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O-Zone: Write it down

JACKSONVILLE – Let's get to it …

Mark from Archer, FL

Zone, I love the schedule the Jags got. It's very favorable. We get the Kansas City Chiefs early in the season (let's see how they handle playing in Florida in the summer). Some good solid stretches of home games, and two of our three primetime games at home, too. Darn good schedule.

The NFL released the 2023 schedule Thursday night. You hit on a couple of highlights, and there is plenty of coverage on this website. One of those places is here. The defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs playing in Jacksonville in Week 2 indeed is notable, as is a stretch of three consecutive games against the AFC North to start December – with two of those games (Cincinnati, Baltimore) at home in a three-week span in prime time. One intriguing part is the first five regular-season games, a stretch in which there is essentially one road game, three home games (two at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, one at Wembley Stadium in London) and what is essentially a neutral-site game in London against the Buffalo Bills. That indeed looks favorable. At the same time, that stretch includes games against two AFC powers – Kansas City and Buffalo. Bottom line: If the Jaguars are as good as many expect, they can handle this schedule. If not … well, if you're not good, all schedules are hard in the NFL.

Boxcutter Bill from Worcester, MA

I know the ole "fans gonna fan," but c'mon, this isn't that bad a schedule, especially for a first-place schedule. I guess I'm "fanning" sorry.

It's fine. The Jaguars in 2023 will play five 2022 division winners and six 2022 playoff teams – Kansas City (AFC West), Buffalo (AFC East), Cincinnati (AFC North), San Francisco (NFC West), Tampa Bay (NFC South) and Baltimore (wild card). But the opponents have been known for months. The mystery going into Thursday night was when those games would be played. The games against the really good teams are spread relatively evenly over the course of the regular season. Bottom line: There's nothing unfair or phenomenally daunting here. If the Jaguars are good, this is a very manageable schedule. They need to beat teams they should beat fairly, and they need to win at least one or two (or three) against the four or five power teams. If they do that, they'll be good. If they do better than that, they will be a Super Bowl contender.

George from Arlington, VA

Jaguars schedule release video was hilarious! I mean, come on: Andrew Wingard as Trevor's stunt devil was so funny!

Good stuff. One fer Asher Grodman and the gang. HERE.

Steve from Shreveport, LA

WOW. My how times have changed in Duval. Fans may fan but what a schedule.

One fer the schedule.

John from Jacksonville

Did you notice only one game west of the Mississippi? Houston isn't that far West, either. How about one for the scheduling gods?

I suppose we can thank the scheduling gods, but sites and opponents are determined based on a formula set years in advance. Thank that formula, too.  

Jim from Jagsonville

On the one hand, I am excited for the multiple primetime appearances for the Jaguars. On the other hand, I agree with you, O-man, there is something to be said about one p.m. home games. Now I'm going to have to stay up late three times and get up early twice! I think there are kids on my lawn, gotta go.

This is a wonderful schedule for Jaguars fans who want to see their team on nationally television. For that, I am pleased. It's an awful schedule for me for the reasons you cite. I sense I won't like many of the Jaguars' schedules moving forward. That's OK. I don't have to like everything. Or anything, for that matter.

Daniel from Jersey City, NJ

O-man, I'm really excited about the schedule. I'm going to catch both London games this year, which is very exciting. Now that we have so many primetime games, I have to wonder when our friends in Europe are going to watch those games? Are they, and soon to be me, recording them and watching them the next day – or are these crazy people waking up at two a.m. for the start of the game?

Good question. Perhaps those Europe friends will share an answer.

Sean from Oakleaf, FL

The second London game this year versus the Bills is a huge advantage to the Jaguars, removing a potential cold weather game in a hostile environment to London where the Jags will have many fans in the stadium and will have a week in town to adjust and prepare for the Bills?

I wouldn't underestimate Bills fans here. I anticipate they will travel well and that Tottenham Spurs Stadium will be decidedly "pro Bills" when the Jaguars and Bills play in Week 5. But yes … having that game in London does remove what could have been a cold-weather game – and the Jaguars will remain in London following their Week 4 game against the Atlanta Falcons at Wembley Stadium.

Josh from Atlanta, GA

You got one line, and it was a zinger. They couldn't have done it without you, Zone.

When it's time to make a play, you have to make a play.

Nick from Virginia Beach, VA

NFL games are expensive enough, can't we just keep all of our games once in America?

I'm not completely sure what your question means. I will say the days of all NFL games being played in the United States are in the past. The NFL understandably wants to grow its brand worldwide, and the Jaguars Owner Shad Khan wants a presence in London. These things are not changing.

Craig from Duval

Hey Zone, what are the best events/days to take my elementary age kids to watch the Jags practice and maybe get a chance to high five a few players? The Miller Electric Center seems like the place to go! Thanks and go Jags.

Training camp practices are probably the best option for this. Jaguars 2023 Training Camp begins in late July.

Kevin from Jacksonville Beach, FL

Hi, John. How or why were the Jaguars chosen as the team to have back-to-back games in the UK?

They had a game at Wembley Stadium already and were open to playing a second game as a road team.

Bobby from Jacksonville

Dan Patrick Show, Hour 2. The Jaguars are mentioned about moving to London. But that's for another day. I will bet you a pie to the face that the Jaguars will have 2 home games in London in 2024.

It makes no difference who says what on this other than Khan. The Jaguars aren't moving to London. I would be stunned if the Jaguars have two home games in London in 2024.

Sue from Omaha, NE

Hi, John. I think playing Buffalo in London as an away game is great for the Jags. It takes a game out of one on the more difficult places to play in the NFL, and moves it to a neutral to pro-Jacksonville site. What do you think? Thanks.

I agree.

DenMiz from Duuuval

I agree with Rob from The duuuuu. Writing Cam Robinson off isn't the best idea. He has been a staple component for the recent success. If he fully heals, there's no reason not to renew his contract if he continues to play well. The game is won in the trenches. If your offensive and defensive lines aren't solid and well stocked, it's ALMOST impossible to get to the Superbowl. With Cams experience under coach D and knowing the timing elements with Trevor, he's a major component until others become that experienced and dependable.

One fer Robinson.

Paul from Saint Augustine, FL

Hello, "O." Just to follow up on the Back2Back games across the pond. Sounds like the Jags will have a slight advantage not having to travel between games? Is that a fair assumption?

One would think.

Josh from Lakewood

Your ideal draft format implies a pretty welcoming lawn. I'd gladly go back to when the entire draft took place behind closed doors and over a single afternoon. Live draft coverage is insufferable.

The NFL Draft has been held on multiple days since 1966 and it has been televised live since 1980. We're not going back, nor should we. Could we lose a little of the theatrics? Sure. At the same time, no one makes anyone watch the draft. My major issue with the draft is that the three-month buildup turns young players into stars and creates the perception that these players should make immediate impact – and if they don't, that they're busts. That's unrealistic in most cases, though the pattern is repeated annually.

Cory from Jacksonville

It Was Written has to singlehandedly be the greatest thing I've ever seen! Truly a masterpiece! Our script writers must be proud.

Good stuff.