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In-game blog: Jags at Packers Senior Editor Vic Ketchman kept up with action on his live blog as the Jaguars took on the Packers at Lambeau Field. Here's what he wrote.

Aug 23 2007 5:55PM
Hi and welcome to Lambeau Field, the most perfect football stadium in the world. Everything about this place gives you the impression it was built specifically for today&39;s game. It&39;s pristine. Every nook and cranny appears to be freshly painted and the field is the most magnificent patch of green grass you will ever see. This, in my opinion, is the crowning jewel of the professional football world.

Aug 23 2007 7:01PM
These Jaguars did not make the trip: Reggie Nelson, Jeremy Mincey, Brian Smith, Clint Ingram, Pat Thomas, Jorge Cordova, Brad Meester, Chris Naeole, Paul Spicer and Tony McDaniel. Rookie Uche Nwaneri is expected to start at left guard and rookie Justin Durant will start at strongside linebacker.

Aug 23 2007 7:02PM
Sammy Knight will start at strong safety and Gerald Sensabaugh will move from strong to free safety.

Aug 23 2007 7:07PM
Quinn Gray&39;s father passed away this morning. Otis Gray, an esteemed high school football coach in Ft. Lauderdale, was 62. Gray issued the following statement minutes ago: "This is a sad day for me and my family. I will play tonight with a heavy heart but I want to play because that is what my dad would want me to do. I want to play for my dad and my family. Tell my family I love them and I&39;ll be home soon."

Aug 23 2007 7:19PM
It&39;s expected to rain during tonight&39;s game. The playing surface here is so lush that I can&39;t imagine the turf would become a problem. Temperatures are comfortable. It&39;s almost football weather. For a preseason game, this one has an edgy feel to it.

Aug 23 2007 8:03PM
It&39;s 78 degrees; humidity is 76 percent. Light showers and drizzle in the first half, dissipating in the second half. It&39;s not raining now.

Aug 23 2007 8:05PM
Green Bay won the toss and will receive. I hope you enjoy the game.

Aug 23 2007 8:09PM
Flashbulbs are popping everywhere in the stands. I don&39;t know why.

Aug 23 2007 8:10PM
Brett Favre throws for 11 yards and a first down.

Aug 23 2007 8:11PM
Reggie Hayward gets his second sack of the preseason. I never expected him to come back this fast.

Aug 23 2007 8:12PM
Favre to rookie James Jones for a first down near midfield. Jones was John Broussard&39;s teammate at San Jose State.

Aug 23 2007 8:13PM
Kenny Pettway sustained a strained quad on the opening kickoff and will not return.

Aug 23 2007 8:14PM
This place is packed; great fans.

Aug 23 2007 8:15PM
First down at the 45; Favre hit Jones.

Aug 23 2007 8:18PM
The Packers went for it on fourth and five at the Jaguars 40. Favre threw incomplete. Byron Leftwich and company have real good field position.

Aug 23 2007 8:24PM
Reggie Williams was open coming out of his break. The pass was late; incomplete.

Aug 23 2007 8:25PM
Maurice Jones-Drew with a hard run up the middle. It&39;s third and four at the Packers 32.

Aug 23 2007 8:26PM
The Jags went for it on fourth and four. Leftwich hit Jones-Drew in the hands but he dropped it.

Aug 23 2007 8:31PM
Favre to Jones for a first down, but Jones fumbled and Brian Williams recovered. If Jones had held on, he may have been off to the races.

Aug 23 2007 8:34PM
Fred Taylor runs for 10 yards to the Packers 46. Taylor has three carries for 15 yards. It&39;s good to see the running game back to normal.

Aug 23 2007 8:35PM
On third and one Jones-Drew got nothing; fourth down.

Aug 23 2007 8:37PM
That&39;s the end of the first quarter. Leftwich has completed one of four passes for nine yards. He had a drop by Jones-Drew, but he also got away with one that had pick-six potential.

Aug 23 2007 8:40PM
Jones-Drew didn&39;t get it. He ran off the left side. The Packers have it at their 37.

Aug 23 2007 8:43PM
The Jags defense looks real good. It&39;s third down.

Aug 23 2007 8:45PM
This isn&39;t the Brett Favre we had come to know. I&39;m not offering a talent evaluation, but this just isn&39;t the Favre of old.

