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In-game blog: Jags at Eagles

Oct 29 2006 10:40AM
(pregame) -- Hello, from The Linc. You're not going to believe this: They have soft pretzels in the press box. What a treat this is. Soft pretzels and mustard; I have missed that combination so much. I'll be back at you in a little bit.

Oct 29 2006 11:24AM
(pregame) -- It's sunny, wonderfully cool but windy in Philadelphia today. It's great football weather but probably not for punt-returners. The ball is going to get blown around today.

Oct 29 2006 11:25AM
(pregame) -- Here's the information you want. This is not official, but it appears Byron Leftwich will be the Jags' "number three" quarterback today. David Garrard is expected to be the starter. Matt Jones is likely to be active for the first time in three games.

Oct 29 2006 11:30AM
(pregame) -- This is a beautful stadium in a great city. A contingent of us took the subway to the hockey game last night. We had a great time. All of Philly's pro sports venues are lumped together in South Philly and they are all magnificent facilities. They are at the end of the line on the subway. It's a perfectly conceived plan.

Oct 29 2006 11:47AM
(pregame) -- Here are the Jaguars inactives: Leftwich (third QB), Terry Cousin, LaBrandon Toefield, Ahmad Carroll, Stockar McDougle, Chad Owens, Montavious Stanley and Marcus Stroud. Garrard is the starting QB.

Oct 29 2006 11:49AM
(pregame) -- Eagles inactives: A.J. Feeley (third QB), Ryan Moats, Dexter Wynn, Dedrick Roper, Max Jean Gilles, Pat McCoy, Winston Justice, LaJuan Ramsey.

Oct 29 2006 11:54AM
(pregame) -- Folks, it's only cool but the "Hot Seats" are out and I'm gonna keep a lookout for guys in the tuck position. I better not see any.

Oct 29 2006 12:34PM
(pregame) -- There's a reporter in the back of the press box who is fast asleep. I think he ate too many soft pretzels and cheese steaks.

Oct 29 2006 12:57PM
(pregame) -- I forgot that this is a Halloween game, which means the Eagles fans will be wearing masks. That's good because they won't be nearly as scarey.

Oct 29 2006 1:01PM
(coin toss) -- Philadelphia has won the toss and has elected to receive.

Oct 29 2006 1:06PM
(three and out) -- Donovan McNabb sacked on third down by John Henderson and Bobby McCray. Eagles are punting into the wind; out of bounds at the Eagles 48.

Oct 29 2006 1:07PM
(first down) -- Fred Taylor carries for nine yards to the Eagles 35.

Oct 29 2006 1:11PM
(first down) -- Garrard scrambles 13 yards on fourth down for a first down at the Eagles 15.

Oct 29 2006 1:12PM
(touchdown) -- Taylor up the middle nearly untouched.

Oct 29 2006 1:17PM
(stat) -- The Jaguars are 19-5 under Jack Del Rio when they score first; 10-3 when they score on the first possession.

Oct 29 2006 1:18PM
(key block) -- Derrick Wimbush threw the key block on Taylor's touchdown run.

Oct 29 2006 1:22PM
(wind a major factor) -- The Eagles punter has booted two punts about 10 feet off the ground. The Jaguars have taken advantage of the wind once and need to do it again. They have the ball at their 41.

Oct 29 2006 1:25PM
(first down) -- Garrard scrambles on third down.

Oct 29 2006 1:28PM
(punt) -- Into the end zone.

Oct 29 2006 1:31PM
(McNabb wild) -- He's one of four. His passes have been way off the mark.

Oct 29 2006 1:32PM
(three and out) -- How about pass two, run one? You don't see that combination often.

Oct 29 2006 1:35PM
(near interception) -- That one almost went the other way.

Oct 29 2006 1:36PM
(running hard) -- Taylor is running with abandon. He is on his game today.

Oct 29 2006 1:38PM
(fumble) -- Maurice Jones-Drew's third fumble in the last three quarters. The Eagles have it at their 28. That is also the end of the first quarter. The wind now belongs to the Eagles.

Oct 29 2006 1:39PM
(shutout string) -- The Jaguars have shut out their opponents in the first quarter five times this season.

Oct 29 2006 1:39PM
(quick analysis) -- Taylor is the man today. Give him the ball.

Oct 29 2006 1:41PM
(going nowhere) -- The Eagles offense is being devoured by the Jaguars defense. It's third and 12.

Oct 29 2006 1:42PM
(three and out) -- The Eagles have yet to gain a first down.

Oct 29 2006 1:45PM
(plus 14) -- Taylor has gained 65 yards.

Oct 29 2006 1:47PM
(first down) -- Garrard to Matt Jones for eight yards. The ball is at the Eagles 42.

Oct 29 2006 1:48PM
(injury update) -- Wimbush has a sprained right ankle. His return is questionable.

Oct 29 2006 1:50PM
(yardage) -- The Jaguars have outgained the Eagles, 125-9.

Oct 29 2006 1:51PM
(two drops) -- By Reggie Williams so far.

Oct 29 2006 1:52PM
(blitz) -- Pass knocked down. Jags will punt.

Oct 29 2006 1:56PM
(first down) -- That's the Eagles' first of the game.

Oct 29 2006 1:58PM
(great play) -- By Nick Greisen to stop a screen pass for a six-yard loss; third and 14.

Oct 29 2006 1:58PM
(what a run) -- By McNabb. He got the first down at the Jaguars 41.

