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Jake Luton Post-Draft Selection Media Availability - Saturday, April 25, 2020

(On if he knows of Gardner Minshew II and what he thinks their relationship will be moving forward) "Playing in the PAC 12 with Gardner last year, I got to watch him and the success that he had was a lot of fun to watch. Seeing him come down to Jacksonville his rookie year and to step in ready to go was a lot of fun to watch. I'm just excited to get in the room with him and push each other to be the best we can be."

(On his unique path to the NFL and on his confidence in earning a roster spot.) "I think my college experience was a bit of a journey. I started at Idaho and transferred to the Junior College ranks for a bit and I worked my way back up. Then I got to Oregon State and had my first string of injuries that I dealt with, but I think it's only made me a better player and a better person. I think I have dealt with some adversity and I'm ready for anything that's going to be thrown at me and just ready to compete and help the team in any way I can."

(On how he feels about his TD to interception ratio (28-3) not carrying as much weight in scouting reports.) "I think it did. I think that the coaches take a lot of merit in quarter backs that take care of the football and I don't read into that stuff too much. Every player brings their own skill set to the table. Mine is that I can stay in the pocket and throw the ball over the field and I take care of the ball. The athleticism is never something that I'll shine at, but I can really help the team in other ways. I think taking care of the football and not turn it over is a huge one as a QB decision."

(On how he transitioned from a Wing T high school QB to a PAC 12 QB.) "I think having a lot of great coaches along the way. Being able to put the work in and take those coaching points on every step of the journey. I've had a lot of great coaches that have taught me a lot of great things and I had a lot to learn getting into college. I'm just going to soak it all up and learn as much as I can every single day and I think that's the way you can continue to improve."

(On any coach that helped him make the transition as a college player) "It's tough to pinpoint just one, you know. I think Paul Petrino at Idaho really, really helped me a lot coming out of high school, just helped me mature at a quarterback and learn football. I think there's Gary Anderson gave me a shot at Oregon State and Coach [Jonathan] Smith and Coach [Brian] Lindgren these last two years just kind of helped me get to the point where I wanted to be, you know, really put it on the field and then have some success so, like I said, there's been a ton of guys along the way those are just a few to name."

(On how it feels to be drafted after his injury two years ago) "This means the world to me, it's what I've always wanted to be since I was a little kid, you know, it's just the day I've dreamed of, but, to me it's just another step in the journey. I'm excited for what's next and diving into the playbook and just helping the team however I can do so, but I'm really enjoying it right now. I don't know if it's fully sunk in yet, but I'm really excited."

(On if he thinks the adversity of his injury will help in his NFL career) "Definitely, definitely. I think, I've dealt with a little but like a lot of guys have and I think that's only going to help me. This is a tough league to make it in, but I think adversity will help me stick and have a successful career."

(On what he thinks about potentially getting his career and journey compared to Gardner Minshew's) "It doesn't bother me at all. I think that's going to be really cool for me and him to be able to be in that room and have shared similar journeys and we can just push each other to be the best we can be. It doesn't bother me at all, I'm excited to get to work with him and, like I said, push each other."

(On one thing he learned from having experience playing at multiple colleges) "I think just relying on the people around you, having a good support system. I'm super blessed and super thankful for my family and the people around me. They've helped me so much to get to this point and it's awesome to get to share this moment with them."