Aug 23 2007 8:46PM
I&39;m not seeing the Favre who used to improvise; the guy who would come out of the pocket, buy time and wave his magic wand. The majic is gone. He&39;s just hanging on.

Aug 23 2007 8:47PM
Taylor for four. He&39;s the offensive star for the Jaguars so far. He looks quick and decisive. He looks like he could break one at any time.

Aug 23 2007 8:48PM
Leftwich to Dennis Northcutt along the sideline. Northcutt broke a tackle and picked up 10 more yards; gain of 20. That was Leftwich&39;s best throw of the night.

Aug 23 2007 8:48PM
Leftwich to Ernest Wilford; outstanding throw. It was crisp and on the money for 15 yards.

Aug 23 2007 8:50PM
Reggie Williams just got clobbered, but he hung on to the ball. He lost his helmet but hung on. Gain of four. Ouch! That&39;s a lot of punishment to take for a four-yard gain. I think Leftwich should&39;ve found another receiver on that play.

Aug 23 2007 8:54PM
Adam Podlesh&39;s punt goes into the end zone, after Leftwich threw incomplete for Matt Jones on third and six. Leftwich is now four of nine for 48 yards.

Aug 23 2007 8:56PM
James Wyche on the stop. He&39;s playing well; making a final-roster bid.

Aug 23 2007 8:57PM
Favre to Bubba Franks for a big gain out to midfield; 25 yards. That&39;s Favre&39;s best pass, and then he followed it with one over the middle to Donald Lee for a gain to the Jaguars 32; 20 yards.

Aug 23 2007 8:58PM
Favre over the middle to Greg Jennings for a first down at the 18; gain of 14.

Aug 23 2007 8:58PM
The Packers went into hurry-up mode and caught fire.

Aug 23 2007 9:02PM
Gerald Sensabaugh broke up a pass in the end zone for Donald Driver. It&39;s third and goal at the four; Favre throws incomplete. On comes the field goal team.

Aug 23 2007 9:03PM
The kick is good and Green Bay leads, 3-0. Favre had a receiver wide open in the end zone on third down. He&39;s just not the same guy, which is understandable. He doesn&39;t look for the big play as often as he did in his prime. He takes one look and then checks it down.

Aug 23 2007 9:08PM
Jones-Drew rushes twice and gets a first down. The Jaguars really need to score here and get Leftwich on the board. He won&39;t play much next week. He needs to get some points.

Aug 23 2007 9:10PM
Leftwich just missed deep for Northcutt. Why didn&39;t he lay out for the ball? That was a well-thrown pass.

Aug 23 2007 9:11PM
Leftwich incomplete on third down for Northcutt. I&39;m not sure if the ball was low or it was dropped. This press box is high and TV replay didn&39;t show it.

Aug 23 2007 9:13PM
The Jaguars are none for four in third-down conversion attempts. I don&39;t like what I&39;ve seen from the receivers tonight. They haven&39;t gotten open and they haven&39;t looked crisp.

Aug 23 2007 9:14PM
Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback now. He immediately hits Jones for 23 yards. Rashean Mathis gambled and missed.

Aug 23 2007 9:15PM
Rodgers to Jones again. Rodgers showed some mobility and creativity. He looks pretty good. Jones looks like a world-beater.

Aug 23 2007 9:16PM
We&39;re at the two-minute warning. The Packers have a first down at the Jaguars 26-yard line. The Packers have their first team on the field, except at quarterback. The Jaguars have their number one defense on the field.

Aug 23 2007 9:17PM
Rodgers to Jones again. Jones now has six catches for 80 yards.

Aug 23 2007 9:18PM
Rodgers looks great. Why have the Packers waited. It&39;s time to move into their future.

Aug 23 2007 9:19PM
The Jags call time out. It&39;s third and seven at the nine for the Packers; 1:05 remains.

Aug 23 2007 9:23PM
Sensabaugh has shown me something tonight. He might be the bright spot of the night, considering the focus on the safety positions.

Aug 23 2007 9:23PM
The Packers lost a review on a three-yard pass. It&39;s now third and 10 at the 12. Ho hum.

Aug 23 2007 9:24PM
Rodgers to Brandon Jackson. Missed tackles by the Jaguars. First and goal for the Packers at the one.

