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In-game blog: Jaguars vs Steelers

Sep 18 2006 5:56PM
(pregame) -- Welcome to tonight's in-game blog. Here's a little stat to start the night: The Jaguars have won nine of their last 10 regular-season games and six of their last seven home games. The Steelers have won nine games in a row, counting their four postseason wins last season.

Sep 18 2006 7:26PM
(pregame) -- Here are the inactives for the Jaguars: Quinn Gray (third QB), LaBrandon Toefield, Dee Webb, Clint Ingram, Brent Hawkins, Richard Collier, Cortez Hankton and Montavious Stanley.

Sep 18 2006 7:28PM
(pregame) -- Here are the Steelers inactives: Brian St. Pierre (third QB), Willie Reid, Duce Staley, Rian Wallace, Marvin Phillip, Chris Kemoeatu, Willie Colon and Tim Euhus.

Sep 18 2006 8:09PM
(pregame) -- I don't know how many of them are here, but there are a lot. I'm talking about Steelers fans. The north end of the stadium is loaded with them. There's a feeling in this stadium that something special is going to happen tonight.

Sep 18 2006 8:29PM
(pregame) -- The temperature is 79 degrees. Humidity is 81 percent. Chance of rain is 30 percent. It is very, very humid at Alltel Stadium.

Sep 18 2006 8:31PM
(pregame) -- The Jaguars passed out "wiggle sticks" as fans entered the stadium. They are going to help combat visually the "Terrible Towels."

Sep 18 2006 8:36PM
(pregame) -- We just had a helicopter flyover; two AH-60 helicopters out of NAS Jax. They don't make as much noise as jets.

Sep 18 2006 8:37PM
(pregame) -- There are as many or more yellow towels at this game as there were here two years ago. I am shocked.

Sep 18 2006 8:41PM
(introductions) -- The Jaguars have elected to introduce their starting defense. The Steelers introduced "team."

Sep 18 2006 8:43PM
(pregame thought) -- This is the most electric environment I have ever witnessed in this stadium, and I have been here since the beginning. The fans are ready.

Sep 18 2006 8:46PM
(coin toss) -- The Steelers won the toss and have elected to receive. The Jaguars will defend the south end zone.

Sep 18 2006 8:48PM
(kickoff) -- In the end zone. The Steelers will start at their 20.

Sep 18 2006 8:48PM
(Big Ben) -- Is starting.

Sep 18 2006 8:49PM
(two completions) -- First down at the Steelers 41.

Sep 18 2006 8:52PM
(third and five) -- Pass to Cedrick Wilson dropped.

Sep 18 2006 8:54PM
(big play by Brian Williams) -- He ripped the ball out of Wilson's grasp.

Sep 18 2006 8:55PM
(at Jaguars 16) -- Chad Owens makes fair catch. That was an enormous play by Brian Williams. The Steelers were on the move. Wilson was at the Jaguars 37 when he failed to hold onto the ball.

Sep 18 2006 8:58PM
(first down) -- Third-and-six pass to Reggie Williams at Jaguars 29.

Sep 18 2006 9:01PM
(first down at Jags 47) -- Leftwich to Ernest Wilford over the middle. Leftwich looks real sharp. He's four for four.

Sep 18 2006 9:02PM
(to Matt Jones) -- Leftwich is five for five. He's on fire.

Sep 18 2006 9:03PM
(sack) -- Larry Foote drops Leftwich at 50. Loss of eight.

Sep 18 2006 9:04PM
(third and 15) -- Intercepted by Clark Haggans. It was tipped by James Farrior. The Steelers have the ball at their 37.

Sep 18 2006 9:09PM
(third and 11) -- Right on the money with a rusher bearing down on him. That ball was a bullet. First down at the Jaguars 48.

Sep 18 2006 9:10PM
(whoa!) -- Roethlisberger just missed Hines Ward at the goal line. It was a little too long.

Sep 18 2006 9:11PM
(third and eight) -- Incomplete; big rush by Jaguars.

