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In-game blog: Jags vs. Bills

Nov 25 2007 11:00AM
Hi and welcome to the press box at "The Jack." Skies are cloudy and the weather forecast says we might get some rain. Temperatures are mild. Today's game is blacked out to local TV, so I'll try to paint a picture for you. Welcome aboard. I'm looking forward to a good game.

Nov 25 2007 11:56AM
Jaguars inactives: John Broussard, LaBrandon Toefield, Rashean Mathis, Lamont Thompson, Mike Peterson, Richard Collier, Tutan Reyes and Bobby McCray.

Nov 25 2007 11:58AM
Bills inactives: Gibran Hamdan (third QB), Marshawn Lynch, Jerametrius Butler, Tim Massaquoi, Christian Gaddis, Ryan Neufeld, Copeland Bryan, Jason Jefferson.

Nov 25 2007 12:02PM
Cornerback Rashean Mathis' streak of consecutive starts ends today at 74. It ranks second in team history to Brad Meester, 92. Mathis, of course, is inactive with a groin strain. Aaron Glenn will start in Mathis' place.

Nov 25 2007 1:04PM
Buffalo won the toss and will receive. I hope you enjoy the game.

Nov 25 2007 1:06PM
The wind is from the northeast at 10 mph. The Jaguars are downwind in the first quarter. Josh Scobee's kickoff goes out of bounds. The Bills start at their 40. I wonder if that was intentional.

Nov 25 2007 1:08PM
Three and out. Daryl Smith is at middle linebacker and Justin Durant is at weakside. Dennis Northcutt makes a fair catch at the Jaguars 14.

Nov 25 2007 1:09PM
David Garrard to Northcutt for 16 yards and a first down. Good start.

Nov 25 2007 1:11PM
Garrard to George Wrighster for a first down at the Jaguars 40. The Bills are playing three-deep with eight in the box.

Nov 25 2007 1:12PM
The Bills used this same defensive strategy last year against the Jaguars, unsuccessfully. It's a bend-but-don't-break strategy bent on stopping the run, giving the short pass and allowing nothing deep. It's classic Dick Jauron defense.

Nov 25 2007 1:14PM
The Bills just made a big goof. They had 12 men on the field for a punt. It gives the Jaguars a first down at the 50.

Nov 25 2007 1:16PM
Touchdown! Fred Taylor goes 50 yards. He blew right by them. The Bills don't look right. They look flat.

Nov 25 2007 1:18PM
Cincinnati is leading Tennessee, 7-0. That's one of two games I'm going to watch closely. The other one is Houston at Cleveland.

Nov 25 2007 1:20PM
If you can't stop the run with three deep and eight in the box, forget about it.

Nov 25 2007 1:24PM
Terry Cousin nearly had a pick six. I don't wanna say this one is going to be easy, but by halftime I might be inclined to say that.

Nov 25 2007 1:30PM
The Jaguars have gone no-huddle. I think they sense that the Bills are flat. They just jumped offside. The Jaguars are second-and-five at the Bills 46.

Nov 25 2007 1:31PM
Ernest Wilford made a beautiful toe-tapping catch for a first down at the Bills 35.

Nov 25 2007 1:32PM
Garrard side-armed a pass to Taylor to avoid being sacked. Garrard appears to be on his game, again.

Nov 25 2007 1:33PM
Scobee is good from 46 on fourth and two. The Jaguars look very good in all phases.

Nov 25 2007 1:34PM
The Jaguars have 115 total yards to the Bills' 21. The Jaguars are clearly the more energetic team, too.

Nov 25 2007 1:36PM
The Bills just loss kickoff-return star Terrence McGee to a knee injury. He was tackled by Chad Nkang. This one could get ugly.

Nov 25 2007 1:37PM
Houston is leading Cleveland, 7-0. A Houston win would be very good for the Jaguars.

Nov 25 2007 1:40PM
That's the end of the first quarter. I don't wanna keep dumping on the Bills, but they look asleep.

Nov 25 2007 1:43PM
Sammy Knight intercepts JP Losman. He read his eyes; stepped in front of the receiver and caught the ball in stride. He returned it from the Bills 42 to the 27.

Nov 25 2007 1:43PM
Remind me to talk about something that just happened.

Nov 25 2007 1:45PM
Garrard to Marcedes Lewis for a first down at the Bills 17. It's anything they want.

Nov 25 2007 1:46PM
Garrard to Matt Jones to the eight.

Nov 25 2007 1:48PM
We're in a timeout so here's what happened. Bills defensive back Jabari Greer hit Wilford just after Wilford was unable to catch a pass at the goal line. It was a significant strike but there was no penalty. Why? Because Greer was on his feet with his head up. It's a classic example of what the league will allow.

Nov 25 2007 1:49PM
They are keying on Maurice Jones-Drew. He has four carries for minus nine yards. Scobee is on for a 33-yard attempt. It's good.

Nov 25 2007 1:54PM
Houston and Cleveland are tied, 7-7.

Nov 25 2007 1:56PM
DC Mike Smith has a good book on these guys. He knows their tendencies and the Jaguars are jumping the play.

