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In-game blog: Texans vs Jags

Oct 14 2007 10:53AM
Hi everyone and welcome to the press box at "The Jack." Skies are overcast but rain is not in the forecast. I&39;ll update that should the forecast change. Temperatures are pleasant. I think we all know what a big game this is. I&39;ll provide pregame information as it comes to me.

Oct 14 2007 11:17AM
Fred Taylor is out on the field, stretching and moving about. That tells me he&39;s going to be active. Taylor is nursing a sore groin.

Oct 14 2007 11:50AM
Jaguars inactives: Josh Scobee, LaBrandon Toefield, Aaron Glenn, Pat Thomas, Richard Collier, Uche Nwaneri, Kenny Pettway and Reggie Hayward.

Oct 14 2007 11:52AM
Texans inactives: Jamar Fletcher, Ron Dayne, Shantee Orr, Zach Diles, Kasey Studdard, Rashad Butler, Andre Johnson and Jeb Putzier. Andre Davis will start at WR in place of Johnson.

Oct 14 2007 11:54AM
Paul Spicer will start at DE in place of Hayward, who is out with a hamstring pull. Bobby McCray is the Jaguars&39; other starting defensive end. The problem is depth. Brent Hawkins is the only other active defensive end, though Rob Meier and Tony McDaniel can each play end.

Oct 14 2007 12:27PM
I&39;ll be heading over to the radio booth soon to do the "Jaguars This Week Extra" segment with Jeff Lageman and Brian Sexton. I&39;ll be back just before kickoff.

Oct 14 2007 1:02PM
We just had a one-plane flyover, and he was late. Maybe he got lost. He made a very timid noise, too.

Oct 14 2007 1:04PM
Houston won the toss and will receive. The wind is from the east at 14 mph. The Jaguars will defend the north goal in the first quarter. The national weather service may say the wind is from the east, but it&39;s blowing from the north in "The Jack."

Oct 14 2007 1:05PM
I sincerely hope this is a late-arriving crowd because this place has some serious empty seats at kickoff.

Oct 14 2007 1:06PM
The return man went down and the return man went down the Texans 20. Enjoy the game, everyone.

Oct 14 2007 1:07PM
Matt Schaub opens with a six-yard scramble. The right side got cleared out.

Oct 14 2007 1:07PM
Third and four after Schaub&39;s pass was tipped by John Henderson.

Oct 14 2007 1:09PM
Kevin Walter beats Sammy Knight for a big gainer; 46 yards to the Jaguars 28. Ouch! Knight was nowhere in the area.

Oct 14 2007 1:09PM
Ahman Green runs twice for a first down at the Jaguars 17. The defense better wake up. It&39;s game time.

Oct 14 2007 1:10PM
Schaub to Walter for a gain to the three-yard line; gain of 14. First and goal.

Oct 14 2007 1:15PM
The Jaguars hold; field goal time from the two. Schaub tried a QB draw on third down. Kris Brown kicks a 20-yard field goal. That&39;s a big stop for the Jaguars, after having had the ball pushed down their throats for 78 yards.

Oct 14 2007 1:16PM
Maybe the aliens thought it was an 11:30 a.m. kickoff.

Oct 14 2007 1:18PM
Fred Taylor is the starting running back and Brad Meester is at center. The first play results in a sack by Anthony Maddox.

Oct 14 2007 1:20PM
Taylor almost went the distance. A young Taylor would&39;ve gone all the way. It&39;s a gain of 76 yards to the Texans 14. That ties for the second-longest run of Fred&39;s career. His groin injury obviously slowed him down.

Oct 14 2007 1:22PM
Garrard saw something he didn&39;t like and called time out. I like that. It&39;s third and five at the nine. It&39;s most important that the Jaguars get at least a field goal out of Taylor&39;s run.

Oct 14 2007 1:26PM
Garrard incomplete for Matt Jones on the lob in the corner of the end zone. John Carney was good on a 27-yard field goal, but Mo Williams was flagged for a facemask and then Carney missed from 42 yards. Jones, by the way, got some serious boos as he left the field.

Oct 14 2007 1:27PM
This is a terrible start and the Jaguars have to fix it right now. I hate to see Taylor&39;s long run go to waste. That&39;s the kind of stuff you end up really regretting. By the way, why don&39;t the Jaguars use Ernest Wilford in the red zone any longer?

