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In-game blog:Jags at Colts

Dec 2 2007 10:16AM
Hi everyone and welcome to the press box at the RCA Dome. It's nice and quiet in here right now but it's gonna get real noisy as kickoff approaches. I'm heading to the radio booth for a little pregame segment, then I'll be back. Welcome aboard.

Dec 2 2007 10:38AM
They're starting to connect the speakers now. I saw a guy in the press box with a box of CDs. The Jaguars must be on top of their silent-count game today.

Dec 2 2007 11:14AM
The last three games between the Jaguars and the Colts at the RCA Dome have been decided by seven or fewer points. The Jaguars won, 27-24, in 2004.

Dec 2 2007 11:15AM
For all you Fantasy Football fans, don't forget about Maurice Jones-Drew today. He's scored five touchdowns and rushed for 100 yards twice in his three games against the Colts.

Dec 2 2007 11:51AM
Jaguars inactives: John Broussard, LaBrandon Toefield, Aaron Glenn, Lamont Thompson, Mike Peterson, Richard Collier, Tutan Reyes, Kenny Pettway.

Dec 2 2007 11:53AM
Colts inactives: Craphonso Thorpe, Keiwan Ratliff, Tim Jennings, Brannon Condren, Ryan Diem, Dan Federkell, Marvin Harrison, Dan Klecko.

Dec 2 2007 12:23PM
I'm heading to the radio booth to do our "Jaguars This Week Extra" segment with Brian Sexton and Jeff Lageman. You're welcome to join us. I'll be back at kickoff.

Dec 2 2007 1:02PM
Yeah, baby, they got it cranked up now. All the speakers are working; throbbing noise as the Colts come onto the field. This is Colts football, baby. Studio B.

Dec 2 2007 1:06PM
The Colts win the toss and will receive. Enjoy the game everyone.

Dec 2 2007 1:07PM
Peyton Manning to Reggie Wayne for 16 on the first play. The Colts are in no-huddle.

Dec 2 2007 1:09PM
Reggie Hayward is down.

Dec 2 2007 1:10PM
It's his right leg. He's putting no weight on it as he's helped from the field. Bobby McCray takes his place.

Dec 2 2007 1:11PM
The Jaguars are in cover two. So far, they are choosing to cover, not rush.

Dec 2 2007 1:12PM
Almost got him. The Jags bring six and force Manning to pull it down and run. The Colts have to punt.

Dec 2 2007 1:13PM
Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith picked his spot beautifully. You can't send extra rushers on every down because that becomes predictable, but you've got to send the extra guys at the right time and Smith did. The Jags start at their nine-yard line.

Dec 2 2007 1:14PM
Hayward has a strained hip and his return is questionable.

Dec 2 2007 1:15PM
That's false start number one. They got the noise pumped up real good there.

Dec 2 2007 1:18PM
Three and out. David Garrard fumbled and the Jags recovered. That could've been a disaster. It's a one-yard sack. Tony Dungy is challenging. I'm not sure what he's challenging.

Dec 2 2007 1:19PM
They're challenging that they recovered the fumble. They may win this. Robert Mathis got around Khalif Barnes and forced the fumble. I just looked at the replay. This doesn't look good.

Dec 2 2007 1:23PM
Colts ball at the Jaguars 11. Jack Del Rio is going to challenge, I think, that it was a forward pass and not a fumble. He has the red flag in his hand. He's talking to the referee.

Dec 2 2007 1:23PM
No challenge by the Jags.

Dec 2 2007 1:25PM
Touchdown! Manning to Dallas Clark. He beat Clint Ingram.

Dec 2 2007 1:29PM
False start number two. It is what it is. It's not going to get any quieter. This is studio football and you have to be ready to play it.

Dec 2 2007 1:31PM
Fred Taylor runs for a first down. That's what the Jaguars need. They need to run the ball, control the tempo and quiet this building.

Dec 2 2007 1:31PM
Fred made 'em miss. He ran for 29 yards. All of a sudden, it's silent.

