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James Harris on Vincent Manuwai


(Vincent Manuwai was projected to go in the second round; you must be pleased with this pick) "We had him targeted for the second round and to get him in the third was pretty exciting. We considered maybe going up to get him and just decided to wait it out. We feel we got us two second-round-value guys."

(any theory why Manuwai fell to the third round?) "We haven't had time to even think about it. We're just so excited to have him. We really not concerned. We like him as a player. He's a real good player, a three-year starter. The last 35 games he hasn't given up a sack. Those are the things that excite us and the reason why other teams passed him is not important to us now. We're just happy to have him."

(a common denominator that stands out with today's picks is they are all playmakers and very productive in college) "I think one of the reasons we ended up selecting those guys is that they all have history and we feel fortunate that each one of them was available when we picked."

(do you have to draft a wide receiver tomorrow?) "That's one of the positions we would like. We would like to get a receiver. We're going to work the board a little now. We're not going to make it fit. There are still several positions we'd like to fill, but we're going to work on that between now and in the morning."

(are you saying it's not a guarantee that you'll be picking a wide receiver tomorrow?) "We'd like to have a receiver and we'd like to have several other needs, but if it doesn't fit, we're not going to make it fit."

(what are Manuwai's long-term possibilities?) "When we talked about it and we called his college coach (June Jones) and he told us he could be a 15-year starter. June Jones played in the league and spoke very highly of him, but we think he's a long-term starter in the offensive line. He brings a demeanor to the offensive line. He's tough. He's also athletic. So we feel that this player has a long-term value here in Jacksonville."

(on Manuwai being a choice rather than an automatic pick) "There was no question once he was there. Our biggest concern was him getting to us."

(did you think about trading up?) "We talked about trading up. We talked when he was in the second round and at some point if he was still on the board, we would consider trading up."

(who was the one who spoke up about trading up?) "We don't keep score, Jack and I. It's not important. We don't keep score like that. We do it as a team. Any one of us could have brought it up. Jack and I will listen at whoever brings it up."

(how fast did you decide to pick Manuwai?) "About the same amount of time. One of the reasons we did that is because this was our player."

(on having no indecisions with the first three picks) "We're very pleased with the picks and we knew this was the guy we were going to pick. No more phone calls. We weren't looking for a trade. This was our player."

(at any time did you think about trading up?) "We picked up the phone to try to create some interest just in case he was (going to be) drafted. But once the player was in position to be drafted, as evident by how quickly we turned the card in, we were pretty pleased with the player."

(was the price too high during these discussions?) "We debated and just decided that maybe giving up two players, given what we had to give with where we are as a team, we valued the extra player and just waiting to see if we had a chance of getting him or maybe a couple of other players. But still there are maybe a couple other players on the board where we had options that we liked. There were other players we could have taken."

(on drafting three players not from high-profile football programs) "We grade the player, not the school. In Bryon Leftwich's case, he played against major schools. I think with his production and his intangibles, you get a real opportunity to evaluate. I don't think there is any question about level of competition there. In terms of Rashean Mathis, when you look at a player that's over six feet tall, 200-pounds, running 4.3, made 14 interceptions, can play corner and safety, goes to the Senior Bowl and impresses there, you think he's passed all the tests."

(assessment of the first three picks) "We're very pleased with the first three picks because in each case, the players we chose were players that we had already targeted for that round. In Vincent Manuwai's case, we would have considered him in the second round."

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