Sep 18 2006 9:12PM
(punt) -- Owens returns four yards to Jaguars 16. These two teams are sparring. This is real good football.

Sep 18 2006 9:18PM
(end of first quarter) -- The Jaguars will have a third-and-nine when the second quarter begins. There are three great defensive tackles in this game. Marcus Stroud and John Henderson have caused the Steelers to turn away from the run in their first two possessions. Casey Hampton is dominating the line of scrimmage for the Steelers.

Sep 18 2006 9:19PM
(incomplete) -- Leftwich threw it away under a heavy rush.

Sep 18 2006 9:20PM
(punt) -- Steelers start at their 25.

Sep 18 2006 9:21PM
(watch the screens) -- The Steelers love to screen. They've opened with a downfield passing attack. Beware of their screen game now.

Sep 18 2006 9:25PM
(penalty on Darius) -- He went for the head on Nate Washington. Flags flew. First down for the Steeles at their 44. The pass was way over Washington's head.

Sep 18 2006 9:25PM
(can't run) -- Willie Parker is getting nothing. The Jaguars are doing a great job of stopping the run.

Sep 18 2006 9:28PM
(punt) -- Fair catch by Owens. Five-yard penalty puts the ball at the Jaguars 18. This is a field position game. Don't turn it over.

Sep 18 2006 9:29PM
(Wimbush injured) -- Derrick Wimbush has sustained a left knee sprain. His return is questionable.

Sep 18 2006 9:32PM
(roughing the passer) -- on Brett Keisel. Tack it onto the gain and put the ball at the Steelers 47. Keisel went low on Leftwich.

Sep 18 2006 9:35PM
(third and seven) -- Pass is short of the sticks to Maurice Jones-Drew. Jaguars going for it at 39.

Sep 18 2006 9:35PM
(delay of game) -- He wasn't going for it; just trying to get the Steelers to jump. It was fourth and two.

Sep 18 2006 9:36PM
(punt out at the six) -- This is classic, old-fashioned football. As I said, it's all about field position. The Jaguars have flipped the field.

Sep 18 2006 9:37PM
(defense outstanding) -- The Jaguars have only allowed one touchdown in the last 15 drives by the opposition.

Sep 18 2006 9:39PM
(second and eight) -- Do the Steelers dare risk a pass?

Sep 18 2006 9:39PM
(pass droped) -- By Verron Haynes. Roethlisberger put it right on the money.

Sep 18 2006 9:40PM
(short of the sticks) -- Steelers will have to punt. This is a possible turning point in the game. The Jaguars need a return from Owens.

Sep 18 2006 9:42PM
(block in the back) -- By Bobby McCray. Owens is down. The ball is at the Jaguars 25. There's 5:15 to play in the half.

Sep 18 2006 9:44PM
(complete) -- To George Wrighster at Jaguars 41. Leftwich is using all of his receivers. He looks great.

Sep 18 2006 9:46PM
(Owens has bruised ribs) -- He's questionable to return.

Sep 18 2006 9:46PM
(third and one) -- Didn't get it. Fred Taylor got swallowed up. No gain.

Sep 18 2006 9:47PM
(great play) -- By Scott Starks to down the ball at the Steelers three-yard line.

Sep 18 2006 9:48PM
(2:03 to play) -- The Steelers will try to run out the clock, but it's not likely they can do that running the ball. The Jaguars have all three of their times out remaining.

Sep 18 2006 9:51PM
(pass) -- Roethlisberger to Haynes over the middle for a first down at the Steelers 17. Roethlisberger was nearly sacked in the end zone by Paul Spicer.

Sep 18 2006 9:54PM
(why didn't they call time out?) -- The Jaguars let the clock run down to 1:10 before the second-down play. It's third and 16 now with 1:06 to play. Will the Steelers pass or run and make the Jaguars call time out?

Sep 18 2006 9:57PM
(timeout) -- There are 58 seconds to play in the half. The Jags called time out. The ball is at the 14, fourth and 12. Alvin Pearman is back to receive the punt.

Sep 18 2006 9:59PM
(Pearman returns to Jaguars 46) -- Forty-eight seconds remain.