Dec 2 2007 1:33PM
Jones-Drew just flattened Kelvin Hayden. Gain of 11.

Dec 2 2007 1:34PM
False start number three. The Jags offensive line is jittery.

Dec 2 2007 1:36PM
Josh Scobee is on for a 46-yard attempt. It's wide to the left. It was a dead pull.

Dec 2 2007 1:38PM
The noise is hurting the Jags because the false starts are taking them out of their running game and allowing the Colts to play pass-rush. The Jags have to deal with the noise or they won't have a chance.

Dec 2 2007 1:40PM
Nine-yard sack. That's how you play Manning. Don't buy the you-can't-blitz crap. Blitz him. Sack him.

Dec 2 2007 1:41PM
Pass interference against Rashean Mathis; hooked him with the left arm. Way too many penalties.

Dec 2 2007 1:42PM
Paul Spicer is playing a beautful game. He's got three knockdowns on Manning.

Dec 2 2007 1:43PM
Too much time to throw; complete for a first down. They only rushed four. That won't work. Del Rio is livid about the spot.

Dec 2 2007 1:44PM
Del Rio is challenging the spot. I think they'll move it back but it'll probably still be a first down.

Dec 2 2007 1:46PM
One of the things I can see clearly from this high vantage point is the Jaguars are afraid of letting Reggie Nelson in single coverage. It looked like they would blitz Terry Cousin but then called it off and had him help Nelson.

Dec 2 2007 1:47PM
The ball has been moved back. They'll remeasure.

Dec 2 2007 1:48PM
First down by the nose of the ball. Terry McAulay is explaining but I can't hear it. You can't hear anything in this building. I think Del Rio was charged with a time out.

Dec 2 2007 1:49PM
Fumble; Jaguars got it. Ben Utecht fumbled after a reception.

Dec 2 2007 1:50PM
Dungy is challenging. He's claiming no fumble; runner down by contact.

Dec 2 2007 1:52PM
The ball is at the Jaguars 40. This is one of the biggest reviews of the season. The Jaguars must win this one or I fear the worst.

Dec 2 2007 1:53PM
The ruling is the pass is incomplete. I don't know what to say. I guess we're going to do this all day. The Colts regain possession at the Jags 43. It's third and 16.

Dec 2 2007 1:54PM
Touchdown! Manning to Reggie Wayne. He beat Brian Williams. It was a four-man rush.

Dec 2 2007 1:57PM
The Colts are playing a real deep cover two. The safeties and linebackers are all deep. They're inviting the Jaguars to run but, down 14-0, can they.

Dec 2 2007 2:00PM
Time out Jaguars. The noise pinned them against the play clock. Ernest Wilford just caught a short pass off the turf. Dungy didn't challenge because he only has one left in this half. He would've challenged, otherwise. It's third and seven at the Jaguars 19.

Dec 2 2007 2:02PM
Nice throw by Garrard to Wilford for a first down. That's a start. I just loosened my tie.

Dec 2 2007 2:03PM
Bob Sanders is rubbing his left hand.

Dec 2 2007 2:04PM
A kid ran out onto the field. Fortunately, the officials didn't see him and stop play. Garrard scrambled for a first down.

Dec 2 2007 2:05PM
Jones-Drew for nine. Sanders makes the tackle. Sanders is a great, great football player. He may be the best defensive player in the league.

Dec 2 2007 2:05PM
Garrard to Jones-Drew for a first down. Garrard is starting to warm to the task. The Colts defense is flying.

Dec 2 2007 2:06PM
Fred slipped, got up and nearly broke it. He gained five. The Colts take a lot of late-hit liberties.

Dec 2 2007 2:07PM
Garrard to Wilford for a first down. You see Jaguars runners up in the air a lot because the Colts go low on nearly every open-field tackle.

Dec 2 2007 2:08PM
Garrard to Marcedes Lewis for a first down at the Colts 18. Garrard looks real good in this drive.

Dec 2 2007 2:08PM
Garrard to Richard Angulo at the 11. Second down. Run it.

