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In-game blog: Texans vs Jags

Nov 12 2006 10:35AM
(pregame) -- Hello, from Alltel Stadium, where the weather is perfect for football. It's cool and a little overcast, but rain is not in the forecast. The Jaguars have won six in a row at home and can claim the 100th regular-season win in team history today.

Nov 12 2006 10:54AM
(pregame) -- The big pregame question is: Will Khalif Barnes be designated "inactive?" Barnes, of course, got a DUI early Saturday morning. "Inactives" will be announced at about 11:30 a.m.

Nov 12 2006 11:32AM
(pregame) -- Khalif Barnes is "inactive." Dennis Norman will start at left tackle. Wayne Hunter is "active."

Nov 12 2006 11:46AM
(pregame) -- The remainder of the Jaguars inactives: Byron Leftwich (third QB), Terry Cousin, LaBrandon Toefield, Derrick Wimbush, Jorge Cordova, Stockar McDougle and Marcus Stroud.

Nov 12 2006 11:49AM
(pregame) -- Texans inactives: Edell Shepherd, Guss Scott, DaShon Polk, Drew Hodgdon, Scott Jackson, Brad Bedell, Lional Dalton and Mark Bruener.

Nov 12 2006 1:00PM
(coin toss) -- Houston has won the toss and will receive.

Nov 12 2006 1:05PM
(opening drive) -- The Texans are facing a third-and-one at their 49.

Nov 12 2006 1:06PM
(first down) -- David Carr sneaked for it out of an empty-backfield formation.

Nov 12 2006 1:08PM
(long pass) -- Carr hits Andre Johnson down the right sideline for 41 yards. He beat Mathis; out at the one.

Nov 12 2006 1:09PM
(touchdown) -- Wali Lundy up the middle for one yard and the score. The drive was 70 yards in nine plays.

Nov 12 2006 1:13PM
(at their 14) -- That's where the Jaguars will begin their first possession.

Nov 12 2006 1:18PM
(interception) -- David Garrard was hit hard as he threw. The ball floated across the line of scrimmage and was intercepted by Morlon Greenwood at the Jaguars 41.

Nov 12 2006 1:19PM
(streak stops) -- Garrard's team-record 176 consecutive passes without an interception has ended.

Nov 12 2006 1:20PM
(to the 20) -- Two completions by Carr.

Nov 12 2006 1:22PM
(Carr scrambles to the nine) -- It's third and one.

Nov 12 2006 1:23PM
(first and goal) -- Lundy gains to the seven. They went on a quick count.

Nov 12 2006 1:25PM
(field goal) -- Kris Brown is good from 25 yards.

Nov 12 2006 1:27PM
(touchback) -- Jags start at their 20.

Nov 12 2006 1:33PM
(wow!) -- Garrard threw a floater as he was being sacked and Ernest Wilford caught it in a crowd at the Texans 46.

Nov 12 2006 1:33PM
(what if) -- That had been intercepted?

Nov 12 2006 1:35PM
(first down) -- At the Texans 32. Garrard to Reggie Williams for 12 yards.

Nov 12 2006 1:36PM
(third and four) -- At the Texans 26. That's the end of the first quarter.

Nov 12 2006 1:39PM
(field goal) -- Josh Scobee from 44 yards.

Nov 12 2006 1:41PM
(analysis) -- The Jaguars look a little out of sync on offense. The Texans rush has caused problems. That pass to Wilford could've very easily have been intercepted.

Nov 12 2006 1:45PM
(sack) -- By Bobby McCray on third down.

Nov 12 2006 1:49PM
(very fortunate) -- Fred Taylor fumbled and Reggie Williams recovered.

Nov 12 2006 1:50PM
(dropped) -- By Wilford. Jags must punt.

Nov 12 2006 1:55PM
(first down) -- Short pass to Eric Moulds. The Texans are picking on Rashean Mathis.

Nov 12 2006 1:58PM
(first down) -- Carr to Owen Daniels at the Jaguars 39.

Nov 12 2006 2:00PM
(Carr is sharp) -- This one goes to Kevin Walter over the middle for 11 to the Jags 26.

Nov 12 2006 2:00PM
(mixing run and pass) -- The Texans aren't gaining anything with the run, but they're quieting the Jags' pass-rush.

Nov 12 2006 2:01PM
(big third-down play) -- At the Jags 27.