Oct 14 2007 1:28PM
Green pounds up the middle for six. Come on, defense.

Oct 14 2007 1:29PM
Green around right end for a first down at the Texans 42.

Oct 14 2007 1:29PM
Schaub to Owen Daniels. He beat Reggie Nelson. The gain is 21 to the Jaguars 37.

Oct 14 2007 1:30PM
The Texans are taking a page out of the Chiefs&39; playbook. They&39;re going after the Jaguars&39; safeties.

Oct 14 2007 1:31PM
Schaub to Daniels again. This one to the 10-yard line. Schaub scrambled away from the rush and held the ball until just before he was to step out of bounds. He has great vision and feel for the position.

Oct 14 2007 1:32PM
Touchdown! Schaub to Andre Davis. We may have a coach&39;s challenge.

Oct 14 2007 1:34PM
Jacksonville is challenging. I think Jack Del Rio is going to win this one. Davis fumbled the ball reaching it across the goal line. It then went through the end zone and out of bounds. I think the ruling is going to be reversed to fumble and touchback.

Oct 14 2007 1:35PM
It&39;s a touchback. The Jaguars really dodged a bullet.

Oct 14 2007 1:36PM
If Davis had just tucked the ball away and run he would&39;ve scored. He wasn&39;t in danger of getting tackled short of the goal line. There&39;s way too much regard for plane of the goal line. Just tuck it and run.

Oct 14 2007 1:38PM
The Jags just got a lucky pass interference call. Ernest Wilford tripped over Dunta Robinson. There was no other contact.

Oct 14 2007 1:40PM
Reggie Williams fumbles after a catch. The Texans recover at the Jaguars 48.

Oct 14 2007 1:42PM
Three and out; the defense finally rises to the occasion. The game is on now? Let&39;s hope.

Oct 14 2007 1:43PM
Dennis Northcutt lost the punt in the sun and had to let it roll. It did, all the way to the Jaguars three-yard line.

Oct 14 2007 1:45PM
This is the exact opposite to what we had become accustomed from the Jaguars. They established control early in the last two games. They are playing very loose right now. They need to pound out a couple of first downs and establish some tempo.

Oct 14 2007 1:46PM
That&39;s the end of the first quarter. Good!

Oct 14 2007 1:50PM
Make up call? Wilford called for pass interference. That&39;ll probably kill this possession.

Oct 14 2007 1:52PM
Great run by Jones-Drew following a short pass. He broke a couple of tackles and got the first down on third and 17. That could be a changing play.

Oct 14 2007 1:53PM
Nope. No change. Reggie Williams just lost his second fumble. David Garrard hit him in stride over the middle. Williams struggled against tacklers and fumbled at the Jaguars 40. On it goes.

Oct 14 2007 1:54PM
Schaub to Davis. Knight on the tackle at the 19. Schaub is outstanding. What a steal.

Oct 14 2007 1:57PM
The Texans will have to settle for a field goal attempt. Schaub misfired on third down. His throw was high. He seems to struggle in the red zone. Brown is good from 35 yards.

Oct 14 2007 2:00PM
Here&39;s the good news: The Texans have dominated the action, except for Taylor&39;s long run, yet the Jaguars only trail by 6-0. It could easily be 17-0.

Oct 14 2007 2:02PM
Garrard to Marcedes Lewis for a first down. OK, that&39;s a start.

Oct 14 2007 2:03PM
Matt Jones got flattened going over the middle. It was former Jaguar by Danny Clark.

Oct 14 2007 2:03PM
Garrard to Northcutt for 15 at the Houston 47. Garrard has to be the man.

Oct 14 2007 2:05PM
Garrard with the hard count draws Maddox offside. Garrard shows some savvy. Nice.

Oct 14 2007 2:06PM
Taylor runs for a first down at the 36. This is the Jaguars I&39;ve come to know.

Oct 14 2007 2:07PM
Garrard fires a strike to Northcutt at the 17. He cut it loose and it was right there.

Oct 14 2007 2:08PM
Garrard complete to Jaxson de Ville.

Oct 14 2007 2:09PM
Garrard to Matt Jones but it appears to be short of a first down. Fourth and a beard.

Oct 14 2007 2:10PM
Garrard sneak for a first down at the seven. I didn&39;t like not getting the first down after that catch.