Oct 29 2006 2:00PM
(that was close) -- McNabb with a great play fake. He threw it a shade too long in the back of the end zone.

Oct 29 2006 2:01PM
(fourth and five) -- They're going for it.

Oct 29 2006 2:02PM
(sacked) -- By Rob Meier and McCray; Jags ball at their 46.

Oct 29 2006 2:05PM
(holding) -- Taylor cut it back for a touchdown, but Mo Williams was called for holding. The ball is moved back to the Jaguars 39.

Oct 29 2006 2:06PM
(they don't know Fred) -- The Eagles defense doesn't know Taylor. They don't know how he cuts it back. They have major adjustments to make at halftime.

Oct 29 2006 2:09PM
(punt) -- Eagles have the ball on their 10 after holding on the return.

Oct 29 2006 2:11PM
(two-minute warning) -- The Eagles are facing a third-and-five. The Jaguars could get the ball back in good field position with some time left on the clock.

Oct 29 2006 2:14PM
(fourth down) -- The Jags will get it back with about 1:15 to play.

Oct 29 2006 2:15PM
(great return) -- By Pearman for 29 to the Eagles 41.

Oct 29 2006 2:16PM
(qb draw) -- That was very predictable and gained only two yards. There are 41 seconds remaining.

Oct 29 2006 2:19PM
(very lucky) -- Garrard threw on fourth down and was nearly intercepted. It would've been taken back for a touchdown. That's two of those in the first half.

Oct 29 2006 2:20PM
(dominant perfornance) -- The Jaguars played a great half of football. They dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, but they only have a 7-0 lead. That's the only cause for concern.

Oct 29 2006 2:33PM
(Taylor) -- Has 72 yards rushing on 11 carries.

Oct 29 2006 2:33PM
(Garrard) -- Is seven of 13 for 43 yards and a 60.7 passer rating.

Oct 29 2006 2:34PM
(wind) -- The Jaguars will have it at their backs in the fourth quarter.

Oct 29 2006 2:35PM
(run it, run it, run it) -- The Eagles can't stop Taylor. His first carry of the second half goes for seven.

Oct 29 2006 2:36PM
(I hate that play) -- Reggie Williams took an end around and fumbled it. He recovered his own fumble for a seven-yard loss.

Oct 29 2006 2:38PM
(punt) -- Eagles have it at their 17.

Oct 29 2006 2:41PM
(the Eagles are a mess) -- Twelve guys in the huddle.

Oct 29 2006 2:42PM
(false start) -- The fans are starting to boo.

Oct 29 2006 2:42PM
(white flag) -- Run on third down.

Oct 29 2006 2:44PM
(big drive for Jags) -- They have it at the Eagles 46. This is a big possession in this game. As badly as the Eagles are playing, the Jaguars can deliver a death blow with a touchdown here.

Oct 29 2006 2:46PM
(Taylor plus 16) -- To the Eagles 30. Taylor is over 11,000 career yards from scrimmage. That's second to Jimmy Smith.

Oct 29 2006 2:48PM
(Jags OL dominating) -- Just run the ball; second and five at 25.

Oct 29 2006 2:50PM
(first down) -- Jones-Drew gets it on fourth and one. The ball is at the Eagles 18.

Oct 29 2006 2:52PM
(sacked) -- That's gonna hurt. It moves the field goal attempt back. Scobee's gonna try from 40.

Oct 29 2006 2:53PM
(It's good) -- That kick by Scobee was into the wind.

Oct 29 2006 3:00PM
(near interception) -- McCray dropped it.

Oct 29 2006 3:04PM
(first down) -- Pass to the 33.

Oct 29 2006 3:06PM
(facemask) -- The big kind, on McCray. First down at the 14.

Oct 29 2006 3:09PM
(field goal) -- By David Akers from 25 yards.

Oct 29 2006 3:13PM
(first down) -- Jones-Drew got it. The Jags running game continues to dominate this game. That's the end of the third quarter.

Oct 29 2006 3:15PM
(opinion) -- This could turn out to be the most important quarter of the season. If the Jaguars hold onto this lead, they are back over .500 with three in a row at home. This could be the quarter that propels them toward the postseason.

Oct 29 2006 3:18PM
(first down) -- Garrard to Matt Jones to the Eagles 26.

Oct 29 2006 3:20PM
(first down) -- Hard run by Jones-Drew. First down at the 14.

Oct 29 2006 3:23PM
(field goal) -- Scobee from 27. That was a huge drive. Now it's up to the defense.

Oct 29 2006 3:24PM
(wow!) -- This would be a stunning upset. The Jaguars have shown great grit and determination. Just when everyone was ready to throw dirt on them, they played like champions.

Oct 29 2006 3:30PM
(sacked) -- By Brent Hawkins. It's fourth and nine. This is the game.

Oct 29 2006 3:30PM
(my mistake) -- The Eagles are punting. I'm surprised.

Oct 29 2006 3:34PM
(ball at their 30) -- That's where the Jags will start an important clock-killing drive.

Oct 29 2006 3:37PM
(third down) -- Big play here.

Oct 29 2006 3:38PM
(first down) -- Garrard ran for it.

Oct 29 2006 3:38PM
(turn out the lights) -- The party's over.

Oct 29 2006 3:39PM
(over 100) -- For Taylor. There's 4:30 to play.

Oct 29 2006 3:39PM
(That's all for me) -- I'm going downstairs, folks.

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