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In-game blog: Jags at Titans

Nov 11 2007 10:59AM
Hi and welcome to the press box at LP Field. It's a beautiful day. Fall and football are in the air in Nashville. The focus of pregame attention is on David Garrard and Albert Haynesworth. Will they play today? I hope to be able to answer that question in about a half an hour, when inactives and lineups are announced.

Nov 11 2007 11:12AM
A Jaguars win would, in my opinion, make them a favorite for a wild-card berth. In fact, I'll go so far as to say if the Jaguars win, they'll make the playoffs. A Jaguars loss wouldn't be disastrous, provided Pittsburgh beats Cleveland, because the Jaguars wouldn't have lost any significant ground in the wild-card race. The extreme downside would be represented by a Jaguars loss and a Cleveland win. Should that occur, the Jaguars would fall behind Cleveland and Pittsburgh would enter the wild-card picture, too. That's the one scenario that needs to be avoided.

Nov 11 2007 11:23AM
Josh Scobee is kicking in pregame. Hmmm. Might he play? He was listed as doubtful on Friday. Maybe he's just getting in some practice time; testing his leg.

Nov 11 2007 11:47AM
Jaguars inactives: Josh Scobee, LaBrandon Toefield, Matt Jones, Aaron Glenn, Roy Manning, Brent Hawkins, Dennis Norman. David Garrard is the third quarterback. Maurice Williams will start at right guard.

Nov 11 2007 12:15PM
Titans inactives: Paul Williams, Chris Davis, Chris Brown, Kelly Herndon, Ahmard Hall, Leroy Harris, Travis LaBoy, Albert Haynesworth. Randy Starks starts at RDT in place of Haynesworth.

Nov 11 2007 12:17PM
The absence of Haynesworth is a major advantage for the Jaguars. There had to be concern that he would dominate and disrupt up front today. Though it was expected that Garrard wouldn't play, it is nonetheless a disappoinment. The Jaguars need him. They need his presence in the huddle.

Nov 11 2007 12:25PM
This one has a feeling to it.It's a big-game type of feeling. It has a November feeling. You don't have to look at the calendar to know we're in the second half of the season. The skies have that blue-gray look. If you got it, show it now.

Nov 11 2007 12:28PM
I'm heading over to the radio booth for our "Jaguars This Week Extra" segment. You're welcome to join us. I'll be back for the coin toss.

Nov 11 2007 1:06PM
Tennessee has won the toss and has elected to receive. There's a significant wind that will favor the Jaguars in the first quarter. Enjoy the game everyone.

Nov 11 2007 1:06PM
The Titans start at their 20.

Nov 11 2007 1:07PM
The Titans go right to the run; gain of five.

Nov 11 2007 1:08PM
Vince Young throws a five-yard completion for a first down on third down. That was an ugly pass but it worked.

Nov 11 2007 1:10PM
Young scrambles for five. He came down in an awkward position but no damage done. Young throws to Brandon Jones for a first down on second down.

Nov 11 2007 1:10PM
Tennessee runs the classic college spread-formation offense. They've got the QB to do it.

Nov 11 2007 1:11PM
Paul Spicer makes a big stop for a loss of four. He's ready to play; very demonstrative in post-play.

Nov 11 2007 1:13PM
The Titans have to punt but they've already established field position. That's their game. Now they turn it over to their defense to get a stop and maintain field position. The punt, however, goes into the end zone.

Nov 11 2007 1:15PM
Two runs by Fred Taylor gain nothing. It's third and 10. That's Tennessee's game.

Nov 11 2007 1:16PM
Maurice Jones-Drew gets the first down on a screen pass; strong run after the catch.

Nov 11 2007 1:17PM
Quinn Gray to Reggie Williams for 13. The Jags have already established field position in this drive. That's a win.

Nov 11 2007 1:18PM
Fred Taylor just gained 15. That's it. He's over 10,000.

Nov 11 2007 1:18PM
Congratulations, Fred. You're my second 10,000-yard back. I've enjoyed every yard.