Sep 18 2006 10:02PM
(timeout) -- It's fourth down. The Jaguars let the clock run down to four seconds remaining. They're going to try a Hail Mary, which makes perfect sense. This is a no-risk play.

Sep 18 2006 10:04PM
(Matt Jones had it in his hands) -- I thought the Jaguars had one. It was a great alley-oop. The ball fell incomplete and the half ends scoreless.

Sep 18 2006 10:06PM
(halftime analysis) -- Leftwich has been super accurate, yet, the Jaguars have no points. Roethlisberger has played well for a guy coming off appendectomy surgery, yet, the Steelers have no points. What we're witnessing is a game between two great defenses.

Sep 18 2006 10:18PM
(kickoff) -- Jones-Drew returns to Jaguars 21.

Sep 18 2006 10:18PM
(big run) -- By Fred Taylor. Gain of 25 to Jaguars 46.

Sep 18 2006 10:21PM
(third and four) -- A near interception. Leftwich's pass was tipped by DeShea Townsend on a hard rush.

Sep 18 2006 10:22PM
(punt in the end zone) -- Steelers start at the 20. Starks nearly tracked that punt down at the goal line.

Sep 18 2006 10:25PM
(sack) -- John Henderson sacks Roethlisberger at the 10. Third and 15.

Sep 18 2006 10:25PM
(pass short of the sticks) -- The Steelers will have to punt. That completion to Ward helped their cause.

Sep 18 2006 10:27PM
(Pearman dropped at Jaguars 27) -- Great punt and coverage. The Jaguars need to make a move on offense. Leftwich needs to take control of this game. His passes have been very accurate.

Sep 18 2006 10:29PM
(quick pass to Reggie) -- The ball was on the money. It moves the sticks.

Sep 18 2006 10:30PM
(working the sidelines) -- Leftwich is throwing at the sidelines. I expect him to take a shot downfield.

Sep 18 2006 10:31PM
(Fred's starting to gain yardage) -- They just caught the Steelers in a blitz and Taylor bounced it outside for 14 yards to the Steelers 36. This is the big drive of the game.

Sep 18 2006 10:32PM
(Porter has been quiet) -- Khalif Barnes has done a great job on Joey Porter.

Sep 18 2006 10:33PM
(third and six) -- Nice throw and catch. Leftwich to Jones.

Sep 18 2006 10:34PM
(challenge) -- Bill Cowher threw the flag on Jones' catch at the Steelers 19. He got his feet down. He must be challenging control.

Sep 18 2006 10:36PM
(ruling stands) -- Jones controlled the pass and got two feet down. First down at the Steelers 19. This is where the game turns decidedly in the Jaguars' favor.

Sep 18 2006 10:37PM
(Fred running hard) -- To the 14. I'm expecting a pass.

Sep 18 2006 10:38PM
(near disaster) -- Leftwich recovered his own fumble. Third and four from the 13.

Sep 18 2006 10:38PM
(incomplete) -- The Steelers brought the house. Leftwich did his best to get rid of the ball. Scobee's on for a 31-yarder.

Sep 18 2006 10:39PM
(field goal) -- Josh Scobee breaks the ice. The Jaguars lead, 3-0, with 5:24 to play in the third quarter. The Steelers could be tiring.

Sep 18 2006 10:40PM
(not so ridiculous) -- It may sound stupid, but 3-0 could be the final score. That's how well these defenses are playing.

Sep 18 2006 10:42PM
(he shouldn't have come out) -- The Steelers start at the 14. The ball was kicked deep into the end zone.

Sep 18 2006 10:44PM
(bad throw) -- Roethlisberger had Heath Miller open and missed him. Roethlisberger could be wearing down.

Sep 18 2006 10:45PM
(interference) -- On Rashean Mathis. First down for the Steelers at their 33.

Sep 18 2006 10:46PM
(another wild throw) -- Roethlisberger was nearly intercepted. He's showing rust now.

Sep 18 2006 10:47PM
(fourth down) -- The defense holds again. Here comes a punt. The Jaguars can put the dagger in now.

