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Do it for Green Bay


Last Sunday night's game against the Steelers was so good that we find ourselves wanting another one, and that's creating a little bit of a letdown for this Sunday's game against the Bears, which is not being hyped as the Steelers game was. Oh, but should the Jaguars beat the Bears, the following Sunday's game against the Packers will get plenty of attention.

That's what this reporter wants. He wants another one of those watershed games, as last Sunday's was. The plan is: Find a way to massage away the bruises from the Steelers game, then beat the Bears and get ready for "Big Game II."

Dreaming? Well, if wanting a late-season, cold-weather game in a legendary stadium between two teams whose playoff backs are to the wall is dreaming, then, please, let me sleep.

Hey, everybody has their own way of motivating themselves. You do it your way, I'll do it mine.

My way is to look ahead. I know that's a cardinal sin, but looking ahead to the Dec. 19 game in Green Bay is the only way I know to get fired up for a game this Sunday against a team about which I know very little and have even less interest. In its own way, this Sunday's game is as big as the ones that sandwich it. It's December. Every game is big.

As you can tell, I have not given up on this season. It's been a long time since I've covered meaningful December games. We had one last Sunday against the Steelers and I want more.

Beat the Bears, then everybody get excited for a trip to Lambeau Field. I won't look any farther ahead than that.

Here are 10 things the Jaguars have to do to beat the Bears.

1. Let it rip—It's been a long time since the Jaguars offense has lit it up. It's time.

2. Better play-calling, better playing—Whatever it is, I don't care, just do it.

3. Block Tommie Harris—The rookie is a disruptive force. Find him, block him.

4. Spread the ball around—Reggie Williams, Ernest Wilford, Kyle Brady and Greg Jones need to get involved in the offense.

5. Rush the quarterback—Because not rushing the quarterback is bad.

6. Cover somebody—The Bears' receiving corps is not formidable.

7. Stop the run—The Jaguars are returning to their run-defense roots, and this is a very good time of year to do that.

8. Run it—It's a good time of year for that, too.

9. Find motivation—Football is a game that requires high energy.

10. Don't ever give up—The 1996 Jaguars didn't give up, and they went all the way to the AFC title game.

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