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In-game blog: Jags vs Titans

Nov 5 2006 10:48AM
(pregame) -- Hi, everybody. I'm in the press box and ready to go. Here's a note to start things off: The Jaguars have not allowed a score at Alltel Stadium in their opponents' last 24 possessions.

Nov 5 2006 11:47AM
(pregame) -- Here are the Jaguars inactives: Byron Leftwich (third QB), Terry Cousin, LaBrandon Toefield, Ahmad Carroll, Derrick Wimbush, Brent Hawkins, Stockar McDougle and Marcus Stroud.

Nov 5 2006 11:48AM
(pregame) -- Here are the Titans inactives: Chris Brown, Pacman Jones, Ben Harsock, Robert Reynolds, DeQuincy Scott, Jonathan Orr, David Givens and Antwan Odom.

Nov 5 2006 12:01PM
(pregame) -- It's overcast at Alltel Stadium; sure appears as though we're going to get rain. The wind is strong from the north but Josh Scobee is showing no signs of struggling with it. He just hit one into the wind from 58 yards. What a leg!

Nov 5 2006 12:53PM
(pregame) -- Byron Leftwich is the "third quarterback" but he is not in uniform for the second consecutive week.

Nov 5 2006 1:01PM
(coin toss) -- Tennessee won the toss and will receive. The Jaguars will be kicking downwind to the south goal.

Nov 5 2006 1:03PM
(kickoff) -- The Titans start at their 34-yard line.

Nov 5 2006 1:05PM
(three and out) -- Vince Young throws lobs.

Nov 5 2006 1:07PM
(pass to Ernest Wilford) -- For a first down at the Jaguars 40-yard line.

Nov 5 2006 1:08PM
(all passes) -- On the first six plays.

Nov 5 2006 1:08PM
(eight in the box) -- By the Titans on second down. It's third and 11.

Nov 5 2006 1:09PM
(Garrard scrambles) -- For a first down.

Nov 5 2006 1:10PM
(overthrow) -- Garrard had Wilford open deep and threw it way past him.

Nov 5 2006 1:11PM
(Garrard to Matt Jones) -- For 26 and a first down at the Titans 18.

Nov 5 2006 1:13PM
(It's raining) -- There were a lot of no-shows to begin. This could increase the number of empty seats.

Nov 5 2006 1:14PM
(timeout) -- By the Jaguars. The Titans are loading the box against the run and playing a lot of man-to-man coverage, and the Jaguars are reacting by throwing the ball. Garrard has already thrown six passes.

Nov 5 2006 1:16PM
(touchdown) -- Wilford was wide open in the middle of the end zone. He beat Adre Woolfolk like a rented mule.

Nov 5 2006 1:18PM
(forget it about it, coach) -- Jeff Fisher has to come out of this stop-the-run defense. He doesn't have the corners to leave them out on an island.

Nov 5 2006 1:19PM
(touchback) -- This could get ugly. Ask the Jets.

Nov 5 2006 1:21PM
(three and out) -- I haven't seen a throwing motion like this since "Flipper" went off the air.

Nov 5 2006 1:26PM
(dropped) -- By Matt Jones on third down. It would've been a first down.

Nov 5 2006 1:27PM
(fair catch) -- At the four-yard line. What did the Scarecrow say?

Nov 5 2006 1:28PM
(get this) -- Vince Young hasn't completed a pass but he has a 39.6 passer rating. That's the base.

Nov 5 2006 1:31PM
(way behind the receiver) -- And nearly intercepted. It's third and nine.

Nov 5 2006 1:32PM
(intercepted) -- By Rashean Mathis off a deflection. It was deflected by Deon Grant. The ball is at the Titans 36.

Nov 5 2006 1:33PM
(big run) -- By Fred Taylor for 18 to the 18. Taylor looked like he was stopped for a loss but spun out of trouble.

Nov 5 2006 1:35PM
(touchdown) -- Garrard to George Wrighster. He was wide open. Put me in, coach.

Nov 5 2006 1:39PM
(another near interception) -- This guy's not ready.

Nov 5 2006 1:40PM
(I talked to Neil O'Donnell) -- Before the game started. He's in the press box. Maybe the Titans could get him to come down and play quarterback.

Nov 5 2006 1:41PM
(running into the kicker) -- By the Jaguars. First down for the Titans at their 33.

Nov 5 2006 1:43PM
(dropped) -- By Bobby Wade. Fourth down for the Titans.