Sep 18 2006 10:48PM
(fair catch at Jaguars 15) -- The most important thing now is to protect the ball. I don't know if the Steelers can score if they don't get a break.

Sep 18 2006 10:52PM
(complete) -- To Matt Jones for 14 and a first down on third down.

Sep 18 2006 10:52PM
(to Jones again) -- Leftwich is on the money almost every time. Nice catch by Jones. First down at the Jaguars 47.

Sep 18 2006 10:54PM
(To Jones for a first down) -- Jones has turned into a big-time possession receiver. He's moving the chains. The ball is at the Steelers 41. That's the end of the third quarter.

Sep 18 2006 10:55PM
(Leftwich analysis) -- Leftwich only has a passer rating of 75.4, because of the interception, but I've never seen him throw the ball more accurately.

Sep 18 2006 10:58PM
(third and six) -- Incomplete. Field position, baby, field position. The Jaguars have kept the Steelers pinned in their own end all night.

Sep 18 2006 10:59PM
(the Jaguars are winning...) -- Because they're winning field position. It's that simple.

Sep 18 2006 11:02PM
(can't run at all) -- When you stop the Steelers running game, you win. They can't go anywhere. Willie Parker has 12 yards.

Sep 18 2006 11:03PM
(great catch) -- By Ward for a first down. What a great player.

Sep 18 2006 11:03PM
(off the mark) -- Roethlisberger's passes are off the mark. He's tired.

Sep 18 2006 11:05PM
(third and two) -- Big play of the game at the Steelers 42. Stop him here with 10:53 to play and the Jaguars will be in control.

Sep 18 2006 11:07PM
(incomplete) -- The Steelers must punt. Field position, field position. Protect the ball.

Sep 18 2006 11:09PM
(block in the back by Jorge Cordova) -- That hurts field position. The Jaguars will start at their eight. What do you do? Play it safe, or throw?

Sep 18 2006 11:11PM
(good run by Fred) -- A gain of five on first down.

Sep 18 2006 11:11PM
(Polamalu almost picked it) -- He was blizing and he almost caught it in stride for a touchdown. Third and five. This is big.

Sep 18 2006 11:12PM
(first down) -- Pass to Wrighster. Great deception on the route. He was uncovered. The ball is at the Jaguars 23.

Sep 18 2006 11:13PM
(Leftwich scrambles for six) -- His receivers were covered.

Sep 18 2006 11:14PM
(third and four) -- Convert here and the Jags could flip the field again.

Sep 18 2006 11:15PM
(big play) -- Leftwich to Reggie Williams for 48 to the Steelers 23. Leftwich caught the Steelers in a blitz. Polamalu got picked up.

Sep 18 2006 11:15PM
(this could be the icing) -- The Jaguars are at the 15.

Sep 18 2006 11:16PM
(third and two) -- This is a must conversion. I'm thinking run and then run again, if necessary.

Sep 18 2006 11:17PM
(fourth and one) -- Jack Del Rio has ordered a field goal attempt.

Sep 18 2006 11:18PM
(field goal) -- Scobee converts from 32 yards. The Jags lead, 6-0, with 6:15 to play. The Jaguars need one more defensive stand. That's all that stands between them and the respect their fans so desperately want.

Sep 18 2006 11:22PM
(great play by Roethlisberger) -- He scrambled from trouble, looked and looked and found his man for a first down. He's a gutsy player.

Sep 18 2006 11:24PM
(intercepted) -- By Rashean Mathis. He did it for the second straight year; almost the same place on the field.

Sep 18 2006 11:26PM
(third and four) -- All they need is a field goal.

Sep 18 2006 11:28PM
(field goal) -- Scobee from 42 yards. That's gonna do it, I think. Jags lead, 9-0 with 4:26 to play.

Sep 18 2006 11:31PM
(fourth and three) -- Last shot for Steelers.

Sep 18 2006 11:32PM
(ball over, game over) -- The pass was incomplete. This is one of the great wins in Jaguars history. Now, it's on to Indianapolis.

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