Oct 14 2007 2:11PM
Greg Jones almost got through the line. Demeco Ryans got him by the leg. It&39;s second and goal at the three.

Oct 14 2007 2:12PM
Garrard incomplete to Matt Jones on the lob, again.

Oct 14 2007 2:12PM
Incomplete to Matt Jones on the lob again, but the Texans are offside. Please, coach, don&39;t do that no more.

Oct 14 2007 2:14PM
Garrard to George Wrighster for an apparent touchdown, but there&39;s a flag. It&39;s pass interference against Greg Estandia. The ball is moved back to the 11.

Oct 14 2007 2:14PM
What was Estandia doing? He had his hands away from his body. It was an easy call.

Oct 14 2007 2:16PM
They&39;ve reversed the call. It&39;s a touchdown. Here&39;s what happened. They decided Estandia was a tackle, not a receiver, therefore, it was OK for him to block. That&39;s why his hands were so far away from his body.

Oct 14 2007 2:17PM
Garrard has thrown a TD pass in eight consecutive games. He&39;s tied for the third-longest streak in team history. Mark Brunell did it twice and Byron Leftwich did it once.

Oct 14 2007 2:19PM
Amazing! The Jaguars have the lead. Garrard&39;s strong play continues. He was the leader on that drive. He&39;s the guy who turned the tide. He&39;s now nine of 15 for 95 yards, one touchdown and a 100.7 passer rating.

Oct 14 2007 2:21PM
Carney recovered his own onside kick. Give coach Joe DeCamillis the credit for that one. He saw the Texans retreat too quickly so he did the squib and run next to it trick.

Oct 14 2007 2:22PM
How about Jack Del Rio? How about that call, huh? He had just taken the lead. That&39;s gutsy.

Oct 14 2007 2:23PM
We&39;re going to get a pool reporter&39;s report from the officials on the Wrighster touchdown. Gary Kubiak is not happy about the call. He obviously wants to know why a lineman is permitted downfield to block on a pass play.

Oct 14 2007 2:26PM
Jones-Drew bursts around left end and drops the hat on the defender. That&39;s how you finish a run. It&39;s at the Texans 24. The Texans look flat. They appear to be distracted. Maybe it&39;s the Wrightster touchdown flap. We&39;re at the two-minute warning.

Oct 14 2007 2:28PM
Marcedes Lewis didn&39;t get his arms up on that pass at the goal line. Come on. The arms gotta go up.

Oct 14 2007 2:29PM
Matt Jones on the drop. It&39;s third down.

Oct 14 2007 2:31PM
Garrard runs the QB draw. It&39;s fourth and five. The Jaguars have called timeout. They&39;ve leaving the offense on the field. Hmmm.

Oct 14 2007 2:32PM
Carney&39;s coming onto the field. It&39;ll be 37 yards. It&39;s good. I love this guy.

Oct 14 2007 2:36PM
The Texans have come unglued. They need to run out the clock and get to halftime. One play and one official call have ruined them. That&39;s not professional.

Oct 14 2007 2:37PM
We&39;re at halftime. I don&39;t know how we got there but we did. The Jaguars have the lead, and that&39;s just as much a mystery. Garrard is the hero so far. He picked this team up when it was down.

Oct 14 2007 2:50PM
That&39;s one of the craziest halfs of football I&39;ve ever seen. Here&39;s the second-half kickoff.

Oct 14 2007 2:53PM
Garrard converts on third down with a 10-yard pass to Northcutt. The guy is playing so well.

Oct 14 2007 2:54PM
The Texans look like they have a chip on their shoulder about the officiating. They have a I-want-to-complain look about them. It&39;s first down at the 38. This could be a big drive by the Jags.

Oct 14 2007 2:55PM
Garrard to Williams for a first down at the 50.

Oct 14 2007 2:56PM
Garrard to Jones-Drew for 16. He&39;s going right, left and down the middle. He&39;s spreading it around. Garrard is on fire.

Oct 14 2007 2:58PM
Garrard had Jones-Drew for a touchdown. He hit him on the hands but probably got it out in front of him a little too much. It&39;s fourth down and they&39;re going for it.

Oct 14 2007 2:59PM
Garrard to Matt Jones for a first down on fourth down. Nice catch. He reached for it and got his feet down.

Oct 14 2007 3:00PM
Garrard scrambles for a first down. This is extraordinary. He converts on third down and fourth down, then scrambles for a first down on first down. Del Rio&39;s confidence in Garrard now is supreme.

