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In-game blog: Jags vs. Bills Senior Editor Vic Ketchman followed the action live as the Jaguars took on the Bills. Here's what he wrote.

9/14/08 at 10:11

Hi, everybody, and welcome to the press box at "The Jack." Today's game against the Buffalo Bills may become the "warmest game" in Jaguars history. Temperatures are expected to soar into the 90's; the official temperature, however, will be the temperature at kickoff. The record is 88 degrees, shared by the week-two game last year against visiting Atlanta, the 1998 season-opener in Chicago and a 9-20-98 game in Tennessee. The Jaguars won all three of those games.

9/14/08 at 10:50

The Jaguars will wear teal jerseys today, allowing the Bills to wear white, which will test the white in the heat theory. I'll keep a close watch on the fatigue factor for both teams.

9/14/08 at 11:48

I just did some radio outside and it is incredibly hot. These players are going to struggle today and the importance of these two teams' training staffs can't be overrated.

9/14/08 at 11:56

Jaguars inactives are: Scott Starks, Chauncey Washington, Thomas Williams, Brad Meester, Todd Wade, Jimmy Kennedy, Jerry Porter (third quarterback), Troy Williamson.

9/14/08 at 11:59

Milford Brown will start at right guard in place of Tutan Reyes. Brown is 6-5, 330. I hope he's been working out. Good luck, Milford.

9/14/08 at 12:03

The Jaguars and Bills have 15 new starters combined since the last time they met, in week 12 of last season. The Jaguars have seven new starters.

9/14/08 at 12:25

I'm heading over to the radio booth for the "Jaguars This Week Extra" segment of the pregame show. I'll be back for the coin toss.

9/14/08 at 12:59

The Jaguars won the toss and deferred. The Bills will receive the opening kickoff. The temperature is 87 degrees.This is not the warmest game in Jaguars history.

9/14/08 at 1:00

Nice high, long kickoff. Terrence McGee returns to the Bills 18. Enjoy the game, everyone.

9/14/08 at 1:01

Right away Trent Edwards throws a dart to Lee Evans for 18 yards. He cut underneath Rashean Mathis.

9/14/08 at 1:03

Edwards to Evans for a first down at the Jaguars' 47. Edwards is three for three.

9/14/08 at 1:04

The Bills just went five wide; short throw for gain of eight. They're upping the tempo.

9/14/08 at 1:05

The Bills have a first down at the Jaguars' 37-yard line. Edwards throws a beautiful ball. He has a real strong arm for a third-round pick.

9/14/08 at 1:06

Drayton Florence jumped offside on first down. This is not a good start.

9/14/08 at 1:07

Marshawn Lynch runs off right tackle for a gain of nine and a first down. They're picking on Derrick Harvey.

9/14/08 at 1:08

Reggie Hayward came into the game and the Jaguars got a three-yard tackle for a loss.

9/14/08 at 1:09

First down on third and seven; Edwards dumped it to Fred Jackson for a gain of nine.

9/14/08 at 1:10

Touchdown! Lynch roars up the middle for 11 yards. The drive went 82 yards in 11 plays. Edwards was six for six for 53 yards. There was no pressure on him.

9/14/08 at 1:13

Brian Witherspoon returned the kickoff to the Jaguars' 25.

9/14/08 at 1:15

Edwards is the difference. If he is what I saw in the first drive, the Bills are a playoff contender.

9/14/08 at 1:18

Sack; blitz off the blindside edge on third and long. The Bills pressured the line of scrimmage in that three and out by the Jags. It's punt time. Block in the back saved a long return.

9/14/08 at 1:19

Roscoe Parrish came close to taking it back all the way. This is a horrible start. The defense needs to get a stop right now and turn the tide of this game.

9/14/08 at 1:19

The Bills have picked up right where the Titans, Patriots and Steelers left off. They're selling out to stop the run.

9/14/08 at 1:20

Holding against the Bills will push them back to their 15-yard line. Opportunity is knocking for the Jaguars.

9/14/08 at 1:21

Rob Meier gets the sack. It's second and 30 from the Bills' six.

9/14/08 at 1:22

Watch the "punt" to Evans on third down.

9/14/08 at 1:23

The Bills "surrender" with a draw play. Witherspoon is standing at his 35.