Nov 11 2007 1:24PM
Touchdown! Two yards to Greg Jones from Gray. That caps an 80-yard touchdown drive. We had a fourth-and-one play at the Titans 33. Obviously, Jack Del Rio went for it. We were off line for awhile.

Nov 11 2007 1:26PM
Gray was five of six for 42 yards in that drive. He was outstanding. It's big. The Jaguars really needed a fast start. That puts pressure on the Titans to respond. Running teams don't like that kind of pressure. That's not their game.

Nov 11 2007 1:27PM
The Jaguars are flying to the ball. They swarm on the kickoff and stop the return man at the Titans 13.

Nov 11 2007 1:32PM
Three and out. The Vince Young phenomenon eludes me. Jones-Drew returns the punt to the Titans 42.

Nov 11 2007 1:35PM
That's the end of the first quarter. The Jaguars dominated the quarter. There's no other way to say it.

Nov 11 2007 1:37PM
Third and 12; big early play.

Nov 11 2007 1:37PM
The draw went nowhere. That's a little bit of a surrender play but it'll maintain field position.

Nov 11 2007 1:38PM
Adam Podlesh stuck it into the end zone. That's not what you want.

Nov 11 2007 1:40PM
I don't think the Titans are going to run it on the Jaguars today. They are loaded up at the line of scrimmage. They are going to make Young beat them.

Nov 11 2007 1:43PM
Young has turned wild. He really looks out of it. I wouldn't be surprised if they turn to Kerry Collins today, should this continue. Jones-Drew gets a nice block from Greg Estandia on the punt return. The Jags have it at their 47.

Nov 11 2007 1:46PM
Gray got away with a high pass. He must avoid turnovers, especially when in the lead.

Nov 11 2007 1:46PM
Gray to Marcedes Lewis for a first down at the Titans 42. Gray scrambled away from the rush. Nice play.

Nov 11 2007 1:48PM
Nick Harper nearly picked Gray's pocket. I would stay away from the out routes. The Titans saw what the Saints did.

Nov 11 2007 1:49PM
The Jaguars are doing a really nice job with motion and formation. There's a lot of deception in their passing game right now. My main concern right now is for three dangerous passes Gray has thrown on this drive.

Nov 11 2007 1:49PM
On fourth and one at the 32, Jones-Drew plows for a first down to the 29.

Nov 11 2007 1:51PM
Strong run by Taylor. He appeared to have been stopped for a loss but bounced out of that tackle to be near a first down at the 19.

Nov 11 2007 1:51PM
First down at the 16; keep pounding.

Nov 11 2007 1:55PM
Touchdown! On third and one at the seven, Jones-Drew goes straight ahead and scores standing up. Talk about having the ball shoved down your throat.

Nov 11 2007 1:55PM
This isn't a 6-2 team. Not today.

Nov 11 2007 1:57PM
The Jaguars have out-rushed the Titans 66-25. Down 14-0, the Titans will have to throw. Let's see what Young can do as a passer.

Nov 11 2007 1:57PM
The Jaguars' kickoff coverage has been extraordinary.

Nov 11 2007 1:59PM
The Jaguars have double the time of possession. That's what they want to do to their opponents.

Nov 11 2007 2:01PM
The Jaguars appear as though they have 12 in the box. They are giving Young very little respect; attacking the run on all early downs.

Nov 11 2007 2:02PM
That's as wild a pass as I've ever seen. Three and out. They're starting to boo.

Nov 11 2007 2:03PM
I never bought into that "all he does is win" stuff.

Nov 11 2007 2:05PM
The Jaguars have the ball at their 35 with three minutes to play. If they can score here ...

Nov 11 2007 2:08PM
They ran it on third and 11. Yeah, it's surrender but I like it. The Jags are in control of this game. Put it in Young's hands. I sense no belief that he can score.

Nov 11 2007 2:12PM
The Titans have it at their 24 with 1:51 to play. Young starts with a bubble screen that gains nothing. On second down, he swings it out for five. Don't you have to really throw it at some point?