Nov 25 2007 1:58PM
The Bills may have found something that works. They're swinging the ball out to their backs successfully. They've crossed midfield.

Nov 25 2007 1:59PM
Losman to Josh Reed for 21. Fred Jackson runs for eight on the next play to the Jaguars 11.

Nov 25 2007 2:00PM
Offside gives the Bills a first down.

Nov 25 2007 2:01PM
Touchdown! Losman to Anthony Thomas in the flat. He made Justin Durant miss. It's a 10-yard completion.

Nov 25 2007 2:03PM
Jack Del Rio had the red flag in his hand but didn't throw it. He was considering challenging the ruling of touchdown; that Thomas may have been down at the one. It would've still been a first down. I think he scored. It was smart not to challenge the call.

Nov 25 2007 2:06PM
Taylor's running hard. It's second and three at the Jaguars 40.

Nov 25 2007 2:07PM
Jauron is challenging a catch by Greg Estandia at the Bills 36. I'll take a look.

Nov 25 2007 2:09PM
You can see he lost control of the ball. The problem is you can't see it hit the ground. This may stand.

Nov 25 2007 2:09PM
Their ruling no catch. I don't think it was. It'll be third down.

Nov 25 2007 2:10PM
Jauron doesn't get credit for that challenge. One of his defensive backs implored his coach to challenge as the Jaguars were rushing to the line.

Nov 25 2007 2:11PM
Garrard swings it out to Jones-Drew for a first down at the 50.

Nov 25 2007 2:13PM
Incomplete on third and one. They're going for it.

Nov 25 2007 2:14PM
I would rather have seen a run on third down. There's an element of risk with this fourth and one. If you miss, you allow them a chance to take the lead or cut into the lead before halftime. Del Rio's been strong in these situations.

Nov 25 2007 2:14PM
Jones-Drew loses six. It's Bills ball at their 47. Ouch!

Nov 25 2007 2:16PM
It's third and one. Big play.

Nov 25 2007 2:17PM
We're at the two-minute warning. The ball is at the Jaguars 44. The Bills were going nowhere in this game until Losman started swinging it to his backs. They were throwing to the side opposite the tight end, which meant they were going after Durant.

Nov 25 2007 2:20PM
Wow! Losman apparently has fumbled and the Jags recovered. He was in the pile forever. Then Jamal Fudge came out with it. It's going to stand. The ball is at the Bills 41. It's being reviewed but I don't know how you can overrule if there was no whistle. This one is going to stand.

Nov 25 2007 2:22PM
I just saw it. The officials should've blown it dead. He was shy of the first down. Forward progress had been stopped.

Nov 25 2007 2:25PM
The ruling on the field stands. There was no way it couldn't stand. It's all about the whistle. Fudge, however, is being ruled down at the Jaguars 45. The referee is Pete Morelli, he of Browns-Ravens fame. He's having a very bad couple of weeks.

Nov 25 2007 2:25PM
They botched this one badly and the Jaguars are going to benefit.

Nov 25 2007 2:26PM
Taylor carries for 11 for a first down at the Bills 44. Chris Kelsay is down.

Nov 25 2007 2:27PM
Cleveland is up on Houston, 14-10. Cincinnati leads Tennessee, 14-6.

Nov 25 2007 2:28PM
Garrard to Lewis for a first down at the 34. Lots of time left.

Nov 25 2007 2:29PM
Taylor to the 14.

Nov 25 2007 2:29PM
Garrard faked the spike and ran to the nine. There are 18 seconds to play.

Nov 25 2007 2:33PM
Scobee's on. It's good from 22.

Nov 25 2007 2:35PM
We're a squib kick away from halftime. The QB sneak fumble by the Bills was a killer for them. I don't understand the thinking. They were in a tight formation with a single offset back. They were telegraphing the sneak. We're at halftime.

Nov 25 2007 2:51PM
Cincinnati is clobbering Tennessee, 21-6. I'm not even sure it should classify as an upset.

Nov 25 2007 2:51PM
Wilford is having a great day. He just made a one-hand catch of a ball behind him at the sideline. First down at the Jaguars 40.

Nov 25 2007 2:53PM
Kelsay, ankle, will not return. Garrard to Northcutt for a first down at the Buffalo 45. The Jaguars are back in high gear.

Nov 25 2007 2:53PM
Wrighster is down. He got hurt at the sideline after making a catch. It's a knee.

Nov 25 2007 2:57PM
Man, Jones-Drew can't get a yard. He's at six carries for minus 17.

Nov 25 2007 2:57PM
Lewis dropped a perfect pass from Garrard. He made it look too hard.

Nov 25 2007 2:58PM
Garrard to Northcutt. What a strike! The ball is at the 12.

Nov 25 2007 2:58PM
He still hasn't been intercepted. The guy is an amazing story.

Nov 25 2007 3:00PM
Cleveland is starting to take control of its game. Cincinnati is in a blowout now, 28-6. The Titans are going bye-bye.

Nov 25 2007 3:03PM
On fourth and two, the Jags are gonna kick. Smart decision. Scobee is good from 23.