Aug 23 2007 9:25PM
Touchdown! Jackson plunges a yard.

Aug 23 2007 9:26PM
The Jaguars defense got soft late in the first half. They&39;ve allowed 204 yards in this half. That&39;s not Jaguars football.

Aug 23 2007 9:31PM
That&39;s the end of the half. Leftwich is four of 12 for 48 yards and a 46.5 rating. Favre is 14 of 20 for 130 yards and 87.5. Rodgers is five of seven for 71 yards and 103.9. I&39;d like to see Leftwich play into the third quarter. He needs to find some success tonight because he won&39;t get much playing time next week.

Aug 23 2007 9:44PM
Charles Sharon has disappeared tonight. That&39;s not good. Leftwich is still the quarterback at the start of the third quarter. He overthrows Northcutt deep.

Aug 23 2007 9:45PM
The first team offense is still on the field. I like that. Green Bay&39;s number two defense is in the game.

Aug 23 2007 9:47PM
Jermaine Wiggins bobbles and drops a pass. It was behind him. He got wacked and he appears to be wobbly.

Aug 23 2007 9:49PM
The Jags have to punt. Will the first team play another series? This has to be an exasperating experience for them.

Aug 23 2007 9:53PM
Derek Landri with a sack. He&39;s facing an uphill battle. That&39;ll help him.

Aug 23 2007 9:54PM
David Garrard is in the game. The Jags have it at the Packers 46.

Aug 23 2007 9:55PM
Leftwich finishes six of 16 for 67 yards and 50.8. It&39;s just a preseason game but that&39;s not what anybody wanted.

Aug 23 2007 9:56PM
Garrard to Sharon for a first down. Here we go.

Aug 23 2007 9:59PM
Garrard to Matt Jones for a first and goal at the seven; gain of 26. Garrard stepped up in the pocket to avoid the rush and found Jones after the routes broke down.

Aug 23 2007 10:01PM
Touchdown! LaBrandon Toefield goes one yard. It&39;s 10-7.

Aug 23 2007 10:11PM
Garrard to Broussard for 16. Garrard&39;s on target and he&39;s not getting a lot of time to throw.

Aug 23 2007 10:13PM
Yes, it&39;s against the Packers&39; number two defense, but there&39;s no denying what Garrard is doing. He&39;s moving the ball. That time he scrambled for 11 to the 10.

Aug 23 2007 10:15PM
Garrard got a bad snap from center; over his head. He made a very athletic play to recover it at the 25.

Aug 23 2007 10:16PM
Touchdown! Garrard to George Wrighster for 25 yards. He hit him right in stride at the goal line.

Aug 23 2007 10:20PM
Brent Hawkins gets a sack. The Jaguars have gone from down 10-0 to having taken complete control of this game. I don&39;t have to tell you what this means. As former Florida coach Ron Zook used to say, "There&39;s going to be some noise in the system this week."

Aug 23 2007 10:23PM
We&39;re in the fourth quarter now. The Jaguars have received a punt and will start a drive at their 33-yard line. Quinn Gray is in at quarterback.

Aug 23 2007 10:24PM
Garrard is six of seven for 97 yards, one touchdown and a 158.3 passer rating.

Aug 23 2007 10:25PM
Gray is sacked and fumbles. The Packers recover at the Jaguars 23.

Aug 23 2007 10:29PM
After further review, Gray&39;s arm was coming forward so it&39;s an incomplete pass. The Jags have it back at their 41.

Aug 23 2007 10:32PM
Ingle Martin is at quarterback for Green Bay. I hate to tell you this but I won&39;t be able to stay to the finish because it&39;s a long hike down to the locker room from this press box. will provide a final score and game story. I&39;ll do an updated story on the plane and I hope to have it posted before you get up to go to work.

Aug 23 2007 10:36PM
The Jags reserve defense is getting mowed down up front right now.

Aug 23 2007 10:40PM
Mike McCarthy ordered a field goal on fourth and one. The Packers trail 14-13 with 6:01 to play.

Aug 23 2007 10:45PM
The Jags have the ball at their 30, first down. They&39;re in clock-killing mode now.

Aug 23 2007 10:47PM
Gray converts on third down to Isaac Smolko; nice catch. Folks, I&39;m heading down to the locker room with 3:30 to play. Thanks for spending the evening with me.

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