Nov 11 2007 2:12PM
On third down he scrambles for a first down at the 35. Timeout, Titans. Those three plays took a minute off the clock. That's not pro quarterbacking.

Nov 11 2007 2:13PM
Rashean Mathis breaks up a deep pass. That ball hung in the air forever.

Nov 11 2007 2:15PM
The ball is at the Jaguars 36 after a couple of completions over the middle. There are 28 seconds to play.

Nov 11 2007 2:16PM
You had to see this throw to believe it; way beyond and behind his receiver.

Nov 11 2007 2:16PM
The next one was even worse. Hard booing now.

Nov 11 2007 2:19PM
I'm going to have trouble describing what just happened. I'll try at halftime. Rob Bironas is good from 37. End of the half.

Nov 11 2007 2:21PM
The Titans appeared to call time out with 12 seconds to play following a completion to the Jaguars 19. All of a sudden, referee Ed Hochuli said, "no time out, start the clock." Apparently, Jeff Fisher didn't want to take a shot at the end zone. Apparently, he was satisfied to call a time out with two seconds to play and kick a field goal. That would suggest a major lack of confidence in Young.

Nov 11 2007 2:24PM
The Browns are beating the Steelers. This is now a must-win for the Jaguars.

Nov 11 2007 2:25PM
Gray is seven of 11 for 59 yards, a touchdown and a 107.8 passer rating.

Nov 11 2007 2:30PM
When do they go to Collins? That's the only question, in my mind.

Nov 11 2007 2:33PM
No penalties by the Jaguars in the first half.

Nov 11 2007 2:34PM
I would be ultra-conservative in the second half. Run, run, punt would work.

Nov 11 2007 2:36PM
Three and out. The Titans start at their 43.

Nov 11 2007 2:39PM
Sacked; Young waltzed right into Reggie Hayward.

Nov 11 2007 2:41PM
Scramble short of the first down. It's fourth and inches at the Jaguars 47. They're going for it.

Nov 11 2007 2:42PM
Young fumbles the snap. Mike Peterson recovers. Young would've had the first down.

Nov 11 2007 2:44PM
Jones-Drew bursts into the clear for 30 yards to the Titans 24. This is the kill shot right here.

Nov 11 2007 2:46PM
The fumbled snap wasn't Young's fault. The ball never came up. The center whiffed.

Nov 11 2007 2:47PM
Vincent Fuller just flat dropped an interception. Gray threw it right to him.

Nov 11 2007 2:48PM
Are you kidding me? The Jaguars run a fake on a 43-yard field goal attempt. Podlesh is caught and stopped near the line of scrimmage. I don't get it. Carney was into the wind. Was that too far into the wind?

Nov 11 2007 2:50PM
LenDale runs hard for the first time. He gains six but leaves the field limping.

Nov 11 2007 2:50PM
You can't run against this defensive alignment. Everyone is flying up to the line at the snap.

Nov 11 2007 2:51PM
Intercepted by Mike Peterson on the tip. It was a terrible pass into a congested area. It's on Fisher now. When do you pull him?

Nov 11 2007 2:52PM
Pass interference against the Titans. First down at the 13.

Nov 11 2007 2:53PM
Touchdown! Taylor plows in from the five.

Nov 11 2007 2:55PM
If this holds, and I have no reason to believe it won't, this will be one of the biggest wins in Jack Del Rio's career. The Jaguars will take a major step toward the playoffs on a field where they lost a playoff berth last year.

Nov 11 2007 2:57PM
He's sticking with Young.

Nov 11 2007 3:00PM
Young has them on the move. The Jags have all of a sudden gone soft in the secondary. It's not a prevent but it's soft coverage.

Nov 11 2007 3:01PM
Sammy Knight breaks up a pass. Young didn't have the arm to get it there on time.

Nov 11 2007 3:02PM
He scrambles nowhere on third and long. He had nowhere to go. Why wouldn't he stop and throw?

