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Jaguars Community Quarterback Award Presented to Mrs. Lillian Jordan of Volunteer Jacksonville, Inc.


Mrs. Lillian Jordan, successfully nominated by Volunteer Jacksonville, Inc. as one of 10 local finalists for an NFL volunteer recognition program, was named posthumously as the 2001 Jaguars Community Quarterback during a ceremony held today at the River Club.

Mrs. Jordan, 68, died unexpectedly in her sleep Monday. She was to learn at today's luncheon that she had been selected as the Jaguars' honoree and that Volunteer Jacksonville would receive $11,000 in recognition of her volunteer commitment to the organization. In addition, Mrs. Jordan had become eligible with the 31 other team winners for the NFL's national award, which will be announced later this month and comes with an additional $25,000 charity donation.

A panel of team and community representatives reviewed nominations in October and determined a team winner, two runners-up and seven additional finalists.

As president of the Justina Neighborhood Partnership Team, Mrs. Jordan devoted a great deal of time over the last four years working with neighbors and engaging friends to join forces to make their neighborhood a healthier place to live and raise families.

Funded by NFL Charities, the NFL Community Quarterback Award recognizes community and youth volunteers who demonstrate leadership, dedication and a commitment to bettering their communities. Across the league, NFL Charities will donate nearly $1million to support the program.

Jaguars owners Delores and Wayne Weaver presented grants totaling $25,000 to the following 10 non-profit organizations on behalf of their outstanding volunteers:

Winner ($11,000)

Volunteer Jacksonville, Inc. (Mrs. Lillian Jordan)

Runners-up ($3,500 each)

The Bridge of Northeast Florida, Inc. (Ms. Mary Burt)

The National Conference for Community and Justice (Mr. Michael Stephens)

Finalists ($1,000 each)

Duval County 4-H Program (Ms. Leslie Allen)

Community Connections (Ms. Elizabeth Bay)

North Jacksonville Youth Development Center (Mrs. Patricia Cooper)

Duval County Public Schools (Ms. Victoria Drake)

Jacksonville Housing Partnership, Inc. (Mr. Sam Eisenberg)

I.M. Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless (Mr. Henri Landwirth)

Hubbard House (Ms. Vena Patton)

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