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Jaguars repair need at WR


The Jaguars wide receiver corps added some very impressive totals this weekend to their meager credentials. In the fourth-round, the Jaguars drafted the PAC-10 Conference's all-time leading receiver, and one round later the Jaguars drafted the NCAA's all-time leader in touchdown receptions.

That was easy. Fixed the wide receiving corps.

Fifth-round pick Jarett Dillard of Rice brings incredible credentials to the Jaguars, including 4,138 yards receiving and 60 touchdown catches in his college career. His bio is littered with the names of players he's pushed aside in the record books, including Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald.

Who needs Michael Crabtree? The Jaguars have Dillard.

You never heard of Dillard? That's probably because he doesn't run real fast; his best 40 time at the scouting combine was just 4.52. Did Crabtree run at the combine? Does anybody have a time on Crabtree?

In all seriousness, no one is going to suggest the Jaguars found a receiver the equal of Crabtree four rounds after Crabtree was picked, but Dillard has numbers Crabtree doesn't have, including Dillard's 15.1 yards per catch last fall.

What are we supposed to not like? All right, he's not a burner, but neither is Crabtree.

Here's what Dillard is: productive, intelligent, dedicated and attending graduate school.

"I was just hoping they would pick me and they did," Dillard said. He explained that he had established a relationship with Jaguars scouting exec Tim Mingey and felt comfortable with Jaguars scouts and coaches.

"I try my best to run the best routes I can and catch every pass they throw to me," said Dillard.

His favorite receiver?

"Marvin Harrison," Dillard said. "He runs outstanding routes."

Wes Welker?

"I see myself as a hybrid of the two of them. Wes Welker is always in the picture and that's what I want to do," Dillard said.

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