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In-game blog: Jags at Chiefs

Dec 31 2006 9:56AM
Hello and welcome to Arrowhead Stadium, where the Jaguars are 1-0 in their history; 4-1 all-time against the Chiefs. It's drizzling. Temperatures are expected to fall throughout the day and we could have some freezing rain in the second half.

Dec 31 2006 10:46AM
This is going to be a day of scoreboard watching in the AFC. The Jaguars, Chiefs, Jets, Titans and Bengals, Broncos, Patriots, Ravens and Chargers all have reason to watch the scoreboard.

Dec 31 2006 11:08AM
Motivation today? The Chiefs want to get the NFL rushing title for Larry Johnson, who trails LaDainian Tomlinson by 98 yards. The Jaguars want to get 105 yards for Maurice Jones-Drew, who would reach 1,000 yards and make the Jaguars only the fifth team in history to have two 1,000-yard rushers.

Dec 31 2006 11:10AM
The Chiefs are 20-2 at home in December dating back to 1995. That's number one in the league. Denver is number two at 19-3 during that same period.

Dec 31 2006 11:46AM
The Jaguars inactives are: Charles Sharon, LaBrandon Toefield, Ahmad Carroll, Jorge Cordova, Stockar McDougle, James Wyche, Jeremy Mincey and Tony McDaniel.

Dec 31 2006 11:48AM
The Chiefs inactives are: Brodie Croyle, Derrick Ross, Marcus Maxey, Tre Stallings, Stephen Williams, Chris Hannon, Casey Printers and Tim Sandidge.

Dec 31 2006 12:40PM
The weather is undergoing a rather dramatic change right now. A heavy mist has rolled into Arrowhead and temperatures are dropping. Snow is now in the forecast. This could become a weather event.

Dec 31 2006 1:03PM
The Jaguars won the coin toss and have elected to receive.

Dec 31 2006 1:07PM
Three and out; three runs. The Chiefs take over at their 26-yard line following Chris Hanson's punt.

Dec 31 2006 1:08PM
Larry Johnson begins with an 11-yard run. He trails LaDainian Tomlinson now by 87.

Dec 31 2006 1:11PM
Jags got lucky. Sammy Parker dropped what probably would've been a touchdown pass. It's third and eight.

Dec 31 2006 1:12PM
Rashean Mathis intercepts. He stepped in front of Eddie Kennison. That's Mathis' eighth interception of the season; a team record. That's the Jaguars' 19th takeaway of the season, tied for most in team history.

Dec 31 2006 1:14PM
David Garrard threw it out of bounds. He's learning.

Dec 31 2006 1:15PM
That's another three and out. The Chiefs are going to get great field position.

Dec 31 2006 1:17PM
Touchdown! How's that for great field position? Bernard Pollard blocked Hanson's punt and recovered it in the end zone. Pollard overpowered Montell Owens.

Dec 31 2006 1:22PM
Three and out. Garrard hasn't completed a pass in five attempts. The Jags need to settle this down before it gets out of hand.

Dec 31 2006 1:25PM
The Jets lead the Raiders, 7-0.

Dec 31 2006 1:28PM
Kenny Pettway gets a sack on third down. The Chiefs have to punt.

Dec 31 2006 1:33PM
Jones-Drew gains seven. He has 17 yards rushing. He needs 88.

Dec 31 2006 1:34PM
On third and one the Jags had 12 men in the huddle. Reggie Williams was the extra guy. Now it's third and six.

Dec 31 2006 1:35PM
Garrard to Matt Jones for 18 yards and a first down.

Dec 31 2006 1:36PM
That's the end of the first quarter. The Jaguars have the ball at the Chiefs 32, first and 10.

Dec 31 2006 1:40PM
Touchdown! Fred Taylor went 26 yards with a screen-type pass from Garrard. Taylor eased into the end zone. The offensive line made it easy.

Dec 31 2006 1:42PM
The drive was nine plays, 78 yards. Garrard looked good. He's got a good body type for these cold-weather games. He's got the arm and the legs you want in the cold and the wind and on a soft field.

Dec 31 2006 1:46PM
The Jaguars defense is getting after Larry Johnson. He's not getting much rushing or receiving right now. It's punt time for the Chiefs.

Dec 31 2006 1:47PM
Bad punt. Jags have it at the Chiefs 43.

Dec 31 2006 1:50PM
Garrard scrambled for 15 yards to the Chiefs 28, but he had plenty of time and should have stayed in the pocket. That's my opinion. I want a passer, not a runner.

Dec 31 2006 1:52PM
Pittsburgh is leading Cincinnati, 7-0, and New England is leading Tennessee, 9-3. Everything is going the Jags' way except the Jets score.

Dec 31 2006 1:54PM
Josh Scobee is true from 33 yards. Ernest Wilford nearly caught the third-down pass in the back of the end zone, after it glanced off George Wrighster's hands at the goal line.

