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Jaguars Season Ticket Member Spotlight: Donnie Robberstad


Name: Donnie Robberstad

Member Since: 2010

City/State: Palm City, FL

Where did you grow up? Palm City, FL

Favorite moment in Jaguars History? Beating John Elway and Denver Broncos in the 1996 Playoffs

Favorite Jaguars Player? (past or present or both!) Mark Brunell

What are some of your Gameday traditions? Dressing up car in Jaguars Swag, wearing my favorite Jaguars gear, and taking part in the auctions on gameday

What is one item on your Jaguars bucket list? Meet Mark Brunell and get his autograph

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received? Stay positive and treat others with respect and how you would like to be treated

Tell us a little about your life outside of the Jaguars (family, pets, hobbies, etc.) Big emphasis on spending time with family and also playing softball

Best TV Show(s) to binge? Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones