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Drew conference call


The following is a transcript of Maurice Drew's conference call following his second round selection.

(on what he thinks about being drafted by the Jaguars) "It's a dream come true. I was recruited by (Jaguars running backs coach) Kennedy Pola and it will be a great chance for me to play with Marcedes (Lewis) again. I get a chance to go play in the NFL. I am going to cherish this moment and play each play like it's my last."

(on why he rejected USC and went to UCLA) "It just didn't seem like USC was a good environment for me. I just thought UCLA was a better environment. It had nothing to do with the players or coaches. It was just a natural instinct. It was meant to be for me to be with Coach (Kennedy) Pola and I'm going to go out and play my hardest for him."

(on where he watched the draft) "I am watching the draft at Embassy Suites with my family at Walnut Creek. Everybody is excited right now. The natural reaction is that it has been a long wait, six and a half hours. It's been nerve-wracking, but we finally got the call. They took a chance with me and now it's time to prove to the world and NFL they made a great choice."

(on why he feels the Jaguars took a chance on him) "I feel a lot of teams were scared because of my height. They (Jaguars) didn't worry about the height. They saw my ability and wanted me to make plays for them and that is what I'm going to do."

(on what role he expects from the Jaguars) "I can come in on first or second down or be a starter. I want to be able to come in and have a chance to start. If I get the opportunity then I'm going to make the most of it. Also, I can help on special teams if I need to and whatever it takes to get on the field to win games then I am willing to do."

(on how you have proved people wrong throughout your career) "When I go out there and play I play with a chip on my shoulder. Just try to make plays and make people understand that it doesn't matter how tall you are, how big you are, as long as you go out there and make plays then people should understand that your ability is just as good as everyone else."

(on his expectations of where he thought he would be drafted) "Mid to late first round. It was kind of stressful because my agent and I thought we had a good chance to be taken in the first round with all of the running backs being taken. It was meant to be for Jacksonville to pick me up in the second. A lot teams had their chance and I am going to play like that. I am going to go out and practice like that and earn the respect of my teammates. I am just going to try and get to that Super Bowl. That's all that matters, win games and get to the Super Bowl."

(on what other teams were interested) "I had a lot of interest from the Patriots, Colts, Panthers, Broncos and other teams that needed a running back. I guess they didn't want to take that chance with me. I really don't understand why. I will use it as motivation and play as hard as I can for the Jaguars. They took a chance and they believe in me. All you need is one or two people to believe in you and you can make things happen."

(on fighting questions about his size his entire career) "That is something everyone mentions. I have made it to the highest level of football and now is my chance to go prove to the naysayers and all the commentators that it doesn't matter how tall or big you are that you can go out there and make plays."

(on if he has the durability to rush the ball 25 times a game) "I have done it my whole life and only missed two games. There is no problem with durability. I think I can go out there and rush 25 times a game, catch the ball out of the backfield, play receiver, block or whatever need be."

(on if he has a favorite running back) "Not really just from playing or watching a lot of people. I like to watch everyone. I love all running backs because something has to be in your head to be a running back. You don't get a chance to deliver the blow so I respect every running back. I just try to take a little from everybody. Emmitt Smith is a great guy because of his longevity. Barry Sanders because of his size. I just want to become the player I can become."

(on if his jersey will read Jones-Drew) "It will be Jones-Drew on the back of my jersey. That is just to commemerate my grandfather because he has been there for me. I go by Maurice Drew."

(on if his grandfather raised him) "Yes he did."

(on if he ever thought how nice it would be to be taller) "I got to work with this five-seven and do the best I can with it and show teams that I am capable of going out there and making plays."

(on if he has heard of Jaguars running back Alvin Pearman) "I have seen him play in some Jaguars game this year and I saw him play in college a lot. He's a good back and I think it will be great competition for me to go out there and compete and get better which will help out the team. I have been watching Fred Taylor since I have been in high school."

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