Dec 31 2006 1:57PM
Roughing the passer on Paul Spicer. It was late, hard and high.

Dec 31 2006 1:58PM
What a move. What explosiveness. Wow! Larry Johnson burst up the middle for 40 yards to the Jaguars eight-yard line. That's a big-time run.

Dec 31 2006 2:00PM
Kansas City is challenging that a catch by Tony Gonzalez should've been ruled a touchdown instead of down at the one-yard line. I'll take a look at replay.

Dec 31 2006 2:02PM
The ruling stands. Herman Edwards was fishin' on that one.

Dec 31 2006 2:02PM
Fourth and goal at the foot line. They're going for it.

Dec 31 2006 2:03PM
Touchdown! Johnson over the top. I mean way over the top. This guy is fantastic.

Dec 31 2006 2:05PM
If I'm pickin' a football team, I want this guy as my running back. I am in awe of Johnson's combined skills. He can do it all; run, catch, pound, etc. And he is a big, big dude.

Dec 31 2006 2:08PM
Garrard pulled away from Jared Allen as though he was a little kid; too bad the Jags got called for holding.

Dec 31 2006 2:10PM
I'm sorry, the Chiefs declined the holding penalty and accepted the sack by Tamba Hali. The Jags have a third and 20 at their 33.

Dec 31 2006 2:11PM
Nearly another blocked punt. It went out of bounds at the Chiefs 27. What's wrong with the punt team?

Dec 31 2006 2:14PM
All-out blitz by the Jags; Trent Green burned it with a pass to Eddie Kennison for 23 yards to the Jaguars 45.

Dec 31 2006 2:15PM
That may have been a touchdown-saving by Deon Grant on Larry Johnson at the 35. It was a great open-field tackle by Grant. We're at the two-minute warning.

Dec 31 2006 2:19PM
Touchdown! Green threw it 35 yards to Kennison. He hit him in stride in the back of the end zone. Mathis was covering. The play began as a hand-off to Johnson, who stopped and flipped it back to Green. You can sell that play when you have a back such as Johnson.

Dec 31 2006 2:20PM
It was not bad coverage by Mathis. Green just dropped the ball in perfectly.

Dec 31 2006 2:21PM
Here's Green's numbers: nine of 12, 109 yards, one touchdown, one interception and a 95.5 passer rating.

Dec 31 2006 2:24PM
Garrard has fantastic escapability. As he learns how to use it, he is going to become increasingly effective.

Dec 31 2006 2:26PM
Last play of the half. There are three seconds to play. The Jags are at their 48. Here comes the alley-oop or whatever.

Dec 31 2006 2:27PM
Illegal contact. One more try.

Dec 31 2006 2:28PM
Garrard threw over the middle to Matt Jones but he was tackled. It was good for 39 stat yards.

Dec 31 2006 2:29PM
The Chiefs' 21 points are the most the Jaguars have allowed in the first half of any game this season.

Dec 31 2006 2:30PM
Jones-Drew has rushed for 38 yards. He needs 67 yards to reach 1,000.

Dec 31 2006 2:31PM
Garrard has completed 10 of 17 passes for 140 yards, one touchdown, no interceptions and a 105.0 passer rating.

Dec 31 2006 2:42PM
Tony Gilbert just wiped out Dante Hall on the kickoff return. Hall was slow to get up. Gilbert blew him up.

Dec 31 2006 2:45PM
The Jaguars are challenging a catch. The Chiefs tried to hurry up but Jack Del Rio pulled the trigger.

Dec 31 2006 2:47PM
The play is being overturned. The pass is incomplete. It's now third and seven for the Chiefs at their 40-yard line.

Dec 31 2006 2:49PM
The Jags will start at their 20-yard line. This is a big possession. Garrard is playing well. He needs to move the ball into scoring position right now.

Dec 31 2006 2:52PM
Interception by Ty Law. He returned it to the Jaguars two-yard line. Law sniffed it out. It was supposed to be a wide receiver screen to Reggie Williams. Law tipped it and caught it.

Dec 31 2006 2:53PM
Touchdown! Larry Johnson around left end. He eased into the end zone.

Dec 31 2006 2:57PM
Quinn Gray is in at quarterback.

Dec 31 2006 3:01PM
Touchdown! Gray scrambled for nine yards. He took them right down the field.

Dec 31 2006 3:05PM
Sorry, but my computer was down for awhile. Gray completed three of four passes for 55 yards in that drive.

Dec 31 2006 3:06PM
Clint Ingram hit Trent Green as he was sliding. It was a half-hearted slide. Ingram wasn't sure what he was going to do, but go back to the first game of the season when Green got hurt bad on that kind of play. This will probably create a controversy.

Dec 31 2006 3:07PM
Damon Huard has replaced Green at quarterback.

Dec 31 2006 3:08PM
Huard to Samie Parker for 14 yards and a first down at the Chiefs 48.