Dec 2 2007 2:09PM
Jones-Drew is just shy of a first down. It's third down. If he had gone right, he might've scored.

Dec 2 2007 2:10PM
Jones-Drew plows to the five. First and goal. The Jags are averaging six yards a rush.

Dec 2 2007 2:11PM
Big hit by Sanders on Greg Jones. Boom! Knocked him back.

Dec 2 2007 2:11PM
Touchdown! Jones-Drew over the left side. That's why he's the Jaguars' short-yardage back. He can go wide.

Dec 2 2007 2:13PM
The drive went 84 yards in 16 plays. It was a Garrard special. The Jaguars can do that. The Colts are soft up front. The Jags can push it down their throats but falling behind early leaves no wiggle room on defense now.

Dec 2 2007 2:15PM
There is no way to prepare for the noise you encounter in this building. It effectively put the Jaguars two touchdowns down before this game even began. It's a fantastic and, in my opinion, an unfair advantage for the Colts, but it is what is is. All you can do is play. Let's see what the defense can do with 5:21 to play in the first half.

Dec 2 2007 2:16PM
The game plan has just been established on offense: Long, time-consuming scoring drives. Now rush the passer. There is no other way on defense.

Dec 2 2007 2:18PM
Great play by Brian Williams. Came off the coverage and made the stop for no gain on the swing receiver.

Dec 2 2007 2:19PM
Big play; third and one at midfield.

Dec 2 2007 2:19PM
Two-yard pass for a first down.

Dec 2 2007 2:20PM
Blitz! He had to throw it away. I should've loosened my tie earlier.

Dec 2 2007 2:21PM
Big play; third and two. This is a must stop.

Dec 2 2007 2:21PM
We're at the two-minute warning.

Dec 2 2007 2:25PM
Manning to Wayne for a first down at the 23. Too much time to throw. They hurried into the next play because they were afraid of a review. What a great system.

Dec 2 2007 2:26PM
Anthony Gonzalez beats Mathis for a catch to the one-yard line. Mathis is off his game. The groin may be hurting him. Time out Jaguars.

Dec 2 2007 2:27PM
The Jaguars can't hold their coverages long enough to effect Manning with a four-man rush. That's the same thing that happened in the first meeting between the two teams. At this point, it's blitz or else.

Dec 2 2007 2:29PM
Big play by Spicer; stopped Joseph Addai for a loss of three.

Dec 2 2007 2:29PM
The touchdown catch by Gonzalez is nullified by pass interference against Gonzalez. He pushed off Mathis. It was very light.

Dec 2 2007 2:30PM
Blitz forces a throwaway. I'm convinced that this is the way to go. There's no other option.

Dec 2 2007 2:31PM
Touchdown! Manning to Clark. He beat Mathis.

Dec 2 2007 2:31PM
The Colts have clearly targeted Mathis. They wanna test his groin and inactivity. It was a smart play.

Dec 2 2007 2:34PM
There are only six seconds left in the half. Manning is 12 of 18 for 162 yards, three touchdowns and a 134.7 passer rating. He's the difference; no question. Garrard is nine of 10 for 67 yards and a 94.6. Taylor has 49 yards rushing and Jones-Drew has 28. Addai has rushed for 35 yards.

Dec 2 2007 2:35PM
That's the half. Manning is the issue for the Jaguars. What are they going to do at halftime to fix their pass-defense.

Dec 2 2007 2:49PM
OK, let's try this again. First down at their 31.

Dec 2 2007 2:51PM
Fred is running like a kid today. He now has 75 yards rushing.

Dec 2 2007 2:52PM
Garrard to Reggie Williams for 22 yards and a first down at the Colts 23.

Dec 2 2007 2:52PM
I've never seen Fred run better. It's second and five at the 18. Fred goes out.

Dec 2 2007 2:54PM
Garrard incomplete for Reggie Williams in the end zone. The throw was a little low. Williams is down in the end zone. He hit his head on the turf diving for the ball. It didn't seem to be that bad of a throw. He's up and walking now.