Nov 12 2006 2:02PM
(first down) -- The Texans spread the Jags out and Carr ran a QB draw. He has 37 yards rushing. The ball is at the 13.

Nov 12 2006 2:03PM
(another big third-down play) -- At the Jags 13.

Nov 12 2006 2:03PM
(incomplete) -- For Moulds.

Nov 12 2006 2:04PM
(wide left) -- Brown missed from 32 yards. He had no pressure on him; just a bad, bad miss.

Nov 12 2006 2:07PM
(on the move) -- At the Texans 49; second down.

Nov 12 2006 2:09PM
(interception) -- Garrard's pass went right through Matt Jones' hands and into the hands of Demarcus Faggins.

Nov 12 2006 2:10PM
(two-minute warning) -- The ball is at the Texans 44; second and nine. Jones has now dropped three passes in the last two games. He's got to get his mind off the defender and concentrate solely on catching the ball.

Nov 12 2006 2:11PM
(Garrard stats) -- He's six of 13 for 63 yards, two interceptions and a 21.2 passer rating. One of those interceptions should've been a completion.

Nov 12 2006 2:12PM
(second down) -- At the Jags 45.

Nov 12 2006 2:13PM
(third-down play, again) -- At the Jags 39; third and four. The Texans call timeout with 1:19 to play.

Nov 12 2006 2:14PM
(punt) -- Fair catch at the Jags nine-yard line.

Nov 12 2006 2:16PM
(Carr stats) -- He's 12 of 22 for 130 yards and a 72.2 passer rating. He's completed a lot of passes but he's also had three passes knocked down at the line of scrimmage. He's a much better passer out of the pocket.

Nov 12 2006 2:23PM
(end of the half) -- A disappointing performance so far. The Jags have only rushed for 43 yards.

Nov 12 2006 2:38PM
(as far as I can tell) -- Dennis Norman is playing just fine.

Nov 12 2006 2:39PM
(Texans ball) -- At their 45 following a punt.

Nov 12 2006 2:42PM
(first down) -- Carr throws to Jeb Putzier for 10 to the Jaguars 40.

Nov 12 2006 2:44PM
(first down) -- At the Jags 30.

Nov 12 2006 2:45PM
(near miss) -- Carr put it in Johnson's hands but Mathis broke it up in the end zone.

Nov 12 2006 2:47PM
(first down) -- What a run by Carr; around left end. He bowled over a defender to get the first down.

Nov 12 2006 2:49PM
(grounding) -- Carr was in the pocket this time. The ball is moved back to the 39. It's third down. That's a huge penalty because it takes Houston out of field goal range.

Nov 12 2006 2:49PM
(time of possession) -- The Texans have nine minutes more than the Jaguars.

Nov 12 2006 2:52PM
(Brown misses from 52) -- He hit the right upright. I'm shocked that they attempted a field goal. The Jaguars now have the ball at their 42. Field position was lost on that kick.

Nov 12 2006 2:55PM
(interception) -- Off Matt Jones' hands again. Anthony Weaver caught the deflection and ran it to the Jaguars 31.

Nov 12 2006 2:57PM
(first down) -- At the Jaguars 15. Carr is really moving the ball around.

Nov 12 2006 2:59PM
(field goal) -- Brown hits from 28 yards. The Jaguars dodged a bullet.

Nov 12 2006 3:05PM
(scramble) -- For a first down at the Jags 37. It's what Garrard has done best today.

Nov 12 2006 3:07PM
(first down) -- At the Texans 37. Nice run after the catch by Maurice Jones-Drew; gain of 26.

Nov 12 2006 3:07PM
(sack) -- Back to the Jags 45. Correction: the previous play was a gain of 21 by Jones-Drew.

Nov 12 2006 3:11PM
(fourth down) -- Chris Hanson is in to punt. Cortez Hankton has taken Matt Jones' place as third WR. The Texans fair-catch at their 11.

Nov 12 2006 3:17PM
(first down) -- Carr to Daniel, but Carr is down. It appears to be his right shoulder.

Nov 12 2006 3:20PM
(timeout) -- As the Texans tend to Carr. We're in the fourth quarter. The Jaguars must stop the Texans. Carr is up on the sideline and throwing.

Nov 12 2006 3:21PM
(Sage Rosenfels) -- Is the QB. It's second down at the Texans 32.