9/14/08 at 1:24

Minor return but the Bills are getting flagged for a late hit. The ball is going to be across midfield.

9/14/08 at 1:25

Offsetting penalties leave the ball where it is, the Jaguars' 44.

9/14/08 at 1:28

David Garrard rolls out and completes a pass to Dennis Northcutt for a first down at the Bills' 42.

9/14/08 at 1:30

Garrard sneaks for a first down at the Bills 32. This is a big, big drive.

9/14/08 at 1:31

Dump screen to Maurice Jones-Drew goes for 15 to the Bills' 16.

9/14/08 at 1:32

That's the end of the first quarter. I already see signs of fatigue in the Bills. They're not playing as fast or as energetically.

9/14/08 at 1:33

The Bills are walking awfully slow downfield. Helmets are off and heads are down.

9/14/08 at 1:36

Clang! Garrard's pass for Matt Jones incomplete. Josh Scobee from 28 yards is good.

9/14/08 at 1:37

The Jaguars keep going to Matt Jones in the red zone and I don't get it. His batting average isn't good. Throw it to someone else.

9/14/08 at 1:38

I like the play-calling in that drive. There was nothing wrong with the play-calling.

9/14/08 at 1:39

McGee returns the kickoff to the 20. Let's see if the Bills stay aggressive.

9/14/08 at 1:41

Derek Landri is in the game.

9/14/08 at 1:41

Lynch is a quick, darting runner. He gained four on first down.

9/14/08 at 1:42

Big third and one right here.

9/14/08 at 1:46

Big gainer on third one; they throw it. Jackson catches a short out and goes 33 yards to the Jaguars' 38. Justin Durant missed the tackle.

9/14/08 at 1:47

Lynch moves the pile, too. It's third and five.

9/14/08 at 1:47

Edwards to Josh Reed to the Jaguars' 17. The gain is 16. No pressure.

9/14/08 at 1:48

Edwards is now 10 of 10.

9/14/08 at 1:49

Lynch rips up the middle; first and goal at the seven.

9/14/08 at 1:49

Lynch to the four on first down. The Jaguars must get a stop here.

9/14/08 at 1:52

The Jaguars hold on third down. It's kick time. Rian Lindell is good from 21 yards.

9/14/08 at 1:53

The Bills have a 151-39 total yards difference in this game. Time of possession is 16:34 to 7:05. That can't be good for the Jaguars defense on a hot day.

9/14/08 at 1:55

After holding on the return, the Jaguars will start at their 22. They need a long, sustained drive to give their defense a rest. A three and out could be disastrous.

9/14/08 at 1:57

The temperature is 88 degrees and the heat index is 93.

9/14/08 at 1:58

The run is going nowhere. Two carries by Fred Taylor net a gain of two yards.

9/14/08 at 1:59

Garrard scrambles and powers for the first down. That is big, big, big.

9/14/08 at 1:59

Garrard to Northcutt for 13. That's a strong throw across the field.

9/14/08 at 2:01

Milford Brown got away with the most obvious hold I have ever seen. He was tackling his guy from behind.

9/14/08 at 2:01

We're in a time out. There are signs on fatigue on both sides.

9/14/08 at 2:02

The Bills are leaving their defensive backs in single coverage everywhere. It's third down.

9/14/08 at 2:04

Dropped by Marcedes Lewis. Uche Nwaneri came out of the game limping after second down. He was replaced by Tutan Reyes. The punt goes into the end zone.

9/14/08 at 2:05

Lynch is holding well in the heat and humidity. He still has a lot of bounce in his step.

9/14/08 at 2:05

The Jaguars are playing a lot of cover two out of respect for Evans and Parrish. Cover two, of course, invites the run. It's third and four. We're at the two-minute warning.

9/14/08 at 2:08

Edwards finally throws incomplete. It was nearly intercepted. Jones-Drew is back to return the punt.

9/14/08 at 2:09

The return is to the Jaguars' 38. There is 1:43 to play. The Jags can tie the game.

9/14/08 at 2:10

Two completions have the ball at the Bills 41.

9/14/08 at 2:11

To Lewis for a first down; time out by the Jags. There are 49 seconds to play. If the Jags can tie the game or even pull to within four points, it would be a major victory.