Nov 11 2007 3:02PM
Bironas good from 49 with 4:44 to play in the third quarter. There's a lot of time.

Nov 11 2007 3:06PM
Third and two; big play.

Nov 11 2007 3:07PM
Incomplete. Gray was very lucky. Kyle Vanden Bosch knocked it down but he could've caught it and run for a touchdown. Following the punt, the Titans have the ball at their 33.

Nov 11 2007 3:08PM
The Jaguars are in pass-defense mode now; four-man front and the linebackers are dropping. They're in dime.

Nov 11 2007 3:09PM
The Titans are at the Jaguars 43, first down.

Nov 11 2007 3:11PM
What a terrible pass. The guy was wide open. The Titans have to go for it on fourth and four.

Nov 11 2007 3:12PM
That's Young's best pass of the day; sharp throw on a curl. First down at the Jaguars 21.

Nov 11 2007 3:13PM
Derek Landri on the stop on a second-down run. The Jaguars defensive line has been fantastic. That's the end of the third quarter.

Nov 11 2007 3:16PM
Touchdown! Young to Justin Gage.

Nov 11 2007 3:18PM
It was 28 yards. Gage got hit and bobbled the ball straight up in the air and then caught it while lying on his back. Del Rio stood on the sideline with a red coach's challenge flag in his hand, then decided not to throw it. The replay made it appear to have been a catch.

Nov 11 2007 3:19PM
Bad return by Jones-Drew. He didn't run. The ball is at the 16. The offense has to move it out.

Nov 11 2007 3:20PM
There's no reason for giving up all those passing yards. There are seven guys in the passing lanes. Play the ball in the air.

Nov 11 2007 3:22PM
Nearly intercepted. They're ruling that it hit the ground. Bad pass by Gray. No challenge.

Nov 11 2007 3:22PM
Big run by Jones-Drew off the right side. He gets the first down. That's huge.

Nov 11 2007 3:23PM
Haynesworth is urging his defense on from the sideline. Jones-Drew is stopped cold at the line. These are the most tense moments of the game, right now.

Nov 11 2007 3:24PM
The end around to Dennis Northcutt worked, but it's holding on Khalif Barnes. I think that's the first end around I've seen work since my hair turned gray.

Nov 11 2007 3:26PM
Gray to Ernest Wilford but it's a yard shy of the first down. You have to punt. They are.

Nov 11 2007 3:26PM
Great punt by Podlesh. The Titans have it at their 19. John Broussard has a sprained ankle.

Nov 11 2007 3:29PM
Hayward sacks Young, who had to recover his fumble. The ball is at the four. It's third and 16.

Nov 11 2007 3:31PM
Incomplete, well short of the first down. The Jags will get good field position. Kill some clock and get a field goal. That'll work. Bad punt; out at the Titans 47.

Nov 11 2007 3:35PM
Fourth and two, going for it. Time out Jaguars. The ball is at the Titans 39. I'm a conservative guy. I would punt.

Nov 11 2007 3:36PM
Gray to Northcutt; first down. That's a gutsy call by Del Rio.

Nov 11 2007 3:38PM
We're down to 7:30. It's third and three. Carney is downwind.

Nov 11 2007 3:38PM
Swing pass to Jones-Drew; first down. Gray has a nice touch on swing passes.

Nov 11 2007 3:39PM
This is an impressive drive. They're doing it at crunch time. Gray is making major strides forward as an NFL quarterback.

Nov 11 2007 3:42PM
On a naked boot, Gray takes it to the three-yard line.

Nov 11 2007 3:44PM
Touchdown! Greg Jones up the middle untouched. The middle of the Titans defense has been soft today without Haynesworth.

Nov 11 2007 3:46PM
There's 4:40 to play. Just one stop is needed.

Nov 11 2007 3:48PM
Personal foul on Mike Peterson on a Young slide. The ball is at the Jaguars 30 with 3:44 to play.

Nov 11 2007 3:50PM
Fourth down, incomplete. That'll do it. Thanks for spending the afternoon with me.

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