Nov 12 2006 3:21PM
(sack) -- By Paul Spicer. It's third down. The Texans may just run here and punt.

Nov 12 2006 3:22PM
(that was the run) -- But the Jaguars were penalized for a late hit out of bounds, giving the Texans a first down.

Nov 12 2006 3:24PM
(fumble) -- But the Jags didn't get it. The Texans recovered at their 39. It'll be third and four.

Nov 12 2006 3:25PM
(they'll have to punt) -- Lundy was going to throw a halfback pass but didn't have time. Alvin Pearman makes a fair catch at about the Jaguars 17-yard line.

Nov 12 2006 3:27PM
(must-score time) -- For the Jaguars. Time is running out and they need two scores. There are 10 minutes to play.

Nov 12 2006 3:28PM
(first down) -- Near midfield; Garrard to Taylor.

Nov 12 2006 3:29PM
(screen pass) -- To Taylor who runs to the Texans 24. They're attacking the Texans linebackers.

Nov 12 2006 3:31PM
(timeout) -- The Jaguars are in the red zone. The Texans defense looks very tired.

Nov 12 2006 3:32PM
(penalty) -- By Reggie Williams. It moves the ball back to the 22. It's second and 14.

Nov 12 2006 3:35PM
(interception) -- By Dunta Robinson in the end zone. It was a bad pass. Garrard forced it into coverage. That may be the final straw for the Jaguars.

Nov 12 2006 3:37PM
(bad, bad, bad) -- Jones-Drew had run the ball to the five-yard line but the run was nullified by Williams' holding call. On the next play, Garrard forced a pass into coverage. The Jaguars were whipping the Texans up front. They needed to be patient and not commit a costly penalty.

Nov 12 2006 3:38PM
(Texans must punt) -- There's 5:47 to play.

Nov 12 2006 3:38PM
(fair catch) -- By Pearman at the Jags 40. Garrard gets another chance.

Nov 12 2006 3:39PM
(to Wilford) -- At the Texans 35.

Nov 12 2006 3:39PM
(Jones drops another one) -- That's three today. What is it with this guy? He left the field to a mock cheer.

Nov 12 2006 3:40PM
(Fred out at the three) -- He's running hard; made them all miss.

Nov 12 2006 3:41PM
(touchdown) -- By Jones-Drew; 4:32 left to play. The Jaguars are back in it.

Nov 12 2006 3:43PM
(Texans start at their 27) -- Rosenfels is still the QB.

Nov 12 2006 3:45PM
(coach's challenge) -- By Gary Kubiak. He wants a catch and a fumble, which went out of bounds. The ruling was incomplete. It appears to be a catch and a fumble.

Nov 12 2006 3:46PM
(ruling stands) -- I'm very surprised. It's second and 10.

Nov 12 2006 3:48PM
(holding) -- By the Texans. Their offense is a mess right now. This game is going to be put into Garrard's hands.

Nov 12 2006 3:48PM
(third down coming up) -- The clock is inside four minutes now.

Nov 12 2006 3:49PM
(they'll have to punt) -- Field position is everything for the Jaguars.

Nov 12 2006 3:50PM
(Pearman catches it) -- And leans forward to the Jaguars 36. The Jags have good field position and plenty of time to score.

Nov 12 2006 3:51PM
(third down) -- With 2:24 to play. If they don't get the first down here, they may punt.

Nov 12 2006 3:53PM
(great catch but penalty) -- Hankton made a leaping catch way down field but Reggie Williams was called for offensive pass interference. Oh, that hurts.

Nov 12 2006 3:54PM
(fourth down) -- There is 2:06 to play. As I suspected, the Jags are going to punt.

Nov 12 2006 3:55PM
(short punt) -- The Texans are going to have the ball near their 40-yard line. We're at the two-minute warning.

Nov 12 2006 3:59PM
(here it is) -- The game is on the line on this third-and-short play.

Nov 12 2006 4:01PM
(he didn't get it) -- Rosenfels was stopped on a sneak attempt. The Jaguars will have one more chance, to at least get a field goal.

Nov 12 2006 4:02PM
(timeout) -- By the Jaguars. That's their final time out. There's 1:40 to play. They'll probably get the ball somewhere near their 20-yard line.

Nov 12 2006 4:04PM
(you won't believe this) -- They tried it again and got it. I'm stunned. I will deal with this in my postgame column. That's gonna do it.

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