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Jaguars Quarterback Gardner Minshew: Sunday, December 13, 2020

(On what it felt like being back in the game and how long did it take until he felt in a rhythm) "Yeah, it felt great to be back in there. It's something that I really missed. I miss the comradery with the guys. I miss being out there. As much as you're always a part of the team, it's just something different when you're really out there with the guys and that's always special. I thought we got in a rhythm, it was kind of up and down, but I think we can finish drives better."

(On the frustration on not being played and whether that goes away the moment he goes on the field) "No, I mean you don't think about that. Once you're out there, you really don't think about anything else except the guys on your team and trying to score the ball."

(On what these last two weeks have been like for him) "It's been different for sure. I was just trying to help Mike [Glennon] any way I could. Just help the team in any way I could, through preparation and practice. But there's always that itch and there's really nothing to scratch that except getting out there and playing."

(On what he felt like the Titans defense gave him and how was he able to exploit it) "Yeah, once I came into the game it was kind of different type of game, being down multiple scores, they play you kind of differently. The goal there was to take the completions when they're there which I could have done a better job of and take the shots when they're there, which I think we did an okay job of. But yeah, they did a good job of mixing up their looks. They are very well coached, super disciplined in what they do. Man, I've played several different corners that they've thrown out there and they've gotten them all to play very well at a high level. So, I think that's a testament to a good coaching staff."

(On the vibe on the sideline when he goes in the game down multiple scores) "Yeah, I just told the guys, 'let's just go have fun. We can't worry about the score; we can't worry about anything else. Let's just go enjoy this, play the game. It's not like we're doing chores, we get to play a game and I think it got something going a little bit, wish it had been better."

(On if he felt like what he did today was enough to prove that he should be the guy next week and moving forward) "I don't know, that's not my call. I'm going to try to help the team score points and help the team get better in any way I can. Whatever they need me to do, I'll do. But obviously there's nothing like being out there and being under center."

(On if he learned something during the past two weeks not playing) "Yeah exactly, it's a lot like last year where you're able to really step back and self-scout. I picked up on few things. Like, I remember last year it was all about coming back with better ball security in the pocket and I feel like I accomplished that. That's a big issue I'll continue to work on as well."

(On the applause that broke out in the locker room about James Robinson and how he felt about the timing of doing that) "No, he definitely deserved that. I mean, coming in as an undrafted rookie and to carry the load and help this team the way he has, he deserves all that. I'm all for individual accomplishments because that eventually that helps the team win. I wish everybody were out here breaking records and reaching milestones so I think that's something we should all strive for and if everybody does their job to the level that James is doing it, then we'll be alright."

(On how vital it was to have Keelan Cole out there and relying on that chemistry already built between the two) "Yeah, it was good. All of those guys, I have a lot of trust in and we put a lot of work in. But, Keelan has been playing really well for us and is a guy that we like our matchup in man with him and we are going to continue to try to get the ball in his hands."