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Mind your 'R's' and 'P's'


This is a story about two words. They are words that make some people wince so we'll avoid the full disclosure and refer to them as the "R" word and the "P" word.

Since before this season began, I expressed the belief that this would be an "R" season for the Jaguars. Even though they're 2-2, on a two-game winning streak and 2-1 in the AFC South, I still believe this is an "R" season. "R" seasons, of course, aren't usually accompanied by a trip to the "P," if you know what I mean. It's not that it can't happen, it's just that it usually doesn't happen.

The Jaguars' recent success, however, has those fans who struggle to control their enthusiasm beginning to believe this can become a "P" season. I still think they're wrong but I can't help but acknowledge that the schedule looks rather favorable for even an "R" team to make a run for the "P." Hey, that's what Miami did last season. It rode a favorable schedule to the "P" in an "R" season.

So, one of the big questions this week, following that 37-17 thrashing of the Tennessee Titans that NFL Director of Officiating Mike Pereira corrected to 30-17, has been: Can the "R" Jaguars be a "P" contender this season? My answer follows:

Yes, but only if the Jaguars make their move during the four-game stretch of schedule ahead of them, which includes teams with a combined 1-15 record. It's my opinion that if the Jaguars win all four of those games, they very definitely will be a "P" contender at 6-2 and possibly needing only to win half of their remaining eight games to make the "P." If they win three of the next four games, they would still have to be considered a "P" contender at 5-3, but with trips to the Jets, 49ers and Patriots ahead, I'd still favor "R" more than "P." Anything less than three wins, in my opinion, would firmly return the Jaguars to "R."

That's my opinion. I hope I didn't offend anyone. Now here are 10 things the Jaguars have to do to beat the Seahawks.

  • Rush the passer—Matt Hasselbeck has sore ribs and pass-protection concerns. This is the game for which Derrick Harvey was drafted. *
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