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Jaguars Quarterback Gardner Minshew: Wednesday, December 23, 2020

(On being in a competition for the starting spot this week) "It was good. Competition always makes you better. Today was like a walk-through day. I started off really good, my cadence was good, and then Mike [Glennon] was breaking the huddle really well by the end of the day. So, it was a good day, really hotly contested."

(On if he can show enough in practice this week to win the starting role) "I hope I can. That's the plan. [I'm going to] do everything I can, Mike [Glennon]'s going to do everything he can, and then leave the decision up to [Head Coach] Coach [Doug Marrone]."

(On if having a competition for the starting spot is familiar to him) "Yeah, having the experience going through it definitely helps. I mean we've all gone through a lot of situations, I don't think anything quite like this, but we're going to compete and then support whoever is out there."

(On what he expects from the Chicago Bears this week) "They have some really good players at all three levels. I think that makes them a tough opponent. I think they're disciplined in what they do. They don't give up a bunch of chunk plays, you really have to earn it and be consistent, so I think that's a challenge facing them."

(On if he can sum up the entire season) "I don't know, probably not to you guys, but it's been a crazy year, man, a whole bunch of ups, a whole lot more downs. So, you're just going to finish it strong and get on to the next one."

(On assessing the season after it's over) "I'm going to try to not think about it for a few weeks and then probably try to deconstruct a little bit after that and then get ready for next year."

(On the keys to success facing a tough pass rush again this week) "I think we have to be really good with our protection ID's, having the guys sending the line the right way. I think we need to do stuff to get the ball out of our hands quick and we just have to be consistent against them. I think the thing they're going to try to force you to do is take those long drives, six, seven, eight, nine, ten plays, and they're going to bet that you're not going to be consistent enough to do it against them. I think that's a challenge."

(On if he bought a house in Jacksonville and his mindset knowing the team might draft a quarterback with the first or second pick of next year's draft) "I did buy a house in Jacksonville. It doesn't do anything for that [his mindset]. You prepare the same way going into each game, try to do your best and then leave the decisions up to the decision makers."