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In-game blog: Jags vs. Colts

Dec 10 2006 10:47AM
(pregame) -- Hi, everyone. I'm in the press box and ready to go. I'll start the day by announcing that a key member of the crew will be working his last game today. Dan Gadd, the guy who does all of the videos and makes the site look good, is leaving us this week to take a similar job with the Chicago Bears. Good luck, Dan.

Dec 10 2006 11:46AM
(pregame) -- Jaguars inactives are: Charles Sharon, LaBrandon Toefield, Ahmad Carroll, David Richardson, Brian Iwuh, Richard Collier, James Wyche and Tony McDaniel.

Dec 10 2006 11:48AM
(pregame) -- Colts inactives are: Bob Sanders, T.J. Rushing, Dallas Clark, Jerome Collins, Tyguan Hagler, Bo Schobel, Aaron Moorehead and Ryan LaCass.

Dec 10 2006 11:50AM
(pregame) -- The Jaguars are wearing their all-black uniforms.

Dec 10 2006 12:28PM
(pregame) -- Correction: Bo Schobel is not inactive. Add Dan Klecko to the list of Colts inactives. Schobel will play.

Dec 10 2006 1:01PM
(coin toss) -- The Colts have won the toss and will receive.

Dec 10 2006 1:02PM
(weather) -- The temperature is 65 degrees and the wind is from the east at 15 mph. There is no chance of rain.

Dec 10 2006 1:04PM
(long pass) -- Manning to Harrison for 42 yards. That's how this one begins.

Dec 10 2006 1:05PM
(Marvin Harrison) -- Beat Gerald Sensabaugh on the play.

Dec 10 2006 1:05PM
(third down) -- Big play early. The ball is at the Jaguars 44.

Dec 10 2006 1:07PM
(dropped) -- Brandon Stokley dropped a touchdown pass. He split the Jaguars safeties and Peyton Manning put the ball right on his hands in the end zone. The Colts' punt is down at the Jaguars six-yard line.

Dec 10 2006 1:08PM
(the Jaguars) -- Secondary needs to regroup. They're fortunate the Colts didn't score on their opening drive. Manning's pass to Harrison was underthrown or Harrison would've scored. Manning's pass to Stokley was perfect. The safeties are off to a rough start.

Dec 10 2006 1:10PM
(long run) -- Fred Taylor just broke loose for a 76-yard run to the Indy 18. The Colts' run-defense is off and running. That's Fred's second-longest regular-season run.

Dec 10 2006 1:10PM
(touchdown) -- Maurice Jones-Drew just went 18 yards on the next play. The Colts couldn't stop an old lady.

Dec 10 2006 1:12PM
(the drive) -- Was 94 yards in two plays. How's that? There's a reason the Colts' run-defense is last in the league.

Dec 10 2006 1:14PM
(Colts start) -- At their 16. The Jaguars couldn't have scripted a better start.

Dec 10 2006 1:17PM
(the Colts') -- First two runs went for minus-nine yards. The Jaguars' first two went for plus-94.

Dec 10 2006 1:17PM
(three and out) -- These are the Colts, right?

Dec 10 2006 1:19PM
(Jaguars take over) -- At the Colts' 36. There was an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the Colts.

Dec 10 2006 1:19PM
(Cincinnati) -- Has a 7-0 lead over Oakland.

Dec 10 2006 1:24PM
(going for it) -- On fourth and 10. At least that's the way it looks. The Jags have called time out and will talk about it. It would be a 53-yard field goal attempt, but the wind would favor the kick.

Dec 10 2006 1:26PM
(incomplete) -- Hmmm. I don't know about that. The Colts have it at their 36.

Dec 10 2006 1:27PM
(pass interference) -- On Deion Grant. The ball is at the Jaguars 43. The secondary looks bad so far.

Dec 10 2006 1:28PM
(first down) -- On a short pass at the Jags 31. The Jags are playing the deepest cover two I've ever seen.

Dec 10 2006 1:29PM
(loss of) -- Six by Joseph Addai. The Jags are run-blitzing on run downs.

Dec 10 2006 1:30PM
(field goal) -- Adam Vinatieri is good from 41 yards.

Dec 10 2006 1:32PM
(analysis) -- The Jaguars are being very aggressive with their defensive scheme. They appear to be playing the Colts' tendencies. The Jags are bring the "house" on running plays and dropping "everyone" on what they think will be pass plays. They have to make sure they don't get caught in one when the other happens.

Dec 10 2006 1:32PM
(nice return) -- By Derrick Wimbush for 33 yards to the Jaguars 44.