9/14/08 at 2:13

Garrard scrambles to the 16. Time out by the Jags with 14 seconds to play. That's the Jaguars' last time out. You gotta be careful here. No sacks, nothing in bounds.

9/14/08 at 2:14

Intercepted by McGee. That's a terrible throw. It was for Mike Walker, who wasn't anything close to open. McGee just cut inside him. More on that later.

9/14/08 at 2:14

Garrard has now thrown eight interceptions in the last six games. All of a sudden, throwing interceptions is a big problem. I can't imagine what he saw.

9/14/08 at 2:17

Garrard is nine of 15 for 94 yards, an interception and a 50.4 rating. Edwards is 10 of 12 for 114 yards and a 106.2 rating. On the replay, it appears that Marcus Stroud changed the trajectory of the pass for Walker. It appears that it was supposed to be a fade.

9/14/08 at 2:18

Garrard is the leading rusher for the Jags with 20 yards. Taylor has seven and Jones-Drew has yet to carry the ball. The rushing woes that began against Pittsburgh in the playoffs continue.

9/14/08 at 2:21

I'm not buyin' that Stroud deflection, fade pass stuff. The throw looked flat to me.

9/14/08 at 2:30

The Jags start the second half at their 26. The Bills had to re-kick because of an offsides penalty.

9/14/08 at 2:32

Fred runs twice for a first down; that's encouraging. Coaches always say the first drive of the third quarter is the biggest one of the game.

9/14/08 at 2:33

Jones-Drew's first carry of the game gains nothing; third and one.

9/14/08 at 2:33

Pass on third and one? These aren't the Jaguars I know. It's incomplete. They're going for it.

9/14/08 at 2:34

Jones-Drew gets the first down and there's a facemask on top of it. That's the Jaguars team I know.

9/14/08 at 2:34

His helmet was on backwards.

9/14/08 at 2:36

That fourth and one was gutsy. It was the game if the Jags missed.

9/14/08 at 2:39

Garrard to Williams at the five. First and goal.

9/14/08 at 2:40

Touchdown! Jones-Drew goes up the middle twice. The Bills have dominated the action in this game but now it's tied. That has to be demoralizing.

9/14/08 at 2:43

Jags recover onside kick. It was a dribbler. Hold on. They're conferencing.

9/14/08 at 2:44

Jags recover onside kick. It was a dribbler.

9/14/08 at 2:45

The Bills are gassed. They didn't show up for the start of the second half. Just like the Seahawks in 2005. The Jags are tearing through them.

9/14/08 at 2:46

It's third and six at the Bills' 32.

9/14/08 at 2:47

Garrard scrambles and is tackled short of the sticks. Scobee is on for a 50-yarder. It's good.

9/14/08 at 2:49

Durant has a leg strain; will not return.

9/14/08 at 2:50

The Bills will start at their 21. The Jags are winning special teams.

9/14/08 at 2:53

Bills' first snap of the second half doesn't come until 6:00 is left, but it's a pass that gains 26.

9/14/08 at 2:56

Bills get it but there's a penalty. It's holding against the Jags; first down anyhow. The ball is at the 40. It was third and two and Edwards threw a swing pass; took the penalty, no play.

9/14/08 at 2:59

Quentin Groves forces the fumble. Jags recover and advance the ball to the Bills' 38.

9/14/08 at 3:00

The Bills are challenging the call. They're claiming the quarterback's arm came forward. It's close but I don't think the call is going to be reversed.

9/14/08 at 3:01

The ruling stands. It was an empty hand.

9/14/08 at 3:03

Garrard to Jones for eight; third and one from the 27.

9/14/08 at 3:04

The analysis is real simple. The Bills are wilting in the heat and the Jaguars are surging.

9/14/08 at 3:05

Jones-Drew didn't get it. He's limping, too. Fourth down; they're going for it.

9/14/08 at 3:05

Garrard sneaks for the first down.

9/14/08 at 3:06

Jones one-hands it. Second down.

9/14/08 at 3:07

Holding on second down; that hurts. The ball goes back to the 35, which is the far extreme of reasonable field goal range.

