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Jaguars Linebacker Joe Schobert: Sunday, November 22, 2020

(On how difficult it is to play against physical running backs like James Conner and Benny Snell Jr.) "Yeah, I mean, they're good running backs, but as a defense today, we were able to keep them in check and bring our physicality to the game. I didn't think that that was what hurt us on defense. I think that there's other things that resulted in the final score, but I thought we were able to come ready to work, and we were able to be a very physical group on the field."

(On his assessment on the Jaguars' young players in the secondary) "In the NFL, you get thrown in trial by fire. Ben Roethlisberger is a smart guy, and he's going to try to take advantage of it. The Steelers have really good skill positions and some good guys on the outside. I thought they were competing, they were in the right positions the whole time and the other guys just made a few more plays today, and when a couple of those plays are 50-yard passes on the outside, that's an easy way to give up some points. They were out there competing, even the guys who are out there, the young guys, some of them are hurt, playing through injuries during the game. You can't be nothing but proud of the effort they put out there."

(On the mood in the locker room) "Not great, but I think everybody understands that the NFL stands for 'Not For Long.' When things aren't going your way, it's a quick turnaround from whoever, players coaches, front office; they try to figure out things to get back to success quick. I think the guys in the locker room understand that this is the last couple of weeks that the locker room's going to be the same, whether through players, coaches, whatever, like I said before. And people really understand trying to play hard for each other, going out there, leaving it all on the field. I think you see that on the field. There can't be any questions about the effort that guys are putting out there. Obviously, things aren't going our way, but people understand that this is their livelihood that's on the line and the guys' next-to-them livelihood, and they're playing their hearts out for each other."

(On what the Jaguars need to get over the hump and end their skid) "I think, one, it's not going to happen, but I think if everybody was healthy, that would help. You've just got to take these opportunities on Sundays and learn from them and be able to limit the mistakes. I think on defense, I can speak to the defense because I know what we go through during the week, we need to eliminate the explosive plays. When we tackled guys before they got to the end zone and lined up and made the Steelers keep running more plays, we were able to get them off the field or hold them to field goals. But when they were able to throw and get those explosive plays in there and score touchdowns through those, obviously that puts up points fast. If we're able to limit that on defense, then that's a whole unit, from the rush to the underneath coverage of the secondary, to the deep coverage, if everybody can just knuckle-down and get a little bit better in that aspect so we can limit those. I think, I mean, we've been taking steps on defense, I think you can see, but we'll be taking even bigger steps."

(On if attrition or fatigue is plaguing the team, which struggled as the game went on) "If I knew what it was, I think I'd be able to help solve the problem a little faster. It's probably, honestly, a combination of the two. There's a lot of guys playing injured, a lot of guys coming back from injuries, getting reinjured. It's the NFL, that stuff happens. Obviously with the shorter offseason, I think you've seen a little bit of an increase and uptick this year in that kind of stuff. But, for us, you've got to have the next-man up mentality to be able to plug in and step up and play as if you're the starter, no matter who's out there on offense, defense and special teams. If I knew the answer, I would tell you, but honestly, that's up in the air for me."