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In-game blog: Jags at Texans

Oct 22 2006 9:54AM
(pregame) -- Hello, from Reliant Stadium. Byron Leftwich will be the big pregame story. He told me on Saturday that his left ankle feels better and that he expects to play. I'll keep a watch on him during pregame and I'll let you know what I see.

Oct 22 2006 11:31AM
(pregame) -- David Garrard and Quinn Gray and several other Jaguars players are on the field tossing the ball around. No Byron, yet. Here's the important news: We have roast beef in the press box instead of hot dogs.

Oct 22 2006 11:33AM
(pregame) -- The roast beef is a little dry.

Oct 22 2006 11:36AM
(pregame) -- They've opened the roof. The Texans are 8-12 when it's open and 3-13 when it's closed. That stat is from intern Nate.

Oct 22 2006 11:39AM
(pregame) -- This is "Battle Red Day." The Texans are 3-2 in their battle red; 1-1 in battle red against the Jaguars.

Oct 22 2006 11:52AM
(pregame) -- I hope to have some information on Leftwich soon. Hang in there.

Oct 22 2006 11:57AM
(pregame) -- The Jaguars' inactives do not include Leftwich: The inactives include Quinn Gray (third QB), which would indicate Leftwich will be active. The other inactives are: Matt Jones, Terry Cousin, Ahmad Carroll, Alvin Pearman, Stockar McDougle, Marcellus Wiley and Marcus Stroud.

Oct 22 2006 12:01PM
(pregame) -- At this time, the Jaguars are announcing no change in their starting lineup, which includes Leftwich at quarterback.

Oct 22 2006 12:02PM
(pregame) -- Leftwich just trotted onto the field. He's testing his left foot; moving laterally along the 30-yard line and in full pads.

Oct 22 2006 12:07PM
(pregame) -- Leftwich told me on Saturday that his left foot loosens up with time and activity. He's throwing the ball now and he's struggling to land on his left foot when he pushes off, but he appears to be improving with activity.

Oct 22 2006 12:38PM
(pregame) -- The Texans inactives are: Derrick Johnson, Glenn Earl, Ron Dayne, Brad Bedell, Derrick Lewis, Jeb Putzier, Jason Babin and Thomas Johnson.

Oct 22 2006 12:40PM
(pregame) -- Leftwich is expected to start. He threw OK in pregame but it's obvious that he's favoring the left ankle. The Jaguars would like to run the ball and limit his importance. We'll see.

Oct 22 2006 1:08PM
(coin toss) -- Houston won the toss and will receive.

Oct 22 2006 1:12PM
(first play) -- The Jaguars opened in base defense. The Texans ran for six yards.

Oct 22 2006 1:13PM
(three and out) -- Run two, pass one.

Oct 22 2006 1:15PM
(end around) -- Reggie Williams gains eight and a first down. All of a sudden, this play is starting to work.

Oct 22 2006 1:16PM
(short pass) -- To Fred Taylor and a nice run to the 50 for 19 yards.

Oct 22 2006 1:19PM
(Leftwich slips) -- Awkwardly on the turf as he was dropping to pass. The Jaguars must punt. He was stepped on one of his interior linemen.

Oct 22 2006 1:23PM
(interception nullified) -- By an illegal contact penalty. Deon Grant made the interception.

Oct 22 2006 1:26PM
(great play) -- By John Henderson in running down a screen.

Oct 22 2006 1:27PM
(pass) -- To Andre Johnson for a first down. Rashean Mathis missed the tackle and Johnson made it a 26-yard gain to the Jaguars' 44.

Oct 22 2006 1:30PM
(pass) -- To Eric Moulds for a first down at the Jaguars' 23. The Jags are in nickle but it's not working.

Oct 22 2006 1:31PM
(a lot of short stuff) -- Carr is nibbling. He's going at the Jaguars linebackers.

Oct 22 2006 1:31PM
(third and seven) -- At the Jags' 20.

Oct 22 2006 1:32PM
(bad pass) -- The receiver was wide open and Carr missed him. He was under a heavy rush.

Oct 22 2006 1:33PM
(wide right) -- Kris Brown misses from 38 yards.

Oct 22 2006 1:38PM
(wild throw) -- Leftwich had Ernest Wilford wide open and missed him. I'm suspicious of his foot.

Oct 22 2006 1:42PM
(ouch!) -- Jameel Cook is down. Montavious Stanley drilled him when he was on the ground.

Oct 22 2006 1:44PM
(two rookies) -- At linebacker right now; Clint Ingram and Brian Iwuh.

Oct 22 2006 1:44PM
(two more rookies) -- Stanley and Tony McDaniel at tackle, too.

Oct 22 2006 1:48PM
(first down) -- Carr sneaks to the Jaguars' 49.

Oct 22 2006 1:49PM
(oh, no, Donovin) -- Darius had a deflected pass go into and out of his hands. If he catches it, it's six.

Oct 22 2006 1:50PM
(Johnson is the man) -- He's the only play-maker the Texans have. He just caught a short pass over the middle and outran Mathis for a first down.

Oct 22 2006 1:51PM
(dropped) -- By Eric Moulds.

Oct 22 2006 1:52PM
(touchdown) -- To Johnson. He outjumped two Jaguars for the ball in the end zone. It was an alley-oop. He's special.

