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George Wrighster conference call


(on being drafted in the fourth round) "I was disappointed after the first day, but Jacksonville is a place I wanted to be along. I got along great with coach Alfredo Roberts and had a great visit when I was down there. So, I can't complain I'm where I want to be it just didn't happen when I wanted it to happen."

(on what type of offense he played under in college) "It was a west-coast offense designed to get the ball down the field with a lot of big plays. It also was an offense that got the ball to the tight end. It was kind of the same type of offense that is in Jacksonville so I'm glad to be a part of the organization."

(on the Jaguars tight end situation) "They informed me of the situation down there. I just want to come in and learn and try and contribute as much as I can as soon as I can."

(on leaving school a year early) "I felt like I was ready. The draft was disappointing. It didn't really go the way I expected it to. I was rated and supposed to go higher, but it didn't happen like that so I guess good things happen to those who wait sometimes. It was a tough decision and an easy decision and I wouldn't change it."

(on where he thought he would go in the draft) "I was supposed to go either late first round or early second round. The draft is a funny thing and you never know what's going to happen. But, it's not where you get drafted but what you do after you get drafted."

(on using getting passed up in the draft as motivation) "Of course. It won't be a revenge thing, I just want to come out and play to the best of my ability.

(on why he chose Oregon) "I prayed about it and talked it over with my family and laid all the information out. I knew Oregon was a good place for the tight end and a place where I was going to get the ball so I was happy with going there. It seems like the same situation here in Jacksonville."

(on his sisters playing athletics) "They play basketball, Mariama and Ayana. I don't play ball against them because I would beat them, but I do give them some advice because I played high school basketball. I also practiced a lot with the Oregon basketball team."

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