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E-mails provide '10 things'


Last Sunday produced some of the strangest happenings this reporter can ever remember. How do you explain these?

• Cincinnati running back Corey Dillon fumbles at his own three-yard line in overtime. What?

• Detroit's Jason Hanson misses a point-blank field-goal attempt that would've forced the Bears into overtime. Isn't Hanson one of the best kickers in the league?

• With 1:30 to play, the Steelers at their 15-yard line and everyone knowing the Steelers were going to bleed the clock with one more running play, the Vikings allow Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala to go 46 yards on third-and-11. Come on!

• Though a football field is 100 yards long and about 50 yards wide, back judge Phil Luckett wasn't able to avoid New Orleans wide receiver Joe Horn as he attempted to catch a deep pass at the goal line. When is Luckett going to be fired?

To what do we attribute these types of unexplained phenomenon? Do we salute them as excitement, or incompetence?

You be the judge.

Here's "10 things" the Jaguars have to do to beat the Bengals this Sunday, per the collective opinions of this week's e-mails.

  1. Don't run the ball--Why waste a down with a run up the middle?
  1. Blitz everyone--Gary Moeller's scheme is way too soft.
  1. Play man to man--Moeller doesn't attack enough.
  1. Be emotional--Even if you're losing, jump up and down a lot.
  1. Use lots of trick plays--They're better than runs up the middle.
  1. Kickoff into the end zone--Even if you can't, do it.
  1. Use the no-huddle all of the time--It's the perfect remedy for a team that's last in the league in time of possession.
  1. Force Fred to play--Even if he can't run.
  1. Scramble more--Even if Mark Brunell has trouble walking.
  1. Throw to the tight end on play-action out of an empty backfield--That'll fool 'em.
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