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JSO News Conference

(Opening statement) "Thanks for coming. I just wanted to talk with you for just a few minutes about the Jaguars traffic pattern for this Sunday, and I want to be perfectly clear: This is not a major problem, this is something that we can address. We have contingency plans in place to address pre and post-game traffic if a bridge goes down, so we're going to be implementing that contingency plan. We'll just a have a few tips that we want you to help get out to the public. One of that is we want to encourage everybody to use the public transportation if possible. JTA and the water taxis provide transportation right up to the sports complex within walking distance to the gates. In addition to that, if you normally take the Hart Bridge for the Jaguars games we want you to take the Main Street Bridge instead. If you normally take the Hart Bridge we want you to take the Main Street Bridge instead. And the people that normally take the Matthews Bridge we want you to follow the detour that's in place for the Hart. Matthews take the Hart, and Hart Bridge take the Main Street Bridge. If everybody comes thirty minutes early and follows those instructions you'll be able to park and get to the game on time. I don't foresee any problems. The Sherriff's Office has increased staffing for this game to staff the detour route. We have put some additional people on the West side to help them get to the East side. We have a very good plan in place, we've met with all the supervisors and we don't foresee any major problems during the Jaguars games because of the Matthews Bridge being down. But we do need people to come early and we would like them to follow those instructions. Matthews Bridge normally take the Hart, and the Hart Bridge normally take the Main Street, and we don't foresee any problems."

(Do you expect officers to be at lights on Atlantic Blvd on Sunday?) "You're exactly right. You're going to see the exact same presence as this morning for rush hour during the Jaguars game on Sunday."

(How many people are you expecting come to the game on Sunday?) "I think the number was 55,000 that they told us at the briefing on Wednesday for the expected attendance, and we're prepared to be able to park safely and get to the stadium on time that amount of people."

(What do you expect post-game with traffic getting out of here?) "Post-game is going to be very similar to what they experience normally. The Hart Bridge will be open to the normal people that take the Hart Bridge. The Matthews will be off, so north on Talleyrand and North on MLK. You have two options: if you live in North Arlington, Fort Caroline, Merrill Road, you might want to consider Talleyrand, the Main Street, The Zoo Parkway to the Dames Point Bridge to get home. If you want to go north on MLK or north on Talleyrand and make a u-turn at 8th Street and come back to the Hart Bridge that option is available as well. The Hart Bridge is a busy bridge during the Jaguars games. The same post-game pattern that you experience during the normal Jaguars games you're going to see in place for this Jaguars game. The only difference is the Matthews Bridge traffic will have to take MLK or Talleyrand."

(Any idea the additional man power numbers for this morning and Sunday?) "To address the traffic in the city we've increased staffing during rush hour for the Matthews Bridge closure. We have additional people working the lights in the morning and in the evening. During the weekends that bridge is closed anyway during the weekend so the normal detour route will be in place during the weekends like it normally is every weekend when this bridge is under construction. The special events staff will take over Sunday to do the Jaguars game and then you'll see the same presence from patrol to help with rush hour on Monday in the morning and in the evening time."

(Number of increased staff that may be?) "The increased staff is what we normally work for a Jaguars game versus what we're going to work this Sunday to encompass that detour."

(How many officers?) "A dozen more. We're putting twelve more policemen into the Jaguars pre- and post-game pattern to accommodate the detour to ease the pain of the public getting to the stadium. This is not going to be a problem."

(On the bridge normally being closed on the weekend for painting) "You're not going to see any difference on Saturday. On Saturday you're going to see like it would be last Saturday and the Saturday before. We don't have policemen staffing the detours on Saturdays and we're not going to have them staffed this Saturday. We have traffic engineers timing the lights a little longer. There's 32 variable message boards and there's about 115 fixed signs that clearly define the detour route when this bridge is down, and it's down every weekend. It's not down during Jaguars games and we're going to supplement that to make sure it works fine."

(If you've got people coming from Mandarin and the West side area to take the Main Street Bridge do you also want to encourage them to come earlier?) "Absolutely. The coming early applies to everyone. That's a good point. The coming early applies to everyone, not just the people affected by the detour. The increased volume on the West Side of the stadium that we have to get to the East side of the stadium to park is going to take about 30 minutes to clean that up. If everybody comes 30 minutes early I think you'll be able to enter the stadium like you normally would on a Jaguars game. That's it. We're talking a 30-minute inconvenience."

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