Dec 10 2006 1:33PM
(Garrard to) -- Marcedes Lewis for 19.

Dec 10 2006 1:36PM
(wide right) -- Scobee misses from 48.

Dec 10 2006 1:37PM
(bad pass) -- Manning had Harrison wide open on the sideline and missed him. Rashean Mathis got called for holding. First down, Colts.

Dec 10 2006 1:39PM
(trick play) -- Fails on third down. Addai was looking to pass and got sacked. What were the Colts thinking?

Dec 10 2006 1:40PM
(blocked punt) -- by Jorge Cordova. Kenny Pettway recovers at Indy 21.

Dec 10 2006 1:41PM
(first and goal) -- Taylor gains 14 to the Colts seven.

Dec 10 2006 1:42PM
(illegal formation) -- The ball is moved back to the 12.

Dec 10 2006 1:44PM
(end of first quarter) -- The Jags should stick to the run and shorten this game. You almost have to see it in person to believe what's happening up front. The Colts' front four is on the ground on every play.

Dec 10 2006 1:45PM
(third and goal) -- From the 15.

Dec 10 2006 1:46PM
(intercepted) -- By Matt Giordano. Garrard was throwing for Lewis in the back of the end zone. He shouldn't have thrown the ball.

Dec 10 2006 1:48PM
(the Jags) -- Need a stop, then get the ball and stick to the run. That might mean field goal attempts instead of touchdowns, which means Scobee has to make them. This game is getting a little wild. The Jags need to settle it down.

Dec 10 2006 1:49PM
(the Colts) -- Are minus one in six rushes.

Dec 10 2006 1:49PM
(Manning to) -- Reggie Wayne for a first down at the Jaguars 42.

Dec 10 2006 1:50PM
(first down) -- At the Jaguars 47.

Dec 10 2006 1:51PM
(Manning misses) -- Harrison down the sideline again. I wouldn't call Manning or Garrard "sharp."

Dec 10 2006 1:52PM
(great throw) -- To Wayne for 31 yards to the Jaguars 15. He put it on Wayne's outside shoulder.

Dec 10 2006 1:53PM
(Marcus Stroud) -- Is down.

Dec 10 2006 1:56PM
(first down) -- At the five.

Dec 10 2006 1:58PM
(touchdown) -- Dominic Rhodes goes over from a yard out. All of a sudden, the Colts are in the lead.

Dec 10 2006 2:01PM
(I am) -- Stunned by the empty seats. They can't all be in the Bud Zone. There's 8:12 to play in the second quarter. What's going on?

Dec 10 2006 2:03PM
(Stroud was) -- Just shaken up. He'll return.

Dec 10 2006 2:03PM
(big run) -- By Jones-Drew for 17 to the Jaguars 43. Just run the ball, please.

Dec 10 2006 2:04PM
(there's another one) -- By Jones-Drew for 17, again. Run, baby, run.

Dec 10 2006 2:05PM
(and again) -- This time by Taylor to the 21 for 19. Taylor is already over 100 yards.

Dec 10 2006 2:06PM
(touchdown) -- Taylor from 21 yards out. Right up the middle. It was so easy. The drive covers 81 yards in five plays, the last four of which were runs.

Dec 10 2006 2:07PM
(the defense) -- Has to step up. The Jaguars offense can run it all day, but the defense has to stop Manning.

Dec 10 2006 2:08PM
(the Jaguars) -- Are averaging 15.2 yards per carry. This is the worst run-defense I have ever seen, by far. The Jaguars' inaugural-season team was the "Steel Curtain" compared to the Colts.

Dec 10 2006 2:09PM
(Manning to) -- Harrison for 24. Here we go.

Dec 10 2006 2:12PM
(first down) -- Clint Ingram missed the tackle. The ball is at the Jaguars 39.

Dec 10 2006 2:13PM
(intercepted) -- By Sensabaugh. Manning floated it for Wayne. Bad pass by Manning. The ball is at the 12.

Dec 10 2006 2:13PM
(correction) -- A late hit by the Colts moves the ball to the Jaguars 27.

Dec 10 2006 2:15PM
(two-minute warning) -- The Jaguars have a third and three at their 34.

Dec 10 2006 2:18PM
(Jones-Drew) -- To the Colts 48.

Dec 10 2006 2:19PM
(timeout) -- By the Colts. Taylor has 131 yards rushing. Jones-Drew has 67. Amazing!

Dec 10 2006 2:21PM
(touchdown) -- Jones-Drew up the middle for 48 and a touchdown. I'm embarrassed for the Colts. That's two 100-yard rushers in the first half for the Jaguars.