Oct 22 2006 1:53PM
(TV out) -- We lost TV reception in the press box right after Johnson's catch. That means the Jaguars coaches didn't have a chance to see a replay and decide whether or not to have Jack Del Rio challenge the call.

Oct 22 2006 1:54PM
(the drive) -- Was 13 plays, 81 yards. It is the longest of the season, play-wise, by an opponent.

Oct 22 2006 1:57PM
(yardage) -- The Texans have gained 138 yards to the Jaguars' 31 and have a seven-minute time of possession advantage.

Oct 22 2006 2:00PM
(third down) -- And eight at the Texans' 47.

Oct 22 2006 2:00PM
(he's off today) -- Leftwich throws way behind receiver. He's off his game. I have to believe it's his foot.

Oct 22 2006 2:05PM
(three and out) -- The Jaguars will get the ball back near midfield.

Oct 22 2006 2:06PM
(at their 47) -- That's where the Jaguars will start.

Oct 22 2006 2:09PM
(three and out) -- Reggie Williams dropped that ball. Leftwich has yet to complete a pass to anyone other than a running back.

Oct 22 2006 2:16PM
(first down) -- Short pass to the Jaguars' 47.

Oct 22 2006 2:17PM
(Texans strategy) -- The Texans are running a lot of naked boots, screens and dumps to quiet the pass-rush. It's working. When they go downfield, they go to Johnson, who just caught one at the Jaguars' 31.

Oct 22 2006 2:20PM
(spreading it around) -- Seven different receivers have caught passes for the Texans.

Oct 22 2006 2:22PM
(field goal) -- Brown boots it from 43 yards.

Oct 22 2006 2:27PM
(punt) -- The Jaguars threw twice from their 15, didn't make the first down and now the Texans have it near midfield with :24 to play.

Oct 22 2006 2:29PM
(halftime) -- The Jaguars trail, 10-0. They must restore order in the locker room. Will Jack Del Rio pull Leftwich or stick with him? That's the big question.

Oct 22 2006 2:43PM
(second half begins) -- Leftwich is still in at quarterback.

Oct 22 2006 2:45PM
(complete) -- To Ernest Wilford on third down for a first down at the Jaguars' 46.

Oct 22 2006 2:46PM
(long run) -- By Fred Taylor. He hit a big hole over the left side and ran hard through the secondary to the Texans' 22. That's a 32-yard gain, the Jaguars' longest rush of the season.

Oct 22 2006 2:46PM
(first and goal) -- At the 10.

Oct 22 2006 2:49PM
(interference) -- On the Texans on a third-down pass for Wilford. First and goal at the one.

Oct 22 2006 2:52PM
(touchdown) -- Maurice Jones-Drew gains the yard. That's five TDs for him, which ties Matt Jones for second place in team history among rookies.

Oct 22 2006 2:53PM
(right back in it) -- That's what that drive did for the Jaguars. The big play was Taylor's 32-yard run.

Oct 22 2006 2:57PM
(three and out) -- The Jaguars can take control of this game right here. The Texans came back out flat.

Oct 22 2006 3:01PM
(three and out) -- Run two, pass one. The Jaguars did not regain control.

Oct 22 2006 3:05PM
(three and out) -- The ball goes back to the Jaguars.

Oct 22 2006 3:12PM
(draw play) -- Taylor runs for 16 yards and a first down at the Texans' 39. Fred has 79 yards rushing.

Oct 22 2006 3:15PM
(big play) -- Third and one at the 30.

Oct 22 2006 3:16PM
(first down) -- Nice, hard run by Jones-Drew.

Oct 22 2006 3:17PM
(fumble) -- By Taylor. Texans recover at their 22.

Oct 22 2006 3:17PM
(end of third quarter) -- That fumble really hurts.

Oct 22 2006 3:22PM
(long run) -- Wali Lundy runs for 29 to the Jaguars' 15.

Oct 22 2006 3:23PM
(first and goal) -- Carr runs to the three on a bootleg. The Jaguars were so consumed by Johnson that they ignored Carr.

Oct 22 2006 3:24PM
(touchdown) -- Lundy up the middle for two yards. The Jaguars may have bit on the motion.

Oct 22 2006 3:25PM
(crunch time) -- If Leftwich has it in him, he's gotta light it up now. There's only 11:32 left in this game.

Oct 22 2006 3:29PM
(catch and fumble) -- Wilford caught it and fumbled it and the Texans have it at the Jaguars' 26.

Oct 22 2006 3:31PM
(first down) -- Lundy up the middle to the 14. The Jaguars are getting gashed right now.

Oct 22 2006 3:32PM
(touchdown) -- Carr to Owen Daniels. The Jaguars bit on the play-fake.

Oct 22 2006 3:42PM
(Deon Grant not playing) -- I have no report of an injury, but he's not playing.

Oct 22 2006 3:45PM
(dropped by Reggie) -- Williams has had no catches today. The Texans take over on downs.

Oct 22 2006 3:46PM
(first and goal) -- Lundy blows off left tackle, a gain of 27.

Oct 22 2006 3:51PM
(field goal) -- Chip shot. I'm going downstairs, folks.

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