9/14/08 at 3:08

Garrard scrambles; what a run. He gains nine. It's third and 11. He is a powerful runner.

9/14/08 at 3:08

That's the end of the thid quarter.

9/14/08 at 3:11

Pass short of the first down. It's fourth down. Scobee is on. It's a 39-yard attempt. It's good.

9/14/08 at 3:15

Jones-Drew has an ankle sprain; will return.

9/14/08 at 3:16

Edwards throws short for a first down. He hasn't gone deep once today.

9/14/08 at 3:17

Lynch runs for a first down. The ball is at the Bills' 48-yard line.

9/14/08 at 3:18

It's third and eight. The Jaguars are playing cover two exclusively now.

9/14/08 at 3:19

It's fourth down at midfield. The Jags will get the ball back with fewer than 11 minutes to play.

9/14/08 at 3:20

Northcutt fair catches the punt at the Jags' 11. If the Jags move the ball and don't turn it over, they'll win. This is the game-clinching drive, in my opinion.

9/14/08 at 3:22

Garrard is playing very well now. His throws are right on target and he's throwing on rhythm.

9/14/08 at 3:24

Punt time. The throw was short of the sticks again. What's with that?

9/14/08 at 3:25

Good punt coverage. The Bills start at their 26 with eight minutes to play. It's disappointing that the Jags couldn't hold the ball longer in that possession.

9/14/08 at 3:28

Edwards to Parrish for a first down. The Jags are giving the underneath stuff.

9/14/08 at 3:29

It's third and one.

9/14/08 at 3:30

Got it easily. The Bills caught the Jags in a bad front. There was a big hole up the middle.

9/14/08 at 3:31

The Bills are running, which means this is likely to be their last-chance drive.

9/14/08 at 3:31

Third and six. This could be it.

9/14/08 at 3:32

The bomb to Evans. I've been waiting for it. Gain of 37 and first and goal at the Jaguars' seven-yard line.

9/14/08 at 3:33

Touchdown! Edwards to James Hardy. It was a fantastic throw. Nine plays, 74 yards.

9/14/08 at 3:33

Jack Del Rio is challenging. It appears to me Hardy got them both down.

9/14/08 at 3:35

There is 4:10 left to play; plenty of time.

9/14/08 at 3:36

The ruling stands. I figured it would. I just think Del Rio went fishing.

9/14/08 at 3:37

The kick is good. The Bills lead. I don't understand how Evans got deep. I'm not going to guess. I'll try to find out after the game.

9/14/08 at 3:38

The Jags start at their 20. Here we go.

9/14/08 at 3:40

Nearly intercepted. It's third and 10. The Jags are two of 10 on third down.

9/14/08 at 3:40

Sacked; I saw it coming. It's the same blitz from the blind side they used early in the game.

9/14/08 at 3:41

Bad punt; too low. Parrish breaks it big for 27 yards to the Jaguars' 32-yard line.

9/14/08 at 3:43

Edwards throws a bootleg pass for a first down. We're at the two-minute warning. He's a very good-looking quarterback.

9/14/08 at 3:44

All right, here's the situation: The Bills are second and nine at the Jaguars' 19-yard line. The Jags have no times out remaining.

9/14/08 at 3:46

Knowing Dick Jauron, I'm expecting run, run, kick.

9/14/08 at 3:47

Sacked; I don't get that. The Bills gave away some yards. They had something cooked up but Reggie Hayward sniffed it out.

9/14/08 at 3:48

There's the other run. The Bills are going to let it run down and then call time out. I'm waiting. OK, there it is. There are 29 seconds to play.

9/14/08 at 3:49

Do you kick here or do you punt? Lindell is on but I'm expecting a pooch kick. I wouldn't risk a blocked kick.

9/14/08 at 3:50

He kicked and it's good from 45 yards. I'm surprised he risked a blocked kick. There are 24 seconds to play. The lost challenge has cost the Jags 40 seconds.

9/14/08 at 3:51

Pooch kickoff. The Jags have it at their 31 with 21 seconds to play.

9/14/08 at 3:52

Incomplete for Matt Jones. Fourteen seconds to play.

9/14/08 at 3:53

Hook and ladder; game over. I'm sorry, folks. Thanks for being with me.

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