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Marques Ogden conference call


(on attending Howard University) "My father had dialysis, kidney problems my senior year in high school so the only schools I even considered were the University of Maryland and Howard. I had a visit with Maryland and they really liked me but they gave the last scholarship to a defensive end from a rival school. I didn't want to walk on at Maryland and Howard gave me a full ride so I went to Howard.

(on carrying the Ogden name) "It's always good. I've always had that on my shoulders from the beginning and I knew coming out of Howard that things were going to be rough football wise. I tried to do everything I could to show people that I could play football. The best thing that I had was the Hula Bowl, I played very well there."

(on how much Jonathan Ogden has helped his football career) "He's helped me a lot. He's shown me technique that I never think I would have learned coming from where I came from. So I'm very grateful for all the things he's helped me with."

(on facing the Ravens this season) "I didn't know the Jaguars played the Ravens this season. Well, in that case I'll be there."

(on being the little fellow in the family) "I'm six-foot-five, 310 pounds so it is what it is."

(on making the Jaguars) "Like I told my family I'm not worried about making a football team, I just want somebody to give me the opportunity to make a football team."

(on Shack Harris and Jack Del Rio) "I met Shack a few times. I haven't had much contact with coach Del Rio. I've known Shack since my senior year in high school. He tried to get me to go to his alma mater Grambling University."

(on this being a favor pick by Shack) "I didn't want anyone to think I was picked because of Jonathan. I wanted to go somewhere and make my own name."

(on making it in the NFL) "I think my chances are very good. I understand the game of football. I just need time to develop my upper body strength. We didn't have a strength program at Howard."

(on playing guard in the NFL) "Jacksonville wants me to compete and play center. I can play any position they need me to play. I played center the final six games of my senior season."

(on playing in Jacksonville) "I'm very anxious to get down there and go against that defensive line with big John Henderson, Marcus Stroud and Hugh Douglas. Jacksonville is perfect, there's no state income tax and my father won't be too far away. I want the chance to play and Jacksonville is giving me that. I knew going into the draft that Jacksonville needed help all along the interior of the offensive line. I can play tackle, guard and center. I've played it all"

(on playing pro football) "Going into Howard I never thought I would play professional football. I was good at football, but I actually wanted to be a doctor. I became to busy with football so I switched to finance."

(on being as good as Jonathan Ogden) "Jonathan thinks I'll be better than him. Jonathan doesn't work hard and he knows it. He's a natural super athlete. He has bigger dimensions than me as far as height and reach but as far as understanding the game and working hard I'm better and he'll admit that."

(on slipping to the sixth round) "I slipped because of Howard. My football career suffered by going to Howard and I knew that going in. I went to college to get an education and football was second."

(on his position in the NFL) "They told me that they wanted me to be a tackle first and compete at center if the need was there."

(on the timetable for his father's kidney transplant) "They have no clue. You can never tell with things like this."

(on Mel Kiper not listing him in his draft report) "I told my brother this morning that all the tackles who went ahead of me are not better than me they just went to bigger schools. I'm going to show everyone who passed me over that they made a mistake."

(on who he faced at the Hula Bowl) "I played against Alonzo Jackson, Brandon Green and Matt Walters."

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