Dec 10 2006 2:23PM
(sacked) -- By Stroud. It's all caving in for the Colts. They can't bang with the Jags. It's that simple.

Dec 10 2006 2:24PM
(they're giving it back) -- What were the Colts thinking. The Jaguars will have the ball back near midfield with about 28 seconds to play in the half.

Dec 10 2006 2:25PM
(put it at) -- The Colts 38 with 25 seconds to play. They're going to score again.

Dec 10 2006 2:29PM
(field goal) -- Scobee is good from 48 yards.

Dec 10 2006 2:31PM
(I'm looking) -- At the best team in the AFC South and it's not the Colts. The Colts are going to win the AFC South, but unless something changes dramatically in the second half of this game, there's going to be little doubt as to who the power team is in this division.

Dec 10 2006 2:32PM
(David Garrard) -- Has a 21.7 passer rating and the Jaguars are winning by 14 points. What's that tell you?

Dec 10 2006 2:43PM
(touchdown) -- Jones-Drew returned the second-half kickoff 93 yards for a touchdown.

Dec 10 2006 2:46PM
(now it makes sense) -- All of those near losses.

Dec 10 2006 2:51PM
(three and out) -- Jags have it at the Colts 47. It's time to run the ball.

Dec 10 2006 2:53PM
(Jones-Drew) -- Gains 22 to the 25.

Dec 10 2006 2:54PM
(Taylor has) -- A sore hamstring. His return is questionable.

Dec 10 2006 2:56PM
(he called off) -- The dogs. The Jaguars had a fourth-and-one at the 16 and Jack Del Rio ordered a field goal by Scobee. The Jaguars would've gotten the first down easily.

Dec 10 2006 3:01PM
(three and out) -- The Jaguars have it at their 37.

Dec 10 2006 3:03PM
(Baltimore is) -- Leading Kansas City, 13-0.

Dec 10 2006 3:06PM
(dropped) -- By Matt Jones. Garrard put it right on his hands at the goal line. It was Garrard's best throw of the day.

Dec 10 2006 3:07PM
(Manning is) -- Unraveling. He's throwing behind guys. He's off the mark today.

Dec 10 2006 3:11PM
(Manning is) -- Really wild today. It's fourth down and they're going for it. This is it.

Dec 10 2006 3:12PM
(incomplete) -- That wasn't even close.

Dec 10 2006 3:15PM
(Jones-Drew) -- Has just set a Jaguars record for all-purpose yards in a game. The previous record was 291 by Jimmy Smith. Jones-Drew is over 300.

Dec 10 2006 3:18PM
(the Colts) -- Better pipe in some serious crowd noise for the Bengals game.

Dec 10 2006 3:21PM
(field goal) -- By Scobee from 46 yards.

Dec 10 2006 3:28PM
(first down) -- For the Colts at the Jaguars 44.

Dec 10 2006 3:29PM
(Colts are) -- On the move. We're in the fourth quarter now.

Dec 10 2006 3:33PM
(touchdown) -- There's 11:13 to play.

Dec 10 2006 3:40PM
(Kyle Brady) -- Another reception closer to Lynn Swann.

Dec 10 2006 3:43PM
(the Bengals) -- Are going to win and it appears the Chiefs will lose. If Denver and the Jets each lose in the late games, the Jaguars will move into the wild-card lead with Cincinnati.

Dec 10 2006 3:45PM
(I'm thinking) -- The Jaguars could move up in the rush rankings off this game. Atlanta is number one and San Diego is number two. The Jaguars, of course, are number three.

Dec 10 2006 3:47PM
(the way) -- The Jaguars run the ball, opponents are going to commit whatever they need to stop it. That should open up the passing game. There's no reason the Jaguars shouldn't be able to pass the ball when they need to do it.

Dec 10 2006 3:48PM
(touchdown) -- Alvin Pearman mowed 'em down, including the umpire.

Dec 10 2006 3:49PM
(Colts challenging) -- The touchdown.

Dec 10 2006 3:51PM
(ruling stands) -- Pearman crossed the goal line before he fumbled.

Dec 10 2006 3:54PM
(look at it) -- From the Colts' perspective. Their window of opportunity is closing and there's nothing they can do about it.

Dec 10 2006 3:56PM
(Manning is) -- Still in the game. Why?

Dec 10 2006 4:01PM
(that's all) -- I'm done. See you next week from Tennessee. This is December. This is the push for the playoffs. Isn't it great?

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