Dec 2 2007 2:55PM
Matt Jones has replaced Williams.

Dec 2 2007 2:56PM
Garrard to Dennis Northcutt for a first down at the 12. Jones goes out. Williams is OK.

Dec 2 2007 2:58PM
Northcutt on an end around. He should've gotten more than four yards. There was room to run.

Dec 2 2007 2:58PM
Garrard to Northcutt. They're huddling on the spot. It should be at the one.

Dec 2 2007 3:00PM
They have it at the three. It's short of a first down. That's a terrible spot. Fourth and one. They're going for it. Del Rio is challenging. He should. Forward progress appeared to be at the one.

Dec 2 2007 3:01PM
They're ruling Northcutt was hit and regained his forward motion. That means Del Rio can't challenge. Here we go.

Dec 2 2007 3:02PM
First down. Garrard sneaked for it. The ball is at the two. I don't buy that regain-forward-motion stuff. They were playing pin ball with Northcutt.

Dec 2 2007 3:03PM
Touchdown! Garrard to Lewis. Easy stuff. Scobee boots the extra point. OK, defense, do something.

Dec 2 2007 3:06PM
I'm stunned by the Jaguars' pass-defense failures today. I'm tellin' ya, the Colts receivers are wide open. In some cases, they appear uncontested. Can the Jaguars change that.

Dec 2 2007 3:08PM
Addai's poking holes in the Jaguars' front, too. This just isn't the Jaguars defense I've known in recent years.

Dec 2 2007 3:09PM
Wayne was so open that he caught that pass on the ground and nearly had time to get up and run. What's happened.

Dec 2 2007 3:11PM
Third and one results in a big play for the Colts. Wayne was so open that he ran for 30 yards before he contacted anyone.

Dec 2 2007 3:11PM
Here's the problem: The Colts are eight for nine on third down.

Dec 2 2007 3:12PM
The Colts are at the Jaguars 11. They're making it look easy.

Dec 2 2007 3:13PM
Interception! Nelson picks it and returns it to the Jaguars 33. It was a completely unforced turnover. Manning had all day to throw. I don't know to whom he was intending to throw the ball. He threw it directly into Nelson's hands.

Dec 2 2007 3:14PM
Clark was in the back of the end zone. Manning had left the pocket and was throwing on the run. He threw short. It was a terrible throw. The Jaguars have life.

Dec 2 2007 3:16PM
Garrard to Williams near a first down. It's third and a foot.

Dec 2 2007 3:16PM
Garrard sneaks for it. He's a very good sneak runner; finds the hole and plows. He's playing well.

Dec 2 2007 3:17PM
Fred to the Colts 40. Boy, he looks quick today. He's at 97 now.

Dec 2 2007 3:19PM
Runaway truck...I mean Jones-Drew, to the 17. The Colts are wearing down. They're getting smaller and slower with each play.

Dec 2 2007 3:20PM
The Jaguars have rushed for 157 yards. They must stick with it. It's how you beat these guys. Run the ball and convert third down. The Jaguars are five of eight on third down. If only they hadn't spotted the Colts 14 points.

Dec 2 2007 3:22PM
Fred's over 100; that's two games straight. The ball is inside the 12; second and four. Just run, run, run; no turnovers.

Dec 2 2007 3:24PM
We're in the fourth quarter now. This is crunch time. Let's see who wants to make the big plays.

Dec 2 2007 3:24PM
Fred plows. I saw something there. It's third and one.

Dec 2 2007 3:27PM
Jones-Drew straight ahead. I think Reggie Williams just did a real dumb thing. He did. Personal foul away from the play. Mo got the first down. Move the ball back 15 yards; first and 10. It would've been first and goal.

Dec 2 2007 3:27PM
False start. These penalties are ruining a great drive. Where's their heads.

Dec 2 2007 3:28PM
Garrard to Wilford for a sizable gain. Here's what I saw previously: The Colts abandoned their cover two and got the eighth man in the box. I'll watch for that.

