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Ingram conference call


The following is a transcript of Clint Ingram's conference call following his third round selection.

(on his reaction to be drafted by the Jaguars) "I am just happy to go to Jacksonville. I feel like that is a good fit for me. I talked to Coach (Mark) Duffner a bunch of times. I came down and visited with Coach (Mike) Smith, the defensive coordinator. We went out to eat. I met with him at the combine and talked to him at the Senior Bowl. I felt that Jacksonville was a place I would very well fit in easily if it ever came around to it. I am more than happy to be a Jacksonville Jaguars."

(on if he is aware that the Jaguars have a starting linebacker position open) "Yes. That is one of things Coach Duffner and I talked about. I feel like I can go in and do what it takes to go in and learn the defensive scheme and put the hours in. I am going to dedicate myself and do whatever it takes. I am ready to go do it."

(on if he is a sam or will linebacker) "Whichever one they need a player at then I'm going to play it. I can play either one."

(on if he was an every down player at Oklahoma) "Yes. I played as nickelback on third down as well and lined up on the slot receiver on certain coverages. I did a lot with coverages and I also did a lot with the run game and did that well. Either way, if it's covering, run game or blitzing, I feel like I should be able to bring something to the table."

(on if he had two game-winning interceptions last year) "One was against Tulsa and one against Oregon in the Holiday Bowl. The one at Oregon was at the goal line to clinch the game with 30 seconds left. Against Tulsa I picked it off and ran it back to seal the win. The time ran off the clock."

(are you good at reading the quarterback) "I trust in my keys and listen to what my coaches are telling me, being in the position to make those plays and when the time presents itself step up and make those plays when I need to."

(on if he was heavily recruited out of high school) "I was a big basketball player and I thought it was going to go either way. I weighed my options. I thought I was going to play linebacker. But as far as the weight I needed to put on I had to pick one or the other and I stuck with football. I love both of them. I'm a competitive player. Anything I do I want to win. Losing is unacceptable. Whatever I do I am going to put in one hundred percent effort."

(on why he picked football) "I thought I was going to play both of them, but it worked out for the best. If I had to go back and do it again I would do it the same way."

(on if he considers himself undersized) "I don't consider myself undersized. It depends on how you play and when I get out on the field I don't get pushed around. I don't get run over. I'm aggressive. I'm strong at the point of contact. I am not going to back down from anyone at any size. It's the size of your heart to me. I come from out in the country. I grew up a little kid playing against big country people, guys five or six years older than me. I don't think I'm undersized because when I get out there I really can't tell the guy is a lot bigger than me."

(on someone he patterns his game after) "There are a lot of different guys that do a lot of different things that I see myself do. Shawne Merriman, the rookie last year. He's a great blitzer with a good motor. Ray Lewis, he's just all over the field, aggressive player, gives it everything he's got. Derrick Brooks, good at the pass game and good in coverage. Joey Porter and Jeremiah Trotter who goes out and plugs the lane up. I get good patterns out of everyone's game. If I see someone doing something good and see it's effective then I am going to try to do it. If it works for me then I am going to install it in my game."

(on if he considers his heart his strongest asset) "I take my heart out and put it up against anybody's at any given time."

(on where he grew up) "Longview, Texas. It's deep in the country, East Texas."

(on if he was the only athlete in his family) "I got a lot of family members that were good players. I have a lot of cousins that were good in sports and I learned a lot from all of them. I just took it and ran with it."

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