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Passing game tops list


It's widely acknowledged and accepted that the focus of this training camp will be sharpest on the Jaguars' passing game. Is there a Jaguars fan anywhere who would disagree? No, there is not.

So let's put that right at the top of our list of training camp issues: "Fix the passing game."

Here's the rest of the list:

  • Stabilize the quarterback position—Byron Leftwich was formally reinstated as the team's starter back in February, but what the Jaguars truly need is for Leftwich to leave no doubt as to who the Jaguars' starting quarterback is by claiming the job with a dominant training camp performance.
  • Install a new offense—Dirk Koetter is the team's third offensive coordinator in five years and that means change will be in the steamy air at Jaguars training camp. Time is running short. Dead ahead are the Tennessee Titans in the season-opener. The Jaguars need to settle into Koetter's design and embrace its philosophy and personality.
  • Heal the wounded—Marcus Stroud, Reggie Hayward, Greg Jones, George Wrighster and Mike Peterson are coming off significant surgeries. Training camp will determine to what degree they have recovered.
  • Challenge all receivers—Reggie Williams, Matt Jones and Marcedes Lewis are all first-round picks, and they need to be challenged to perform as such. That may be step one in addressing the number one issue of this training camp, which, of course, is "Fix the passing game."
  • Promote competition—Charles Sharon, Ernest Wilford, Mike Walker, John Broussard and Greg Estandia were impressive in spring drills and made bids for either starting jobs or significant roles in the Jaguars' passing game. They must be allowed to advance their causes further in training camp.
  • Solidify safety—Deon Grant and Donovin Darius are gone, leaving the safety positions ostensibly to first-round pick Reggie Nelson and third-year man Gerald Sensabaugh. That looks good on paper but football is played on grass. Show us on the field the safety positions have been left in good hands.
  • Determine depth at defensive end—Is Hayward recovered from Achilles surgery? Can Bobby McCray become an every-downs player? Is James Wyche the real thing? Can the Jaguars' many DPR's (designated pass-rushers) be woven into the defensive end position to give it true depth? This is important stuff and we need to keep a trained eye on it.
  • Fix the punting game—The Jaguars had the worst net-punting average in the league last year. More importantly, the Jaguars allowed five touchdowns in the punting game in the last two years. Fourth-round draft choice Adam Podlesh is supposed to be the fix. We'll watch closely in training camp.
  • Commit to winning—That's an attitude and it must surface and evolve in training camp. We'll watch closely.

What will have your eye?

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