-around player."

(what do you think you and Groves bring to the Jaguars?) "A lot of pressure, speed, power, athleticism, trying to make plays."

(do you feel any pressure on playing at a high level your first season?) "No, no pressure. I'm just going to come in and work hard doing what I've been doing. Stay humble, stay the same person and just try to get better every day, try to help the team win."

(with your family traveling to all your college games, does that change now?) "No, it doesn't change. If they want to drive, they can drive but they can get right on a flight down to Jacksonville or wherever we play at, Houston, Indianapolis, wherever."

(the Jaguars put a lot of emphasis on character on their team. How do you see yourself playing into that character of this team?) "I'm a good person. I stay out of trouble, keep my head on straight. I don't let anybody influence me. I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing for five years."

(you didn't start playing football until your senior year in high school. How did you become so good so quickly?) "Hard work. I use to play basketball in high school and I was tiny in basketball and I said I'm not getting any taller so I need to go play football to get the scholarship. I went to my high school coach, talked to him, got on the football field and started working hard and I'm here now."

(how do you see the game changing for you going from college to the pros on a level of accountability and intensity?) "Pretty much the same, just a lot of film work and more technique and stuff I have to work on and getting into the film room watching film."

(what do you remember from the bowl game against Jake Long, the first pick of the draft?) "He was a great player, has great technique. It was like two great players going against each other, both had good games and I thought we'd have many more when we leave."

(who did you idolize in the NFL growing up?) "I liked Julius Peppers."

(what are you thoughts on joining a team that is considered a Super Bowl contender?) "I know coming in, they have a winning attitude. All the players are use to winning and I'm just trying to add to that. I'm going to come in, work hard and just play my role, try to get on the field and compete and help the team win."

(have you thought about what you will do with your contract money?) "I'm going to give my mom and my father a car and a house. I don't know what I'll do with it but I'm going to do something good with it. I'm going to save it. I'm not going to go broke. I don't know."

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