Dec 2 2007 3:29PM
They did it again. They went single high. Garrard should've audibled out of the play. The run lost two. Watch out for a pick here.

Dec 2 2007 3:30PM
Sack! Penalties ruined this drive. What a shame. Scobee is on from 47. It's good.

Dec 2 2007 3:32PM
I'm sure Dirk Koetter is talking to Garrard about the single-high safety. There are going to plays available in the passing game when that happens and he needs to audible into them.

Dec 2 2007 3:33PM
Bad kickoff by Scobee. The ball is returned to the Colts 37. The game is now in the hands of the defense. I have no doubt that the offense can score again. Can the defense stop the Colts from scoring again.

Dec 2 2007 3:36PM
No rush, no cover. First down for the Colts at the Jaguars 44. Manning is going after Justin Durant now.

Dec 2 2007 3:36PM
Utecht down to the 15. Durant was lost. He hesitated and that's all Manning needed.

Dec 2 2007 3:38PM
It's third and one at the five. Quick snap catches the Jaguars with 12 men on the field.

Dec 2 2007 3:40PM
The ball is at the one; first and goal. The Jaguars defense is in bad shape. The losses of personnel have caught up with the Jaguars. There are holes all over the place.

Dec 2 2007 3:42PM
Touchdown! Cheap touchdown pass for Manning; a shovel to a running back named Luke Lawton.

Dec 2 2007 3:43PM
All that rushing yardage is a waste when you don't match it with defense. It's throw, throw, throw time now.

Dec 2 2007 3:47PM
Garrard to Wilford at the Colts 33. Wilford is playing well, again.

Dec 2 2007 3:47PM
Garrard to Williams. The Colts secondary looks like Swiss cheese, too.

Dec 2 2007 3:49PM
The pass is tipped and intercepted by Antoine Bethea. It was intended for Lewis. It was forced into coverage. Garrard went 230 attempts before he was intecepted.

Dec 2 2007 3:49PM
Garrard should've been more patient. He had a first down at the Colts 17. He didn't need to force that throw.

Dec 2 2007 3:50PM
Why are the Colts throwing? Now they have to punt and they've run nearly no time off the clock.

Dec 2 2007 3:52PM
Northcutt nearly scored on the return but there's a block in the back. It's a legit block in the back call. It was ridculous; away from the ball.

Dec 2 2007 3:52PM
The Jaguars have committed eight penalties. The Colts have two.

Dec 2 2007 3:53PM
Garrard to Williams; across midfield.

Dec 2 2007 3:54PM
There are four minutes to play.

Dec 2 2007 3:55PM
Garrard to Lewis for a first down.

Dec 2 2007 3:55PM
Garrard to Matt Jones for 10 yards; the ball is at the 17.

Dec 2 2007 3:57PM
Touchdown! Garrard to Northcutt on a slant. It was a perfect throw. Except for the interception, Garrard has been fantastic today. The Jags are going for two. Garrard runs it in. He was fantastic on that drive.

Dec 2 2007 3:58PM
There is 2:47 to play. The Jaguars trail by three points. They have two times out remaining. Kick it away or onside.

Dec 2 2007 3:59PM
You have two times out and the two-minute warning. I'd kick it away. I don't like the onside-recovery odds.

Dec 2 2007 3:59PM
Scobee kicks it into the end zone. It's on the defense. They must stop the Colts right now.

Dec 2 2007 4:00PM
The Colts keep passing. They're wide open. Why not.

Dec 2 2007 4:01PM
The Jags take their second time out with 2:09 to play.

Dec 2 2007 4:03PM
Time out with 2:03 to play. That's their last time out. We'll get a play and the two-minute warning, and then a play and a full play-clock run. At the best, the Jaguars won't get the ball back until there's about 1:20 to play.

Dec 2 2007 4:04PM
Pass to Clark. He's close to the first down. It's going to be third and one at the Colts 45. We're at the two-minute warning. If the Colts convert here, it's victory formation time.

Dec 2 2007 4:05PM
First down; bye everyone. Thanks for joining me.

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