Nov 25 2007 3:06PM
The Jaguars kickoff coverage has been fantastic. The Bills start at their 13. Scobee kicked a whirly bird.

Nov 25 2007 3:06PM
Tickets distributed, 64,506.

Nov 25 2007 3:11PM
Paul Spicer went low in sacking Losman and Losman limped off. I'll watch their sideline.

Nov 25 2007 3:12PM
Buffalo got a fumble on a punt. It hit a Jaguars blocker. The ball is at the Jaguars 46.

Nov 25 2007 3:13PM
Del Rio is challenging. He's challenging the ruling that a Jaguars player touched the ball.

Nov 25 2007 3:14PM
You lose sight of the ball when it was alleged to have struck Nkang. I don't know how you could reverse this.

Nov 25 2007 3:15PM
The ruling stands. Morelli said it touched Nkang. I think I saw that on the replay, too.

Nov 25 2007 3:16PM
Losman is back in the game.

Nov 25 2007 3:17PM
Bad throw by Losman. I think the knee is bothering him. He got nothing on that throw.

Nov 25 2007 3:17PM
The guy's tough. He scrambled, I mean limped, for a first down.

Nov 25 2007 3:20PM
Daryl Smith makes a big stop on third and two. It's fourth and one at the Jaguars 25.

Nov 25 2007 3:21PM
Jackson gets it. Big second effort. He was originally stopped short. They're measuring but I think he has it.

Nov 25 2007 3:22PM
Touchdown! Roscoe Parrish on an end around. He blew by everyone.

Nov 25 2007 3:22PM
Where were the safeties on that end around?

Nov 25 2007 3:26PM
This is classic Bills. They can't beat you so they wait for you to beat yourself.

Nov 25 2007 3:27PM
The kickoff is out of bounds. The ball is at the 45 because they had already been flagged for offside.

Nov 25 2007 3:28PM
If they hadn't gone offside on the first kickoff, the ball is at the 13 and the Jaguars have problems. What a goof by the Bills coverage guy.

Nov 25 2007 3:29PM
What a catch by Wilford on third and 10. It was a leaping grab. That was real, real big at a real big time of the game.

Nov 25 2007 3:30PM
Garrard to Lewis at the Bills 10. This is a critical drive as the third quarter comes to an end. Yeah, get the touchdown, but the Jags have to make sure they don't turn it over. A field goal would give the Jags a two-possession lead.

Nov 25 2007 3:33PM
Garrard to Lewis at the two. Third and one.

Nov 25 2007 3:35PM
What was that? They went for the alley-oop to Jones. Come on. Scobee's on for 21 yards. It's good. I guess that's all they needed but I think they should've just run it.

Nov 25 2007 3:36PM
I'm in error. It's not a two-possession game. The Bills can still tie with a touchdown and two-point conversions. My mistake.

Nov 25 2007 3:37PM
Nice kickoff coverage by Reggie Nelson. The ball is at the Bills 17.

Nov 25 2007 3:40PM
Play of the game coming up. It's third and seven.

Nov 25 2007 3:41PM
It's gonna be close. They'll measure.

Nov 25 2007 3:42PM
By the nose of the ball. First down.

Nov 25 2007 3:42PM
Losman's got a nice arm. He's not without talent.

Nov 25 2007 3:43PM
Losman was being sacked when he shoveled it forward for 19 yards.

Nov 25 2007 3:44PM
The Bills are starting to run the ball a little bit. It's second and five at the Jaguars 37.

Nov 25 2007 3:45PM
It's third and seven. False start.

Nov 25 2007 3:46PM
Losman to Josh Reed for a first down, maybe. They're measuring. He's got it.

Nov 25 2007 3:47PM
Durant intercepts. That's a game-winning play.

Nov 25 2007 3:48PM
Durant was standing right there. I don't know how Losman could've missed him. He threw it right to him.

Nov 25 2007 3:52PM
Run, pass, pass and now the punt.

Nov 25 2007 3:52PM
Parrish returns the punt to the Bills 34. He was close to breaking it. He's a thrilling player.

Nov 25 2007 3:53PM
The Jaguars drive was 1:09. That's not what you want.

Nov 25 2007 3:55PM
Durant is missing too many tackles in the flat.

Nov 25 2007 3:55PM
Thomas up the middle for a first down at the Bills 47. There's 5:40 left. This is it.

Nov 25 2007 3:56PM
Aaron Glenn defends the deep ball. Nice job.

Nov 25 2007 3:56PM
Third and 10. Another big play of the game.

Nov 25 2007 3:58PM
Punt time. There is 5:10 left. The Jags need to run the ball and kill time.

Nov 25 2007 3:58PM
Terrible punt; out of bounds at the Jaguars 27.

Nov 25 2007 3:59PM
Taylor runs for a first down. There you go.

Nov 25 2007 4:00PM
Taylor is over 100 for the first time this season. The Jaguars are taking control with the run now. The clock is down to 3:40. This is how it's to be done.

Nov 25 2007 4:01PM
Touchdown! Garrard hit Reggie Williams with a perfect strike over the middle and Williams did the rest. The Bills were drawn up for the run. I'm outta here.

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