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Eagles gaining on Pats


The following is Vic Ketchman's power rankings of NFL teams for week two of the 2004 regular season.

  1. New England (1-0)—Still number one, but not invincible.
  1. Philadelphia (1-0)—Eagles could be ready to move up.
  1. Minnesota (1-0)—Good start.
  1. Seattle (1-0)—Impressive win in New Orleans.
  1. Denver (1-0)—Sights set on Jacksonville.
  1. Green Bay (1-0)—Favre keeps Packers on top.
  1. Carolina (0-1)—How good is that defense?
  1. Atlanta (1-0)—Interesting matchup with Rams.
  1. New Orleans (0-1)—Major disappointment in week one.
  1. Kansas City (0-1)—Defense not fixed.
  1. St. Louis (1-0)—Just OK in opener.
  1. Baltimore (0-1)—Big early-season game against Steelers.
  1. Jacksonville (1-0)—Defense is for real.
  1. Tennessee (1-0)—Found way to win.
  1. Pittsburgh (1-0)—Run the ball, force turnovers.
  1. Indianapolis (0-1)—Big one at Tennessee.
  1. Buffalo (0-1)—Can they overcome heartbreak?
  1. Washington (1-0)—Soft early-season schedule.
  1. NY Jets (1-0)—Curtis Martin is amazing.
  1. Cincinnati (0-1)—Carson Palmer wasn't the problem.
  1. Dallas (0-1))—Could fall hard.
  1. Cleveland (1-0)—Big win over Ravens.
  1. Detroit (1-0)—Lions show signs of life.
  1. Oakland (0-1)—Not all that bad against Steelers.
  1. San Diego (1-0)—How 'bout those Chargers!
  1. Miami (0-1)—QB situation must get fixed.
  1. Tampa Bay (0-1)—Look out below!
  1. Houston (0-1)—Carr may not be the answer.
  1. Chicago (0-1)—Bears still in hibernation.
  1. San Francisco (0-1)—Long year for 49ers.
  1. Arizona (0-1)—Could be competitive.
  1. NY Giants (0-1)—Tom Coughlin vs. Mark Brunell this week.
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