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It's a story about goodness


     The Philadelphia Daily News headline captured the essence of it all, his fall and his rise again, in two words: "Top Dog."

Love him or hate him, Michael Vick is back and Jacksonville will be a place of intense national interest this Sunday, not because of the Jaguars, but because of Vick. How far back is he? All the way back? We'll find out on Sunday.

America has always been charmed by the nefarious. Good deeds are for page two. Bad deeds fill page one and Vick has spent far too much time on page one.

Those who don't love him think of him as a bad guy. They can't get the dog images out of their minds. They are, indeed, disturbing.

Yet, for all that is bad about the Vick saga, there is a kind of emerging wholesomeness about it. He did wrong and he paid the price. He paid his debt to society and is now attempting to recover the life he lost to crime.

Maybe the best part of all of this is that he's being allowed to recover. It says something about who we are and, should his recovery be full, it'll say something about our system of justice, our culture and the American way.

With apologies to Caddyshack, this is no longer a story about badness. This is a story about goodness. It's also a story about our ability to forgive. It's a story about our goodness.

Here are 10 things the Jaguars have to do to beat the Eagles this Sunday.

1. Invite the run—Clog the passing lanes. Invite the Eagles to run the ball. It's not what they want to do. They'll force the pass into coverage.

2. Make him be a passer—Forget about the pass-rush this week. Rushing Vick only means getting more people out of his way. Drop everybody.

3. Tackle—If you don't, Vick will leave a trail of bodies.

4. Control the clock—It's the way the Jaguars are built to play. Run a little, pass a little, drive the ball long distances.

5. Get a body on Jackson—DeSean Jackson is the Eagles go-to player. He's the guy who makes them fly.

6. Be ready—Allowing the opponent to drive 74 yards in six plays on the first possession of the game is not a formula for success.

7. Dominate up front—That's where the Jaguars should have an advantage against an Eagles front that isn't especially stout.

8. Make some plays downfield—The field will continue to shrink on the Jaguars until David Garrard shows he can challenge teams deep.

9. Respect McCoy—The Eagles running back has burst and big-play ability. He should not be ignored.

10. Play with desperation—With the Colts, Titans and three road games before the bye week dead ahead, this one is real, real big.

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