Nov 5 2006 1:45PM
(end around) -- To Reggie Williams for 11. It's required that the Jaguars run that once a game.

Nov 5 2006 1:46PM
(alley-oop) -- To Matt Jones. It actually worked. The fans are going crazy. First down at the Titans 34.

Nov 5 2006 1:48PM
(first quarter stats) -- Garrard has completed seven of 12 for 93 yards, two touchdowns and a 122.6 passer rating. Young is three of 12 for 21 yards, one interception and a 4.9 passer rating.

Nov 5 2006 1:48PM
(John Henderson) -- Has a strained hamstring and will not return.

Nov 5 2006 1:50PM
(dropped) -- By Matt Jones. He was all alone in the end zone. Garrard lobbed it to him.

Nov 5 2006 1:51PM
(field goal) -- Scobee hits from 47 into the wind.

Nov 5 2006 1:56PM
(starting to run it) -- The Titans have moved the ball to their 46. This is their best drive and it's been all runs.

Nov 5 2006 2:01PM
(Young saves the day) -- Mathis intercepted him and would've taken it back for a touchdown but Young caught him from behind and tackled Mathis at the one.

Nov 5 2006 2:04PM
(field goal) -- By Scobee from 21 yards. Garrard made a mistake on first down. He lost three yards on a roll-out option. He should've just thrown it away.

Nov 5 2006 2:05PM
(Young's passer rating) -- Is officially at zero after having thrown 13 passes. Mathis' return was 54 yards.

Nov 5 2006 2:06PM
(Alltel is empty) -- With 9:04 to play in the second quarter. The rain is steady and the fans have had enough.

Nov 5 2006 2:18PM
(two-minute warning) -- The Jaguars are at their 48. The Jaguars have outscored the Titans 60-13 in the last six quarters played between the two teams.

Nov 5 2006 2:20PM
(should've caught it) -- It glanced off Reggie Williams' hands. It would've been a tough catch but ninth picks of the draft are supposed to make tough catches.

Nov 5 2006 2:22PM
(have to run it) -- Even with 1:46 to play, the Titans ran it because they have no confidence in Young.

Nov 5 2006 2:23PM
(third down) -- From the Titans 27 with 1:08 to play. If the Titans don't convert, the Jaguars are going to get the ball back in good field position.

Nov 5 2006 2:23PM
(first down) -- They ran for it.

Nov 5 2006 2:25PM
(I can't believe what I'm seeing) -- It's as though his fingers have grown out of his shoulder.

Nov 5 2006 2:29PM
(halftime) -- Garrard is at 104.8 and Young is at 6.7. Taylor has 44 yards rushing. It's hot dog time.

Nov 5 2006 2:48PM
(touchdown) -- To Wilford for 22 yards. Wilford made a nice over-the-shoulder catch.

Nov 5 2006 2:50PM
(Garrard looks good) -- He's thrown for three touchdowns and a 121.7 passer rating. He appears to be comfortable and confident. He is playing at a level higher than he did last season. What he needs is a test against a top team. He needs to beat a top team to go to the next level.

Nov 5 2006 2:54PM
(touchdown) -- Young threw it right to Scott Starks. He took it back 55 yards untouched. That's Starks' first career interception and touchdown.

Nov 5 2006 2:55PM
(they should take him out) -- If Young is truly the future at QB for the Titans, they should get him out of this game. This is the kind of game that can ruin a kid.

Nov 5 2006 3:06PM
(name that score) -- I'm gonna say 41-0.

Nov 5 2006 3:07PM
(make that 42-0) -- They'll go for two...because they couldn't go for three.

Nov 5 2006 3:09PM
(Taylor over 9,000 yards) -- Fred is the 22nd player in NFL history to have rushed for 9,000 yards in their careers.

Nov 5 2006 3:12PM
(field goal) -- Scobee from 39 yards. The Jaguars have now outscored the Titans 77-13 in the last seven quarters of action.

Nov 5 2006 3:31PM
(a look ahead) -- The Jaguars will be 5-3 midway through the season. It's very clear what they have to do to make the playoffs: Win five more games. That won't be as easy as it sounds.

Nov 5 2006 3:51PM
(touchdown) -- Tennessee scores on a Young pass. I'm surprised the Jaguars softened up on defense, what with the possibility of a third home shutout, but I guess the win is all that matters.

Nov 5 2006 3:51PM
(two-minute warning) -- I'm going downstairs. See you next Sunday.

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