Dec 31 2006 3:10PM
What a fantastic catch by Kennison; one-handed. Mathis appeared as though he may have given up on the play because the pass looked uncatchable. The pass covered 40 yards to the Jaguars 11.

Dec 31 2006 3:13PM
Touchdown! Johnson went 12 yards around left end untouched. This isn't the Jaguars defense I know.

Dec 31 2006 3:15PM
It's time to think yards for Jones-Drew. He still needs 67. Get him his yards, please.

Dec 31 2006 3:19PM
Gray has them at the Chiefs 20.

Dec 31 2006 3:20PM
Touchdown! Gray scrambles for 21 yards and the score.

Dec 31 2006 3:22PM
The drive was eight plays, 69 yards. The Chiefs are playing a soft zone, as you would expect they would with a big lead. Gray, nevertheless, is putting the ball in his receivers' hands.

Dec 31 2006 3:24PM
Green is back in at quarterback for the Chiefs.

Dec 31 2006 3:26PM
Daryl Smith intercepted. The ball is at the Chiefs 46.

Dec 31 2006 3:26PM
The Jaguars have intercepted 20 passes this season. That's a team record.

Dec 31 2006 3:27PM
The Chiefs just turned up the volume on defense. They're blitzing. All of a sudden it's not so easy. It's third and 21.

Dec 31 2006 3:29PM
The Chiefs receive the punt at their 13. It's starting to get chippy. Both teams may be showing some frustration.

Dec 31 2006 3:30PM
That's the end of the third quarter. The Chiefs are facing second down at their 13.

Dec 31 2006 3:34PM
Johnson runs for 14 yards to the Jaguars 45. He went inside out beautifully.

Dec 31 2006 3:34PM
It's snowing.

Dec 31 2006 3:35PM
Dante Hall drops the third-down pass. The Chiefs have to punt. The Jags are still in this game.

Dec 31 2006 3:37PM
The Jaguars have the ball at their nine-yard line.

Dec 31 2006 3:38PM
The Chiefs need the Steelers to win in a big way and the Steelers just went up 14-10, which has pumped life into Arrowhead.

Dec 31 2006 3:38PM
Gray made a real nice throw to Ernest Wilford on an out-route.

Dec 31 2006 3:39PM
Lenny Walls just dropped an interception at the 30.

Dec 31 2006 3:41PM
Gray's starting to get a lot of pressure. He moves well in the pocket.

Dec 31 2006 3:43PM
Punt time. Gray is struggling against the pressure.

Dec 31 2006 3:46PM
Johnson gains 10. He has 105. He's past Tomlinson, who plays later today.

Dec 31 2006 3:50PM
Green is sacked by Bobby McCray and Green fumbles. The ball is recovered by Rob Meier at the Jaguars 49. They're still in it with 7:07 to play.

Dec 31 2006 3:53PM
KC is officially in a prevent now.

Dec 31 2006 3:54PM
Garrard throws to Reggie Williams for a first down at the Chiefs 27.

Dec 31 2006 3:56PM
Gray's pass is intercepted but the Chiefs are going to be called for roughing the passer on Jared Allen. First down for the Jags 10.

Dec 31 2006 3:57PM
That roughing the passer is a terrible call. How could Allen have known the ball was away?

Dec 31 2006 3:58PM
Touchdown! Jones-Drew up the middle for five yards on a draw play. The Jags will go for two.

Dec 31 2006 3:59PM
Gray dropped the snap from center. The Chiefs' lead stays at five points. There are five minutes exactly to play. We have a game.

Dec 31 2006 4:00PM
That's an NFL record for a rookie; eight consecutive games having rushed for a touchdown.

Dec 31 2006 4:02PM
The Chiefs have gone conservative. They ran the first two plays.

Dec 31 2006 4:05PM
The Chiefs are killing the clock with Larry Johnson. He needs one carry to pass Jamal Anderson for most carries in a season. He just did it. What a player.

Dec 31 2006 4:08PM
The Chiefs have a third and one at the Jags 41 with 2:17 to play.

Dec 31 2006 4:09PM
Johnson got it with ease. Now we have a melee.

Dec 31 2006 4:11PM
Offsetting personal fouls. The Chiefs have a first down at the Jaguars 38. It's Johnson time.

Dec 31 2006 4:13PM
We're at the two-minute warning. Johnson has 31 carries for 133 yards. It almost appears as though he's getting stronger. This is an old-time back.

Dec 31 2006 4:15PM
Fourth down; the Chiefs are punting. Hmmm.

Dec 31 2006 4:16PM
They're not punting. They're going for it.

Dec 31 2006 4:17PM
They got McCray to jump offside. First down for the Chiefs. They baited him. It was planned. The Chiefs shifted and he jumped.

Dec 31 2006 4:18PM
The Jags are out of times out. This one is over. Happy New Year's!

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