Oct 14 2007 3:02PM
Touchdown! Garrard for nine yards to Reggie Williams. It was a beautiful pass. Hit him in stride and let him turn up field. The kick is blocked.

Oct 14 2007 3:03PM
That was a 14-play, 81-yard drive. Long drives have become this offense&39;s trademark.

Oct 14 2007 3:04PM
Garrard is 18 of 28 for 153 yards, two touchdowns and a 102.2 passer rating. He&39;s yet to throw an interception this season.

Oct 14 2007 3:06PM
The Texans allowed the kickoff to hit the ground. They barely recovered. I&39;m tellin&39; you, they have fallen completely apart. This is not the same team I saw prior to the controversial call.

Oct 14 2007 3:08PM
Intentional grounding. This is amazing. Who are these guys? Can they possibly be that fragile that one play could do this?

Oct 14 2007 3:10PM
Three and out. If the Jaguars drive and score here, this one will be over.

Oct 14 2007 3:11PM
The punt was terrible and hit Brent Hawkins. The Texans recovered at their 46. Here we go.

Oct 14 2007 3:14PM
Schaub converts on third down at the Jaguars 28. Del Rio is challenging the call. It looks to me as though the nose of the ball hit the ground. I think he&39;s going to win another one.

Oct 14 2007 3:16PM
Tickets distributed, 63,715.

Oct 14 2007 3:17PM
The ruling on the field stands. That kind of surprises me. They must&39;ve decided the receiver had demonstrated control before the ball touched the ground. I&39;ll tell you this, Walt Coleman&39;s crew is not having a great day.

Oct 14 2007 3:20PM
Brian Williams and Rashean Mathis are playing top-notch football. Williams knocked away a pass on first down.

Oct 14 2007 3:22PM
The Jags decline a hands-to-the-face penalty. Brown is good from 33 yards. I&39;m not sure I would&39;ve declined the penalty.

Oct 14 2007 3:25PM
The Jags need one of those long drives now. The ball is at their 22.

Oct 14 2007 3:27PM
You know what might work here? How about John Broussard on a deep ball?

Oct 14 2007 3:28PM
Pass interference against the Texans. First down for the Jaguars at their 31.

Oct 14 2007 3:29PM
Garrard to Jones-Drew to the Texans 44 for 25 yards. Jones-Drew is having a nice day.

Oct 14 2007 3:31PM
Time out Jaguars; play clock was running out. Jones-Drew has rushed for 51 yards on eight carries and has caught three passes for 59 yards.

Oct 14 2007 3:33PM
Garrard to Greg Jones for 27 to the Texans 17. Garrard is very good at swing passes, screen passes and short stuff like that. We&39;ve completed three quarters. Garrard and the offense are responding again after the lead has been cut. That&39;s the thing I like best about Garrard so far this year. He answers.

Oct 14 2007 3:35PM
Jones-Drew mowed em down on a 10-yard run for a first down at the seven. Score here and it&39;s over.

Oct 14 2007 3:37PM
Touchdown! Jones-Drew breezed in over right tackle. OK, everybody, sing along with me: Turn out the lights, the party&39;s over.

Oct 14 2007 3:38PM
Another long drive; the Jaguars lead time of possession by eight minutes. That&39;s professional football. That&39;s how you win in this league. Don&39;t tell me about gunslingers.

Oct 14 2007 3:41PM
Schaub to Walter deep along the sideline. The safeties are a concern on this team.

Oct 14 2007 3:43PM
Brian Williams defends on the deep ball. Nice play; it&39;s fourth down.

Oct 14 2007 3:43PM
Schaub to Walter for a first down at the Jags 34.

Oct 14 2007 3:45PM
Schaub throws a laser for a first down. The guy&39;s got an arm, some mobility and a lot of smarts. He and Andre Johnson could become one of the league&39;s top passing combinations.

Oct 14 2007 3:46PM
Touchdown! Daryl Smith picks up a loose ball and runs 77 yards for a touchdown. Paul Spicer forced the fumble when he sacked Schaub.

Oct 14 2007 3:48PM
That&39;s 30 points. Is everybody happy now? That&39;ll do it for me. I&39;m heading downstairs to get ready for the postgame locker room. My work here is complete. Thanks for joining me today.

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