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Harris on Ingram


The following is a transcript of James Harris' press conference following the third round selection of Clint Ingram.

"We selected Clint Ingram in the third round. A linebacker from Oklahoma, a two-year starter. He had five interceptions this past season. He won two games on game-winning interceptions this season. He plays in space. He has a lot of experience playing in space and coverage. He has some explosive strength. A vertical jump of 42 inches. A 4.5 type speed."

(what are the dynamics of this pick?) "This is the last guy we really felt that had the ability to come in and compete for a starting job."

(is Ingram a middle linebacker or outside linebacker?) "He's a strong side linebacker. He has played some middle. He's mostly an outside linebacker."

(will he be strictly SAM or can he play WILL?) "When he comes in the coaches will figure out the best way to use him."

(on the linebacker positions played in college) "He plays a lot in space or he's out versus slot and people in space. So he has a lot of experience in coverage."

(does he come out on third downs?) "The way we look at it he lines up over the slot a lot. He has a lot of experience in space, in coverage."

(what is his size?) "He's 247-pounds, 6'1" and he's a 4.5 guy."

(is this a strong safety/linebacker?) "No, this is a linebacker."

(will he compete with Nick Greisen?) "He'll be competing for the outside linebacker spot."

(what do you like about Ingram?) "He's explosive and physical. He tackles through people when he hits them."

(did he play SAM for Oklahoma?) "He played mostly like a walker, away a lot of times for them where he's out in space."

(like a hero or monster?) "Not all the time. He'll come in but a lot of time he was in space and then he'll come in on certain running downs."

(one reporter states Ingram is not a good worker, what is your view?) "You seldom get a guy to be a captain of his team and he's not a great worker. We don't have that information on him."

(an overview of what you think you accomplished today) "We went into the draft targeting six guys that we felt, put them in a position that we felt we had a chance to get him, and we got three of the six we had targeted. We're happy with the day and we wanted to come out with a linebacker and we did. So we're pleased with the results of the day."

(is Ingram a guy you targeted?) "Yes, he was one of the six that we had targeted."

(was DeAngelo Williams one of the six you targeted?) "I'm not going to reveal the list."

(with the second round pick, you had a group of good players available. Was it a hard decision?) "Like I said before, we just pick the next guy. (Maurice) Drew, we're talking about a guy who every 11 times he touched the ball, he scores. Twenty-three times he ran more than 20 yards. He's All-Pac 10 punt returner ahead of Reggie Bush. 303 yards versus Washington State in the game. So he has a lot of production and a lot of history. He never lost a game in high school. He helped UCLA go to the bowl game, 9-2. A very productive season this year. So he was a highly productive player."

(the past four years, you drafted an offensive player with the first pick. Would you agree your expectations are high for your offense this season?) "I think the expectations are always high. I don't think it's anything more based on who we pick. We certainly expect to be competitive this year."

(with only two picks Sunday, how many players will you have targeted?) "For tomorrow what we'll do now is review the board and kind of see what is available and hopefully we may still do some maneuvering to come up with the extra pick and see what we need. And we may take a flyer, two-for-one somewhere hoping to hit one, looking for someone with some special teams trait. So we'll go now and kind of look at all those options."

(it appears that every year more teams are focused more on targeted players) "I don't know if there is any more. What you do is you go in each round and try to narrow it down to who you think will be there at that pick and when you make that short list, now you come back and decide which one of those guys who you really think you have an opportunity to get and then you target that particular guy, maybe two of them."

(are you willing to trade down to get an extra pick?) "That's a possibility."

(do you want a minimum of five player draft class? Is that the standard?) "No, we just want a good class. One time we considered somewhere picking up another seven, but in the end we had six guys and we wanted to come out of this with three of the six and we were able to do that. The way we look at it is that on the second day, if we miss picks on the second day then we can be more aggressive in free agency and make up for some of those picks in free agency. We were fortunate to get players like (Derrick) Wimbush and (Dan) Connolly and those guys. The top guys who are left on our board, we'll just treat those guys as draft choices and make up for the pick."

(what do you think Marcedes Lewis will do for Byron Leftwich?) "I think first of all what Lewis is going to do for our team is, like I said he's a big tight end with some playmaking ability and he's capable of blocking. I think that'll help our overall team."

(does Lewis give Leftwich one more target? Is he the missing link?) "I can't say what's the missing link. He's capable of doing those things and making plays. I still feel we have to work hard to continue to develop some of the players that we have here and then he'll be an addition to that. We're happy to have him. He is another playmaker so that should help us out."

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