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McKinnie: I will improve


(Editor's note: Being an offensive lineman might not be the most glamorous job in the world, but to an NFL team, it's vital. This April, University of Miami left tackle Bryant McKinnie is expected to be a top selection in the 2002 NFL Draft. Each week, McKinnie will stop by and give his thoughts on what life is like for this future NFL giant.)

My individual workout went okay. A lot of people were there ... there was definitely a good turnout. The feedback I've gotten is that I did alright but personally for me, it was probably the worst I've done.

I had my mind set for a certain order, but everything got reversed because of the threat of rain. We did the running first and then had to do the lifting and jumping right after that. By the time we got inside, where we had to do vertical and broad jumps and stuff like that, my legs were a little worn out from the running. Since I was mentally prepared for a different order and had done all that running already ... let's just say you can't jump as high as you can with fresh legs. I was mentally thinking one thing, then it was boom, 'do it this way' at the last minute, which threw me off for a little bit.

I feel like I'm a complete player. Naturally, I'm going to grow and become even better. If you look at how well I've done and how I've adjusted in a short period of time ... just wait until people see the long run.

I've been working out on my own — swimming and doing cardio. I'm not currently working with a trainer, but I plan to soon. I've also been marketing myself, trying to keep my name out there.

I lost my cell phone for a bit, so I had to cut the service. Luckily, I found it so it should be back up soon. San Diego has been in touch with me ... they seem really interested.

Spare time

I like to go bowling and fishing. I enjoy going out on a boat and fishing, but all the recent shark attacks keep me out of the water. We used to get out and swim, do some snorkeling, but not now. This time last year, we'd go out real far, stop the boat and jump out. I don't know if I want to do that now.

I hung out with [Titans DE] Jevon Kearse this week. I first met him at Super Bowl XXXVI. He called me by name and I was surprised he knew who I was. I didn't see him at first, but I walked by and I heard someone say "McKinnie." I asked, "How do you know me?" and he said "I watch T.V., I pick up magazines." I was kind of shocked. We've kept in touch and I hung out with him this past Wednesday night.

As far as my position, the two guys I watch are [Ravens OT] Jonathan Ogden and [Rams OT] Orlando Pace. We're all about the same size with pretty much similar abilities, but I haven't met either one of them yet.

-- As told to Christine Stewart

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